RIFT Online: Being Bad

 I spent most of my MMO days in a game called EVE. I played around with an MMO here and there; but only really found a role in a Hack and Slash with WAR. For the most part, if you don’t have a system built around PVP, then you probably aren’t getting more than the box sale out of me. This habit and cycle continues as a jump from one spot to the next as I look for the next best thing. I don’t have the longest MMO résumé in the blogosphere, but I have enough to notice a trend that always persist.

That trend is at MMO start-up, the sizable portion of the community is a mash of multiple communities rolled into a new enviroment. This translates into a seperation of philosphies and speechm and with game sucess that community will develope their own subpar techniques of communication. You can usually tell where someone is coming from based on their chat and the terms they use. With us being in the first month of RIFT, and the combination of being able to chat with the enemy, we get to see a revalation of witty and not so witty comments. And all too often I see this word, “bad,” and all it’s different forms of brutalized internet lingo. 

By itself it doesn’t seem to express anything abnormal. “Oh that’s bad.” -or- “Oh, wow you’re bad.” These say something normal to me. I understand what that person is telling someone else and the use of the word like that seems okay to me. It’s when it gets altered or used in such a manner of quick internet type that it translates to me a much more negative criticism on the speaker. I keep seeing this:

cuz UR bad.” 

“UR a baddie”

“keep bein badder newb

… I see this and all I can really think is … the player must be child. And I don’t mean that in a derogatory sense. I mean that, they must be an actual child. Who says you are “bad,” or a “baddie?” I don’t know. Because when I want to tell you are bad, I tell you “You are a fucking moron.” That’s what adults do. We use obscenities and insults to help better ourselves.

I understand I’m not really in a mature game. This isn’t EVE, or even a game with a mature rating. But reading these cutesy terms that beat around the bush is actually fairly upsetting to me. Instead of a Profanity Filter, I would actually like a Profanity Filler. Every time the system recognizing the use of a childish word it will replace it with something above say what a middle schooler could use. Ideas for replacement terms:

Baddie -> Horrendously Moronic
Meany -> Twunt Punter
Newb -> Fucktard
Noob -> Hairless Ball Sack

Who’s with me? Send in your feedback.

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6 thoughts on “RIFT Online: Being Bad

  1. I wish games would be adult enough to allow you to talk like that. Unfortunately, if you say that to someone they then act like they are 12 and report you and you end up with a suspension for calling someone a fucktard.

    This post should be called “If eq2flames.com were to moderate a game instead of just forums” as this is exactly what thier Rift forums are like :)

    • I’d be sad if I knew someone got banned for saying ‘fucktard.’

      Well … Efram did get banned for saying ‘SS’ once. So I guess they can be harsh.

      I guess it is because I am from EVE. And in EVE, you can say and practically do whatever the hell you want.

  2. Profanity Filler: On

    Newb1: /say You, sir, are a meany head!
    Newb1: “Fuck of cock holster!”

    Newb2: /say Your skills in combat could use some improvement
    Newb2: “You no-talent dipshit, L2P!”

    Newb3: /say I’m afraid this group needs to practice it’s play a bit more.
    Newb3: “For fuck’s sake, you ass-clowns couldn’t keep water out of a dolphin’s ass if I handed you a staple gun and a tube of calk.”

  3. Hmmm… all I can come up with is “Don’t hate the players for being childish (or literal children) … hate the game” ;P.

    Rift is going to appeal to the crowd, so L2lessthanthree the horrible, horrible trolling/banter. Alternately, you could try to step it up a notch, but I bet that results in a ban. Let us know!

    I generally approve of the idea, for what it’s worth!

    • Eh… you gotta go out with a bang, you know?

      No, we are just sharing the game with a great deal of WoWers. And that brings with it a whole new form of communication. Generally it seems to be the normal for them to communicate this way.


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