RIFT Online: Dungeons of Mediocre Difficulty

I have been having this concern about RIFT dungeons for a while now. I have only really been ignoring the lack of challenge by the hope that when we hit 50, the Epic versions of the dungeons will then turn into something of possible consequence. Last night, my guild ran Runic Decent in Moonshade Highlands. And since the first run we did though it only took 30 minutes, we decided to do it again in under 20. This isn’t the first time either, we have had almost no trouble bouncing right through each dungeon since start. running them back to back for mass XP gain till it’s not worth it anymore. Well actually we did have one hiccup in Kings Breech.

Stolen Map From RIFT Junkies. Thanks.

One of things you want to do as a guild being your first time in a Dungeon, is to run it extremely fast. Why? Unlocks and Achievements. Each Dungeon has a first time timer. If you finish it under that time, your guild and you get an achievement. So, we tried to follow somewhat of a guide. And for Kings Breech on the third Boss, a Griffon/Scorpion Hybrid, these guides advised the fight was a healing contest.

I will tell you after a couple arguments, heated attitudes and multiple wipes, it has nothing to do with healing. It’s just proximity. Just don’t move too far away from him, and you’re golden. It was a relief to actually be challenged by something finally. Even though once common sense tells you, “Hey, this guys goes after the furthest person from him and instant kills. Hmmmm … maybe get near him,” you realize that the challenges is only in the puzzle. Once you figure it out, it is no longer a challenge ever again.

Part of me hates to admit it. But maybe my grief in the lack of PvE challenge in the game, might be the result of my time in WAR. Not that WAR created complicated or difficult dungeons, it was that they were just so broken that the challenge was in figure out how to make it work.

I guess in the end there are 2 lessons I’ve learned about players in MMOs:

  1. No one likes to wipe.
  2. No one cares if the Healer is bored to tears.

Throughout all the dungeons we do, you’ll commonly see me pulling the mobs, and adding more into the mix. To which you’ll hear in vent:

“Who’s breaking my CCs?”
“Who just pulled those?”
“Why the fuck am I now fighting 8 guys, when I started with 2?”

You can’t hear my grins through Ventrilo, but the answer is: your bored healer

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8 thoughts on “RIFT Online: Dungeons of Mediocre Difficulty

  1. The first 1 1/2 year of WAR i played as a shaman and AM and i remember being bored out of my skull in Lost vale and sometimes in vulture lord…at least the bugs and runout to reset bugs made VL kinda interesting :-)

    My biggest problems with MMO dungeons as a healer is that the better gear you get the more boring dungeons become. The first few times you run a dungeon as a healer you need to use a wide range of abilities to keep the MT/group up, but as you get better gear, you can just spam your group/big single target heal and forget any hots or support abilities.

    In the last 20+ VL and LV runs as an AM i dont think i ever touched anything other then groupheal+cleanse and ofc rez.

    • Wow. Good for dude.

      In all honesty, Lost Vale was extremely frustrating back in 2008. If you guys were able to fully run that being bored back then, then I know this guild that is looking for more healers.

      I remember in Decmember 2008 trying to figure out how to work the cauldron in the Butcher’s boss liar. Man, that was one bitch of fight back then.

      Anyways, if you were clearing Lost Vale in November 2008 and then fully clearing Vulture Lord in June of 2009 then I bow to you. You are in a tier of MMO competency that I envy.

      We were yelling at each other in Sigmars Crypts in October 2008. Bastion Stair was a bitch for us before the nerf. And Lost Vale was just hard to clear the left wing because of the gear check. We could talk about VL, but that was good year before I was able to find a team to do a full clear.

      • Lol, no no no. we never cleared BS until much much later, I actually cleared VL before BS. We tried BS as we hit tier 4, level 30-32, and was crushed by the optional dragon ogre boss in left wing.

        The city dungeons wasn’t to bad, I personally think that BB and bloodwrought is/was a lot easier then crypts and WBTs.

        My destro guild definitely wasn’t the first guys to do anything in tier 4, most of the guild reached level 40 after 3-4 months of playing – around new year 2009 . We didn’t do any pve, other then the random PQ when we hit the renown cap. But we were all in full anni/conq gear when we hit level 40. As soon as we could enter IC/alt we started to grinded every city instances for invader crests that we then downgraded to conq creats/officer medallions.

        I started doing LV after the butcher patch, I remember the talk about him being extremely difficult, but I don’t remember him give us much grief – other working out when to kill the gnoblar. N’kari was a bitch to get right, mostly because we had a color blind MT.

        VL: farm status around november 2009. we spend months perfecting boss 7+8. Simply couldn’t get farm status – the instant kill lightning bolt on boss 7 and we spend a month tweaking our dps, group composition and morale rotation for boss 8. That was before the door/throne-no-one-going-in-the-casket trick. Well that’s if we are talking a “clean” boss 8 kill. We downed boss 8 the 2. time we reach him by bugging him out with the BOs group cc immunity attack – cant remember the name of the ability.

        We didnt spend a lot of time raiding, mostly running small scale pvp and 2xpremades sc’s. We raided just once a week – but other then the DPS issues and bugs VL was pretty easy. At least with a BO and Chosen it was kinda meh healing.

      • Oh good. I was really starting to feel bad.


        Yeah, once you get over those humps, it was then easy to get them on farm.

        Then it was just a challenge to bring in new tanks or healers.

  2. As someone who almost predominantly played tanks in PvE games, that was usually me pulling more, because tanking just one thing is boring.

    It’s not fun unless you almost die.

  3. well, i normally just shout “INCOMING” and then start dot everything within reach of my range dot/throwing axe…and yes its only fun if you actually have to “fight” to keep the MT/party up.

  4. Hahaha… I hear ya man. I hate being bored… it also will occasionally result in a wipe when I stop caring and try to find other things to do… stop paying close attention to MT’s health, and then “wham, dead”.

    We solved that in both LV by having the tank keep moving unless it was a boss fight. He just doesn’t stop for more than a few seconds to generate aggro, then he moves on, the DPS better kill it before he pulls the next bit. Makes for some interesting times when you’re trailing a whole bunch of trash behind ya ;P.

    In VL for instance, we’d have him pull half the 3rd boss’s room at a clip, and see how long he could keep aggro, while the healers tried to keep him standing. Good times. I agree, you have to make up games to keep it interesting, because healer boredom kills PVE faster than anything else!

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