RIFT Online: Outstanding Issues – Mostly Clerical (pun intended)

With rank 50 literally around the corner for me (maybe tonight?), I’ll have time to finally not completely concentrate on that rush. I’ll get time to bitch, whine and moan (inside joke intended) on the forums in feedback. I came to this game because it was the PVP solution to the broken game we left at WAR (post 1.4). Unfortunately, there are a ton of glaring imperfections, massive balance issues and just major oversights when it comes to end game play.

Now my perspective is from a Cleric’s point of view. Though I am sure Mages alike can quickly agree with many of the points. As a side note, it has been a grueling 2 weeks of experimentation. I do not simply play, decide one spec and get mad when it doesn’t work. I have probably spent more Platinum in the last week on respeccing than most have on the 90% mounts. At this point I think I have exhausted every single one of the tree in each assembly one could think useful. I am woefully regretting choosing the cleric, maybe even more, this game depending on the actions of nerf/buffs in the next month.

Cleric Mana Management

Biggest issue with rolling a healing Cleric, is mana management. The only real way to sustain, is to not give off big heals. The Raid/Group heals are simply not usable. You are better taking them off the hotbar, so that you aren’t tempted. Right now, there is only 1 way I will use them. And that’s just before I know I’m going to die.

You can stack all the mana abilities you like. 10% bigger pool under the Warden line. 10% better mana cost under the Sentinel. And then you can take the 5% more Wisdom under the Purifier if you like. However, even in Warfronts, there will be a point in which you have already potted and you simply don’t have any options for getting more mana. In some Black Garden cases, I found myself at a point in which suiciding to respawn with a full mana bar was actually going to be the best answer. Something is wrong when that is a suitable option. 

I experimented with having a hybrid build with Sentinel, Purifier, Inquisitor so that I can get the Mana drain from the Inquisitor line, but it’s really a horrible trade-off. I’m using almost 20 points under Inquisitor just for a shitty mana gain. What’s even sadder is, it’s better than the other setups that concentrate heals for PVP.

Even if you lower the mana costs of the abilities, it’s only going to just slightly delay the crippling effect that will eventually get a cleric, no mana. Our pools just simply do not regen fast enough. I would settle for the pots being reduced on a cooldown of 2 mins, rather than 5. But, as I keep finding out, the best way to actually keep sustained overall healing is using the Justicar (melee DPS) line. The group heal uses convictions and has a much lower Mana cost. You can alternate the 2 ranged attacks, build convictions and give off decent heals back line. At the same time, you can DPS and protect you and one other person with ridiculous efficiency.

The overall problem is, that it is obvious that mana cost and regen revisions that took place since the beginning BETAs only considered a short amount of time healing in spurts. Simply: you looked at it in respect for dungeons, questing and warfronts. On warfronts, it was just assumed that you can make it through 15 minutes, saying you die at least once, and have pots. You did not consider the devastating effects of fully mana draining Mages or the Void Knights. You get drained and its game over for the healing cleric. They can pot, get drained again, and then it really is game over.

For a PVP standpoint and for open world PVP servers, this issue needs a remedy.


Actually, all Warrior classes. What the hell were you thinking? Was the intention to make a win button?

Anyways. Please state whether or not you are nerf batting this class. We would like to know before we force each other to reroll. There is at this point no reason to not just build mass loads of Warriors and nothing else.

Oh you need healing, Mr. Meh.”

No you don’t. What the hell are you going to heal when it’s dead? The answer, fucking nothing cause it’s dead. Nothing can heal you or help you when you get 2 shotted. Among the squishy classes, the Justicar Cleric with the buff to boost armor, resist and 10K HP, I was still getting 3 shotted. Anything else was 1 shotted.

Simply put, if you have no intention to fully nerf the living shit out of this with might of an A-Bomb, there are no hard feelings or QQ from us, Trion. It’s plenty early. We will simply just reroll while we can. You could nerf all the DPS of this line by 30% and I’m still rerolling. That’s how bad it is. Need your intentions, so we can stop wasting time on the gimps.

Crowd Control

Holy Vigil. What was your intention here. Trion? I can only imagine this was the exact original idea brainstorming on the drawing board on this topic:

Designer #1: “How about we make it so that each class has at least 3 forms of unique CC?”

Designer #2: “Not good enough. Those 3 CC abilities need to be on a 5 second to immediate cooldown.”

Designer #3: “What are you insane? And not allow Snares to stack on those CC?”

Designer #4: “What should be the duration of these CC effects? I’m thinking it should be somewhere near … full-blown genocide by the time the Cleric wakes up.”

Designer #5: “You guys are wimps. What are you going to actually allow CC to be broken by damage? Ridiculous. Make sure most of the CC actually still allows you to pound their face in.”

Unfortunately, all of the above is true. You can literally, literally, I’m not in joke mode here, get silence for 2 seconds, then stunned, then confused, then feared, then stunned again, and all the while your mana is being drained and you got 5 bombs on you ready to detonate.  You just spent, literally (I’m still in example mode),  20 seconds not moving an inch or doing a damn thing. Okay, back to normal angry joke mode.

The reason why my first issue isn’t the biggest overall giant problem, it’s just the Cleric’s, is because my life in PVP is just being CC’d to living hell. At some point, you may or may not have to take another stab at some classes CC. Then again the really ridiculous one is controlled by the Warrior class. So if you aren’t going to touch this, please say so. And again we will be happy in making our new armies of Warriors.

The CC break with the PVP soul is really nice. If only it was on a more … useful … no, no … more appropriate … ah, still, no … more eventful, there we go, cooldown beyond a five fucking minute one. Who is designing this shit over there? Is there one reasonable guy looking at the Cleric lines and then some fucking caffeinated hyper active ADHD freak testing the Warrior Classes?!?

Seriously. Reading the Cleric’s abilities and function alone  are reasonable and decent. It’s once you find out what everyone else gets, you go “Really? What the fuck?” I’m on reasonable cooldowns while everyone else is on perma-spam?

Group Questing

I came for the PVP, but I had to do your PVE to get here. I got but one question:

For the love of time and life, why, oh why are the Collect Quest not setup to count for the group?

Easy suggestion here: For any collection question, take the said amount needed and divide it by the number of twats in your group. Need 10, now your 5 man needs 2 each. Collection should take near the time it would take to do Kill Quest, not a half an hour longer. You make it so that group questing is the slowest way to level. Maybe that’s the intention?

Respawning Bug

Shared hubs are cool. Unprotected spawn points are not. Especially when you don’t get a choice.

For some reason (if this is intentional, murder those responsible on my behalf), even if you run to another graveyard, when you click rez, it will take you back to where you started. So if said rez spot is unguarded and camped, then yuz-a guna die, Anny. Yuz-a guna die a lot. And yuz-a guna take lots of soul damage. (Only applicable on the PvP servers)

I actually had a Saboteur doing a version of this to me a couple of days ago. Get killed, go to this point, foolishly rez up, get owned. Soul walk to next hub, rez up, get ported back to camp spot, get killed. Queue up for Warfront, take it while dead. Go in, come back 15 minutes later, get camped again.

Eventually guildies came. And then we did it to her for 30 minutes straight. Still a problem despite the funny comeuppance.


While we are on the subject. Yeah. Nerf bat. No description needed. You know why.


Hi I’m a PC. And I’m an annoying fuck of a spec called Dominator.

Hey, you know what’s cute?
Having a CC that turns you into a squirrel. I understand why I can’t attack now, because all I care about are nuts and trees. Oh, how adorable.

Hey, you know what’s even cuter?
Everything bad that happens in real life to the developer that thought that it would be a good idea to have this work for as long as it does and then be applied back to fucking back. Oh, did I mention mana drain while you are a squirrel?
Oh, I didn’t. Well guess what the fuck they can do while you scurry around for nuts?

I normally feel bad for the crap hours and the hard work that most developers have to do. You however, I hope you are mauled by roaming rabid squirrel pack of furry doom. Not sure if any one ever has been attack by a swarm of squirrels before, but here’s to hoping.

Seriously though, it’s horrible. And I hate you.

Don't you dare try to steal this very very official signature.


10 thoughts on “RIFT Online: Outstanding Issues – Mostly Clerical (pun intended)

  1. Hahaha I was so waiting for one of these posts from you and you didn’t let me down. I’ve still got my eye on Rift while I keep playing WAR but I won’t make the move till things are more balanced and stable.

    But I give you props for writing honest, factual, and non sugar coated opinion pieces about a game I know you want to love. I’m a healer at heart and no doubt a cleric is what I would be playing so it’s even better getting your opinion though the exeriences of a class I would be playing.

    Great post as always, keep it up man!

      • Eh? What is the gear gap to you, Mr. Meh who happens to be in full sov melee dok that is one of the most OP solo classes ever designed (and who can switch to healing to zoom to 90 in a couple of weeks), and whose class just got mad buffed last patch (best st heal in game, wp cleansing power, group melee heal).

        The gear gap issue is overstated.

      • Suuush you.

        Come play a fun game that is fun to rant about. Because it get fixed, a little quicker than say a … year.

        You know you want to. I know this guild that for some reason had a shortage of guildies roll the most OP shit class in the world here.

        How would you like to play a Chosen that hits like a Sorc, with CC like a Marauder and the Burst of a Slayer?

  2. Lol, between you and Shadow, you guys keep me interested in Rift here.
    Though this does not help its case… I would also roll a cleric, doesn’t seem like a great plan after hearing you. Sounds like I’ll wait for everything to settle a bit before I take a serious look at the game… thanks for the advance info! ;P.

    I was eyeing the Dominator line, thought the Squirrel CC thing would be worth it for entertainment value alone. Now it sounds like I’m more right than I could have dreamed… hehe.

    • Despite my aggression, the game is in a much better balance set from WAR.

      Imbalance, only causes the other side to balance it. As long as both sides have the same thing, there can be no imbalance?

      The issue is in the class you choose. And I think most of the support classes are looking for a couple nerfs to happen.

      Until then, it’s not worth being in a full heal mode in PVP at the moment because of the CC. Doesn’t mean I can’t find ways to keep my fun, even if I’m not the top healing numbers on the server.

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