Rift Online: The I in TEAM

I’ve mentioned it before in leveling and I’m now running into an even bigger result of this problem. There just isn’t a good reason to group up. Whether your leveling or now you are running Warfronts for your Favor and Prestige, a group holds you back.

Ever since my Middle School Teacher pointed that “i” out, it has always made me happy. “Look at that, there it is,” as I clap and smile like a fool. Everytime.

As I have been 50 now for roughly a week (maybe a little less), our constant smashing through Expert Dungeons has been … rough. We can get through them, but what’s the point? Hours on hours of wiping and bitching at each other, for some mediocre drops and for each boss to drop this currency that you have to save a lifetime for? Yeah … not my cup of tea.

In the early days of WAR and with the expansion came the Tomb of Vulture Lord. A horribly bugged and massively frustratingly difficult dungeon. But it did have one thing right. Despite that most of us took months to get by the 5th boss, the Dungeon atleast had a 2nd stage boss that gave rewards for lots of gold. It wasn’t hard to get people to go in there, after all, anyone can get to the 2nd boss.

But in RIFT, it’s a damn nightmare. The mobs are more likely to clean your clock than a boss. 1 wipe, 2 wipe, 3 wipe, Potato! You’re likely to spend a mere fortune on Soul Resurrections. To the point that my wallet can’t seem to stay above 10 Platinum anymore. So much for a 110% mount. So why do these dungeons?

There is no reason so far. The trade-off is this: 4 Hours of Expert Dungeon for some crap blues and 5 special currencies; or do 4 hours of Warfronts and get lots of Favor and Prestige. Hmmmmm …  I think I’ll choose the one that gives me better gear and is also made for PVP. Yeah, not a hard choice.

Which then brings me to the real underlining issue: Queue times for groups. They are horrendous. Sit and wait for 10 minute queue pops or solo queue and get them instantly. Once again, I find myself being held back by my groups. I need Prestige Rank 4 dammit, don’t they understand?

I find myself needing to take fake breaks, so that I can leave group and they forget about me. All so I can solo queue. Which is terrible. “Oh, I gotta go AFK guys”

10 minutes later …

“Why the hell are you in Black Garden?!?”

“ummmm … Macro.”

“How did you answer me then?”

“Also a Macro. Also this was a Macro.”

I’m horrible. But I’ll be better when I’m P6. Until then, sorry, I need progression at ridiculous speeds.

Oh, also, for you group queuers. Something’s bugged about group queueing. My assumption is that when a group queues, it uses a unique Warfront selection method. For which, it seems likely to bug. If you and your group have been queued well over the minutes its showing for average queue times, then leave your queues and re-join them to reset the mechanic. As well, we have had luck changing the lead hat and re-queueing.

Good luck,

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6 thoughts on “Rift Online: The I in TEAM

  1. “Yeah well, there’s no “U” in team either, so if I’m not on the team, and you’re not on the team, then nobody’s on the team! There’s no F*cking team!”

    I always thought they got it right … ;P

    I think the difference Rift to War is that pugging in Rift can actually be productive for a former WAR player, especially so for a heal/dps combo.

    It’s a frustration I’ve been running into lately, when my group (or A group I know…) isn’t on, I log alts. The heal-spec Zealot just can’t cut it solo, ya know? Kudos on the crazy progression!

    • lol.

      PuGing in Rift right now is interesting. It works because no one seems to know better.

      I have run into some organized bomb groups though … players are starting to strategize. But only slightly.

  2. Does queuing with a group actually pit you against another group? I mean does it have a premade queue thingy? Never found that out in beta.

    Also, the second boss in VL is broken and the items disappear when you leave the room even if you kill the boss (and wait for the PQ to finish, which used to work). They might have got it right, but they fucked it up later.

    • We are unsure if it does have a group against a group type module. To me, I would be in serious doubt if they said it does. But I doubt real premades are a problem for them right now. Everyone seems to only care about the raids and dungeons.

      We are having a problem with people queueing lately. I takes awhile to get a pop, even with the cross server warfronts. It seems that only a few of us want to PVP. I’m so used to seeing the same names at this point, I think I know all the PVPers of the 3 servers that are in our Warfront grouping.

      • Hm, yes, I guess that if the group vs group system hasn’t been implemented yet it really doesn’t make sense to go implementing one now. It’ll only be needed once everyone dings max level and starts PvPing.

      • Unfortunately, that seems to be a problem.

        It seems that majority of us PVPers are actually the minority. By far. When you have a couple hundred level 50s on each night for each server, and you still have to wait 15 minutes for a scenario, there is a PVP problem. And seeing that I only ever see the same names, this game is mostly populated by carebears. Even on a PVP server.

        And rightfully so as I was taught the other night. Even though the stat Valor (a PVP only damage mitigator) is only on PVP gear, the other stats are completely gimp in comparison to even basic dungeon gear. For Clerics, you are talking almost half the Wisdom and Intel gain for the gain of Valor and some more Endurance. Not a good trade IMO (but that’s for feedback).

        No wonder these guys are only doing PVE, PVP has no benifit yet. Other than the PVP soul.

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