Rift: 1.1 Event Disaster and the Future

I would love to say that I was even apart of the mayhem that was Saturday’s closure to a the World Event we have been waiting for, but I wasn’t. I was in queue for a good 2 hours and gave up trying to play. The world event should be a sign for what not to do. I’m not quite sure what bring designers to layout such flaws and hope for the best.

“Let’s us make a World Event that uses our Rift System to the fullest”
Very cool.

“Let’s make it have stages of building up to a climax.”
Still, very cool.

“Let’s make the first stage last for weeks and only contain players doing repeatable grinding daily.”
Ummm … okay. Not exactly what I want, but it’s technically new content so …

“Then let’s have the Epic Stage 2 and 3 of the event take place on a Saturday at Noon only.”
No no, that’s cool. Having something happen only at one point for a short amount of time is totally not asking too much from the player base.

“Let’s make sure this event happens in one place on the server so everyone is in one spot.”
Yes, please keep testing your server to the fullest. We all know you are so invincible that your game and servers are fully capable of handling every single player in one place at one time. Good idea.

“Since that would be a tremendous burden to the server, let’s also significantly lower the population cap for each server.”
Oh, that’s not asking for trouble. On top of forcing players to be at one place at one time to be apart of this epic event, let’s also make it so they might not be able to get to log-in. No please, keep going, you have clearly thought this design through and through.

If you would have posted how you planned the World Event to work weeks ago, you would have had plenty of feedback early from the entire player base telling you how this was the dumbest design plan ever imaginable. Yes, I saw the immediate response from the forums that will basically just give us the rewards through the mail. How nice. We all love just being given things, we hate working for it.

So hopefully 1.1 is a giant lesson learned.

  1. Don’t build up to a 1 day, couple of hours event. Events should be done in my leisure. As that is what gaming is, leisure. Not scheduled and marked on my calendar.
  2. Don’t build your epic event to happen in one place for everyone on the server to come crash it. Should be obvious.
  3. Queues well over a month after release is not a good thing. That’s a big point, I think you are missing, Trion. Your forum post is very nice in how you are concerned about that the event wasn’t the spectacular thing that you wanted it to be for those in-game. I think you forget not only that many couldn’t get in-game, but that some were not even available on a Saturday afternoon to see this failure take place.

In the future we want less dailies that are just a grindfest. Go find 3 shadows around city. Make me. Bump your crap rewards and this extra set of quests trying to get me to something useless. Make the close 3 rifts quest a bit more challenging by making it Majors or something. Take away grind and replace in somewhat challenging a rewarding.

Center focus is not a good idea. 1 thing + 1 place + a short amount of time = disaster.

Only slightly disappointed,

Don't you dare try to steal this very very official signature.

16 thoughts on “Rift: 1.1 Event Disaster and the Future

  1. forcing a lot of players into one spot, where the server waves the white flag..sounds a bit like WAR if you ask me ;)

    Hopefully Trion will learn from it and give you a better event next time.

  2. The repeatable was only meant to be a week.

    You forgot to mention the new zone invasions in every zone which were fun and gave the currency.

    You didn’t miss anything on Saturday, the event was fairly lack luster and boring. The zone invasions were over in about 30 minutes on my server and the phase three was a dud :)

  3. I’m pretty tolerant of mistakes in MMOs, I hope they learn from their mistakes and do better next time. If a pattern emerges, then it’s time to worry.

    • Exactly why I hope it’s a lesson learned.

      I’m not intolerant to what took place. It’s more or less hilarious to me that at some point during the designing of this event the convo took place it which these items were said out loud to other experience game designers. At some point, at some point, 1 designer asked how this event worked, and someone had to answer, “we are going to filter the entire server to one place for a certain amount of time.” And … these experience developers thought, “oh that will work.”

      Players know what 100 people in one place means for lag. Let alone all 20K on each server that day.

      That’s just the funny part to me. Am I raging? I wish. That would meant that they event was something eventful to my game time. Which means the event had issues from the start. Because in the end, no one really gave 2 cents about it.

      There’s a good deal to the lesson learned bucket I am hoping they take from this.

  4. It looks like Trion got a bit over-ambitious and over-confident. Made some mistakes even Mythic refrained from in WAR (actually live events were the one of the things that Mythic did quite good, until the stupid warfronts that is).

    As you say, if they can realise their mistakes and remedy them, they’re good.

    • WAR despite taking a lot of critism actually probably understand mass stress from players the best.

      I remember people nerd raging because of the Forts and other components of RVR that caused major lag from having the stress of over 200 people in one spot.

      Despite this, there has never, atleast that I can recall, game that has ever accomplished smooth game play for mass loads of players. A bit too late, by the end of 2009, Mythic had finally invested in servers with Intel that would finally allow them to accomplish the 500 vs 500 keep takes that we were promised in 2008. Too late, but still, I can’t name another MMO that can do that. Most can’t handle more than 20 v 20, let alone 100 in one spot.

      You don’t want to state it, due to ridicule from the player base, but if Trion wants to understand how to perform proper zerging maintenance, then they should probably study Mythic in 2009. It’s the only MMO that I can point at the understood more than 20 people can be in one place at a time.

  5. “Events should be done in my leisure. As that is what gaming is, leisure. Not scheduled and marked on my calendar.”

    I agree on you with some levels but then I take games like this serious and I do make it a point to schedule around them or if I have a raid and people need me or a certain event I don’t want to miss out. :) I don’t know if it’s me but I just tend too take games a little more serious especially MMORPG’S.

    • I agree with your point as well to a degree. I guess that statement could be stated better on my part. It makes me sound like a casual promoter, which I am generally against. Though I can appreciate the takes many developers take to make them feel welcomed.

      I think my real point was. There was a build up over so many weeks to only get to not just a 1 day event, but barely half hour event.

      Scheduling with the guild to go run this dungeon this night is proper planning. That’s difference between organized and PUGs. The point that the dungeon isn’t disappearing is probably why its no bid deal. If I miss this run, its not like I can get on to one later, or get on that dungeon at a later time. This case is a bit different.

  6. A bored mouse click led me to this page curious about if you were still writing…. April mmmm ….. That’s about the time you lost your forever alone status…. good to see you ditched your internet friends as well. You can respond by text as I don’t come to the site often. And either do you it seems. HAHAHA

    • (1) I didn’t ditch anyone.
      (2) I stopped playing WAR and then I couldn’t keep that same interest going with RIFT. The transition wasn’t right. But I attempted
      (3) I still do blogging. After some failed projects, I have decided, just recently to get back into it a gaming version.

      You can find the new blog at intaki.wordpress.com. I’m calling it The Intaki Supplication as tribute to my Mr. Meh days. This blog is focused on my time in EVE Online particularly with Gallente Faction Warfare. A very niche small market blogosphere in the EVE world. So, I won’t be as broad as I was here on this blog, but I’m still out there.

      I also may have a project coming up with Virginian Wineries. But that I’m going to change more into an information picture site and do it better than just blogging.

      In the mean time, if you all so miss the ranting styles of Mr. Meh, there are a cadre of other bloggers doing it right. I make a point to visit Scary Worlds on a regular basis. The man has the most sadistic method of expressing pure hadred buddled into a carefree story of absolute genius. He seriously can make me laugh whenever he wants. I recommend his blog right now over anyone elses if you want entertainment.

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