The Dignity In Lowbie Kills

Being on a PvP server for Rift is a bit difficult. The game is seemingly not built for it. Not that many box big sale games are. Most are versions of last-minute Open PvP assemblies as an afterthought. There are quite a bit of disadvantages to leveling in an environment that has no protection or even a lack of benefit to the abuser for using their capabilities over you. I.E. There is nothing that really can prevent a band of level 50s from just rolling over players much lower in level. But the negatives actually travel a bit farther than just the basic idea of Open PvP.

There are a couple of things that I don’t enjoy about the system in Rift for open world PvP. Shared quest hubs are a really neat idea, but the NPCs are a bit soft for being these champions of battles that they claim they are. Not that they shouldn’t be killable, just that I shouldn’t be able to kill all of them with a sneeze. So, these hubs have about the same defense capabilities of say … a bar of soap against a flame thrower. And then the respawn points are for some reason placed out in the middle of no where. So if you do get rolled over, you get to spawn and take a couple of minutes just to run back to a healer. You are, however, even more likely to take more deaths as you maybe carrying the 50% death buff in NPCs were involved on your player death. On that point, the systems use of Soul Vitality is seemingly decent way of tracking penalties. And the PvP benefit is that you shouldn’t take any damage if you die to PvP. However, that is ony true if you strictly die from PvP. If a NPC even agros in the fight, those that die take soul damage as well as the 5 min debuff of 50% stats. Just small one oversight after another.

When people think of an Open PvP servers, they get excited about knowing that those times when you see the opposite side, there isn’t just a wave. In RIFT, a couple of ideas went overlooked. NPC involved deaths always grant you Soul Damage and a 5 min debuff. Not every spawn point has a healer. And the hub NPCs are not the Elite Ranks they should be. Is this griefing? No. The system allows it. So understand it, and plan for it. That simple.

However, to the actual point of the post, it also means that I can’t go travelling or exploring without being apart of the problem that I don’t like. Too often I have been moving through an area that is riddled with lower players. I’m not there to kill the lot of them, I’m there for the reason I went there; unlocks, explorations, cairns, puzzles, dungeons. But as for roaming to find one guy I’m going to camp for eternity and make their life a living hell. No, not my cup of tea. If this makes you feel like a big man. Have at it, big scary burly man of manliness. It’s OPvP.

I roam and explore for a purpose. That purpose isn’t to kill lowbies, it just happens to be the side effect. At first, I would explore and do my thing with the purpose of ignoring lower players. They’d see me and do that household pet routine of stopping and holding still, like I’m a T-Rex and can’t see them if they don’t move. I’d /wave and move on. But that was in the first couple of weeks. Now, I move by them only to later find that in minutes I’m being knocked into NPCs and jumped on by the same group of lowbies I ignored. So instead of jumping on them in their PvE and destroying them, I’m now giving them a kill on a 50. My lack of Epeen stroking is only stoking theirs.

Another example that kept repeating: I run by 2 level 30s. They pause, I wave, I keep moving. A minute later I encounter a level 50 Rogue. He wants to play. But instead of a decent fight, I have 2 level 30s successfully CCing me once it begins. Not saying that a Rogue couldn’t take on a Cleric in Shaman/Justicar setup, or even that I can blame the lower levels for taking the advantage. I’m just saying, that if I didn’t have false principles, I’d have 3 kills and not a death. But, I decided not to pick on lowbies. Silly me.

This constant observance changed me. I now see Red, I kill it. Not that I enjoy it. I just kill it on the result of precaution. If I kill you, you aren’t likely to be behind me in a couple of minutes when I have to fight something and turn the tides. That simple. I don’t kill them and move the spawn to get some more. I don’t kill them and /say “lol.” I kill them and move on. Sometimes I can /say quickly enough, “sorry.”

And as this happens, I discovered yesterday possibly the worst oversight yet in the Open World PvP; even 10 ranks under you still grant a portion of Favor and Prestige. Most not be tempted … by … numbers … must resist.

A wise man once said, “Tis not a warrior’s place to ponder the absence of dignity. Tis the fallen’s to regret having it.”

I’m just joking. I made that up. He actually said, “STFU and kill the little assholes, you dipshit.”

And he wasn’t so much wise as he was drunk. And he may have been not a man, but a little raging boy. And he may have just my inner voice. But it all comes down to the same thing, right? Yeah.

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2 thoughts on “The Dignity In Lowbie Kills

  1. Meh, if they’re giving you numbers for it… kill’em.

    I generally share your sentiments, but killing indiscriminately unless you’re feeling particularly benevolent is probably best.

  2. I’d make that same mistake in WAR over and over again. I’d spare a player of lower RR/one that I knew I can easily beat (the ones that weren’t a challenge), only for them to come biting me in the ass once the wind turned in their favour (read me fighting someone worth fighting or them having a big numbers advantage).

    I always got pissed over it and raged. I would KoS anything red for a few min and then forget about it. Only to bite me in the ass again. I guess that’s just who I am, can’t change in that regard. :S

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