Mr. Meh’s Jerk Guide to Leveling Your Cleric

Are you a Cleric?
Are you in need of Levels?
Are you willing to leave your friends in the Dust?

Well, look no further, friend. Mr. Meh is here to help you on your way to glory. A glorious path awaits you and is paved in selfishness and greed. And you will most certainly be lonely at the top. But it’s the top, so who cares what those lowbies think, right? Right.

I have finally hit 50, and it doing so, I realized how it took me near twice as long to do it. If only I didn’t have friends and this desire to help. But, you, I can help you level to 50 in no time.

Around Rank 25ish. Feels so long ago. Loved that Horned Helmet.

Disclaimer: Mr. Meh is probably a bi-polar indecisive dingleweed of human being . That said, what ever theory crafting you see here, is likely to be wrong and disproven. Most likely by Mr. Meh’s other personality within 10 minutes of whatever you read here. Therefore, everything written here is clearly gospel and must be followed to the T. Or I’ll strike you down.

How to build a PVE Questing, Rift Hunting, Invasion Destroying, Master of Lonesomeness

I’m not a giant fan of DPSing on a support class. But guess what? You are better at in solo questing  than most other classes. Even over the Warrior, because you can heal while you push through. The biggest issue with Group Questing is there are 2 types of Quest:

  • Go Kill me X number of this horrible, ugly, or just too cute to live creatures for undisclosed reasons

or there are:

  • Go Collect me X Number of this horribly designed slow to spawn items for each of you individually

The result of using many people in your questing group is it slows you the hell down. Is there 2 of you? Probably not terrible. Is there 3 of you? Well then I hope you like averaging an hour per small quest hub. Yes, you get you group XP bonus killing of mobs in a group. However, collecting items for a quest for each of you is horribly, horribly slow and daunting task that basically ruins the group trade-off.

Here’s the trade for group questing: In a quest group, you can complete a quest (Avg 2K XP, nice ones approach 5K, but most are 1.5K) on average in 10 mins (I assume it takes a group to do 3 quests 30 minutes in the same area). If you are fighting mobs near your level, you are probably gaining on average 250 XP for each mob on average (with grouping bonus). Say you have to kill about a 12 mobs per each quest, considering trash you generally have to kill to get where you need to be, then you probably are averaging (250 * 12 + 2,000) 5,000K every 10 mins. That’s only 500 XP a minute. You could go grind mobs 2 ranks under you solo mindlessly for the more gain. That’s just crazy.

However, for those that can’t solo, mainly because they can’t consistently heal to get through the over pull moments, they have no choice. But you, you are a Cleric. The key to solo questing, or Rift hunting, is in melee setups of the Shaman with the offhand support of the Justicar.

I found this Captured Defiant Gun. Not sure the purpose yet. Yet. All I know is it was roughly 100K of XP wasted time. If you aren't 50, everything you do should be equated to XP lost. :D

While you will be focusing the Shaman basically to its full potential as you level, you’ll be grabbing in your early stages the basics under the Justicar tree. You can make the 3rd tree whatever you like. I recommend the Sentinel for the spike heal for your dumber moments with elite mobs. As a FYI, while I like the Druid tree, but without points spent in it, that faerie commands the usefulness of Winter Coat while living in Florida Keys.

If you were lucky enough to read this before starting your Cleric, you are in luck. Your first Soul should be the Justicar. And then your Second should be the Shaman. For your first and only 15 points spent in the Justicar line, you’ll want the (you have to yell these out loud in your best Thor voice) Hammer of Virtue (5% better melee damage), Armor of Virtue (15% better Armor), Life’s Devotion (make your Salvation heals better), Doctrine of Bliss (selfish self-heal, also, say it in a creepy sexy like voice) and then the glorious Reparation (1 hour buff for more indirect healing).

You have the base for making a successful PVE monster. You now have massive indirect healing buffs to take care of you while you fight. And then, you still get plenty of heals off conviction to take care of you and friends if need be. This is the key to the whole setup. But as useful as Justicar is to this build, you basically don’t need anything else.  Shield of Faith is kind of nice for early on Justicars, but with the amount of indirect healing you are doing to yourself, you won’t care. Your health isn’t probably going to drop below 90% without you trying to pull 5 Elite Mobs at once.

All other points for when you can’t put any more into the main 15 of Justicar, and then all points after are going into Shaman. This is where your DPS is. Despite the fact that by the time you hit 50 and will have bought each ability under the Shaman line, you probably want to pay attention to what you buy in the line. For the sake of PVE quest grinding of super ludicrous speed and ease, there are some really key features you will want to B-line for.

Starting out with increasing your Melee Crit to 5% with Unyielding is a good start. Crits are not only going to be the key to more DPS, it is going to unlock abilities that only work after crit. Add that to that you’ll want the crit for better mana management later in your 30+ ranks. Your choice if you want Overwhelming (20% Increase to Crit Damage) or Dauntless Courage (5% Physical Damage). It’s a toss in the early ages. Your Justicar abilities are Life based, so the Dauntless Courage only helps on Crushing Blow spam. At the same time, you probably don’t have a lot of ability to crit in your early levels. So 5% is probably chance for 20% more crit damage is also negligible. However, both are very useful later. So take your pick. But you have to pick, because you next 5 points need to go into Long Memory (30% to reset cooldown on Massive Blow). Massive Blow was supposed to be the ideal perfect ttk ability in the tree, but it has a giant cooldown to deal with. Long Memory gives you the ability to get this hard hitting shot back in the action more often. And especially since there are a bunch of tree lines above to improve Massive Blow, you’ll want that cooldown resetting more often for your PVE.

After this 15 points are spent, it is time to get the mother of all the abilities (for Cleric), Jolt (An Air Damage instant cast for massive damage, but only triggers for use after you crit). Even with low crit chances, your spamming on NPCs will trigger more than enough to have this ability proc all the time for use. Make sure you don’t ignore Stormborn so that you can make that and all other Air damage increased by 50%. When you hear a guildmate go, “WTF just hit me? Was that a Cleric. That guy just 3 shotted me!” It was most definitely a hit from Jolt with a crit and the Vengeance of the Primal North on top of it. And as long as you stack your crit up, you can use this ability every 5 seconds.

You will also want to pick up your Battle Charge as early as you can if you are on a PVP server. Not all that useful in PVE, but the cases when you get attacked (or maybe attack, you fiend) by a Caster, you can eliminate any hope they had in the battle with snares. By leaping right on their face and snaring them for 70% instead fo them thinking they had the advantage of range and CC. Can’t tell you how often I have been on mobs and start to see DoTs on my head, only to turn around and eat their lunch. Here’s a devious caster thinking they are lighting me up, only to see a flash and have in seconds massive crit damage eating them alive. Now if it’s a Warrior, you are probably going to die, but there is no reason to lose to your Mana sharing counterparts.

Picture above is me doing a giddy dance after dinging 50. I’m so giddy.

As you level past the normal ranks into your 40s, you can freely distribute the Shaman points into the remaining areas. By the time you hit 50, you will have done it faster than almost anyone else. And the good part is, you really don’t have to touch this Role. Despite that it was used almost solely to get you to 50, it happens to be your best melee DPS setup for Dungeons, PVP roaming, RIFT Hunting and just good non-CC type DPS. It also gives you and your group some nice buffs as well. Good to keep around in the end.

And as Gordon’s We Fly Spitfire blog points out, people can join on you when ever they like when you are solo. You’ll want to deactivate that in Settings. Not that you don’t want to help out others, or not share in the times and the moments and meet new people, but you don’t. This isn’t a tour bus to the land of equality and free handouts, kiddies. This is a haul ass motorcycle race to the land of glory of awesomeness, and there ain’t no side car on this crotch rocket journey of epic Cleric elitism.

Happy Selfish Hunting Clerics, time to get to better things,

Don't you dare try to steal this very very official signature.


6 thoughts on “Mr. Meh’s Jerk Guide to Leveling Your Cleric

  1. I lol’d.

    In all seriousness, I was debating if this would be the way to go after spending all my Beta time with a Warden as my main soul (cool concept,…. useless for spike! Maybe a decent secondary healing soul?)
    I know Deluge sounds like it might be useful… but it’s really just another (slightly stronger) hot. BS.

    Regardless, thanks for the write-up! After I hit 90 in War, I might check this out.

    • I am an avid hater of Warden. And it has caused a seperation in theory crafting between myself and then other healers in the guild. As everyone and their brother has decided that Warden is the best setup.

      I am not.

      There is no PVP moment in which HoT (only HoTs) are a useful resource. I guess, if we were all Wardens giving off HoTs, then maybe.

      For Dungeons, if you are ignoring Purifier you are doing it wrong. Its single target big and instant heals with mass amount of shields. IE, Dungeon.

      Sentinel is a much better PVP healing alternative. Has a great (reiderate great) instant spike heal and has most all of what you need. I use a diverse Sentinel/Purifier heal setup for Instanced PVP right now. But I’m going to be changing that mind set when I get more levels in Prestige to go up the Templar line. I want that Break Free cooldown to go lower.

      Once they realized Healing Catylst of the Warden line mana cost was wrong, it nerfed any reason to use Warden (IMO).

      Im also finding better healing altinatrives in the Justicar line in PVP atm.

    • Sorry. You won’t find a Dragon Age 2 review here.

      Played the first one. If I wanted all the best graphics while playing the most boring game ever, I’d stay more in real life.

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