Rift Online: New Map, New PVP, New Zones

To start off, this was leaked through the forums. This is not new news. Secondly, it is but just a screenshot of slightly different version of the map we know now. It could be completely fake. A very good fake, but none the less fake. Thirdly, we have only been given slight details about the open PvP area plans for Port Scion (that dark area in the center you can’t get to), so this just might be a leak from the testing. And the results are likely to change upon implementation(s).

You look at this (so long as you are 50 and have explored at least at some point in time) and go “this would make total sense.”

  1.  Most of the area we are on other than Freemarch and Silverwood are completely surrounded by mountains. This Island we think we are on, doesn’t seem so island like since we can only see the ocean in 1 place, the starter area. 
  2. You’ll notice that Port Scion’s area is now clipping into that giant mountain you couldn’t get onto, at the south-east of Scarlet Gorge. I’m all about more area.
  3. Cliffside Vale looked liked it was always planned. You can tell from the current map that the area is the only one that isn’t stopped ocean (mountains before and invisible ocean). But had land to the East.
  4. Firesand Desert also makes a good deal of sense. It was strange to me that the only zone that had a changing environment was Shimmersand. Why did the RIFT area to the west turn into a totally different terrain? Oh, well this would explain.

I have a hard time not believing this is a legitimate leak based on the above. Then you could look at just the fact that there is land to the West, North and South and get even giddier. Very exciting leak to say the least. But to my question: How long?

From some reading on the companies plans, the growing company of Trion isn’t just hiring for this game alone. In fact it may be that this game is getting less attention then some of us hoped. The company is working on 2 other games. Both are using this game’s engine platform. I heard the term MMORTS thrown out there. Either way, I want this content, and honestly we probably need it in under 3 months. Trion hasn’t been a poor deliverer yet, let’s see how fast it takes.

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10 thoughts on “Rift Online: New Map, New PVP, New Zones

  1. Judging by the lack of comments, Rift seems to suck.

    I have been hearing only bad things about Rift’s PvP … it’s only one long stun, only for gankers, etc, even Kalvix has stopped playing and gone back to WAR.

    • Lack of comments is probably because outside of WAR, no one reads me. That and even when I was a blogger in the WAR community, I still wasn’t well read. Numbers for myself have gone in strong decline awhile ago. We are talking well under 1/4th of what I had in hits a year ago. With a healthy, unsupressed forum community that Trion has, bloggers just aren’t a proper go to for information.

      We developed in WAR because blogging was encouraged. But Trion organizes their forums well. So why go to any other source?

      Don’t worry. This blog will die soon.

      Anyways. PVP CC is a bit harsh atm. It’s getting a nerf sometime this week though. The PVP is also very shallow. Can this game hold a PvPer? No. Am I considering ending my subsription on March 31st? Yes. Am I coming back to WAR? Fuck no. More time in EVE? Probably.

  2. Having played in the Alpha I can tell you that’s an older version of the map, sadly…Cliffside Vale was a remnant from Heroes of Telara that didn’t work with the new lore anymore, apparently, so they scrapped it. Let’s hope it and Port Scion return soon :)

  3. Still around in Rift, heh ? *grins*

    What changed your mind ? I’m curious.

    FYI, I’m also known as Jilaena ;)

    • I just never left. Lack of market to really do too much else.

      Part of me wants to hope that the end game will be something more than WoW and that Trion attempts get deeper into PvP.

      That and maybe I forgot to cancel the subscription thingy before it hit on April 1st. Either one.

      • LOL !

        Well, endgame is pretty much like WoW… a grindfest.

        You have to grind for factions, grind dungeons for gear, grind dailies, etc.

        I heard that PvP in Port Scion is a pain since you have to kill mobs before actually killing the other side. Port Scion is the stealthed Rogue Christmas Themepark since he/she can kill people busy killing mobs.

        I was dissapointed in endgame because it looks like too much like WoW and I was hoping to play a game different than WoW endgame.

        For the time being, Mehrunissa (my main) is doing a few crafting dailies and wait for the lazy people from my guild who are not yet 50. Until then, I’m doing PvP warfront which are more fun than questing and grinding. I love playing my cleric in PvP only.

      • Port Scion is neat. PVE and PVP contained within each other. I have had some really good battles in there. But …. most PuGing times have been aweful.

        I basically only queue for Black Garden.

        Though looking at the new notes on PVP gear changes and PVP balancing, I think Trion has heard many of us.

        I’m hoping for the Port Scion: City (that place in the middle) to open.

        Rift with some balancing acts to CC and some classes can have grade A PVP going. I just hope they realize with their system it would be easier than they think. All the things we dreamt that WAR could do with their maps, Trion could easily do with their invasion system. How epic would it be to have WAR’s ORVR with Invasion running about to balance the offside of the zerg?

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