RIFT Online: Cleric: Initial Thoughts on Recreating DOK/WP

It’s been a whole week for us Head Start players that pre-ordered RIFT. And for me taking care of a group of ADHD guildies as the sole full out healer on a PVP server, it has been frustrating. I apparently should have played BETA way more and gotten my cleric to 35 to realize what it has taken me to understand. Here’s my point of view on what I should have done and what I like.

Number 1: Using the suggested groupings is not the greatest idea. I understand that Purifier (Single Target Healing/Shields), Warden (Heal over Time/Buffer) and Sentinel (Group Healing) are the healing lines. However, you only need 2 of them. Same goes for the DPS lines, you only really need 2, the 3rd should give you something useful without point spending.

In retrospect, I should have started with the following lines: Justicar (Tank/Melee/Minor Healer), Druid (Pet/Melee/CC) and Sentinel (Group Healing). This would have allowed me to grind and quest solo easily as well as give me a decent setup for grouping on quests and roaming for artifacts. Not so much Dungeons or Warfronts.

The Justicar Soul is needed for the purpose of having better defenses, indirect minor healing, passive ability to turn your high spell focus in to attack power, and mostly the ability to heal you and your group in melee mode. Though Justicar is what you first put your points in, it won’t be your speciality. You only need roughly enough points in it to get all the major buffs and the healing abilities. This line is the Tank of the Cleric Lines, however it also give multiple healing and then turns you spell into attack, which escalates all your melee (other lines) into something viable. Without the Justicar passive buff, a melee Cleric would be gimp as it has no natural Melee or Strength.

Your specialized focus should be in the Druid Soul. As hard as this is to swallow, the druid’s abilities are very nice once you read into them. Unfortunately until rank 31, you have to put up with 2 fairies. For the love of Vigil, if it wasn’t for the comedic effects of the Greater Fairie I would hate myself. Granted the Minor Fairie you get at the start is fairly lame, you can easily and quickly gain the Major. The Major just has some of the funniest animations. Don’t cut yourself too much, the top of the tree line grants a Satyr as a pet. Being one of the first on the Server to rock one, definitely caught a great deal of attention on day 3. The main reason you are in Druid line, isn’t for the Satyr, that’s just a perk; your real advantage is the mass amount of Crowd Control abilities, along with buff as you attack abilities, and quick in fight buffs for dealing mass loads of damage.

The reason for the 3rd Soul being the healing line of the Sentinel isn’t because you want AoE or Group Heals like the Soul description states. The Sentinel path comes with a very special instant cast, low mana cost, 5 second cooldown, single target heal for the highest value heal in the game. Sure to be nerfed and obviously misplaced, this ability will keep you and your more overextending type friends alive. With a crit it has the ability to fill the majority of the health bar of most allies. When you combine this with the healing you get out of the Justicar line and the one shield and heal from the Druid line, you have a decent healer. It requires you to melee with it as well, but you have heals and a good amount that will help substain, but not dominate in long fights.

Combine the Druid attack with the healing and buffs from the Justicar with the life tap of the base Sentinel line and you basically just made a Disciple of Khaine/Warrior Priest with the added DPS of the White Lion pet from Warhammer Online. Actually, it’s a lot nastier. Because this beast has all the DPS and mass survivability, but then gets lots of CC and Incoming Heal Debuffs with a Pet that with the right buffs hits like a truck. Oh, and he’ll grow in size to represent this damage and tanking.

I know a lot of players are glazed over from the numbers showing on the Shaman line (Melee/DPS/DOT). From a point of view of just numbers to numbers, the Shaman’s abilities have the DPS. However, to me, without CC and debuffs your extra 10% damage (roughly) means diddly because that won’t give you enough to burst down a healer in a fight. As well, my opinion on this setup is scewed because of the PVP server. Our PvE is literally mixed into random PVP. I would say that if my focus was on a PVE server, I probably wouldn’t care for this setup at all. I would then trade the Druid for the Shamman.

Just what this Level 38 Cleric is thinking today. Since we haven’t seen any real nerfs or changes, and I’m missing that aspect of rank 50, this idea is likely to change 10 times in the next week. But for now, it’s my regret for not realizing it during the Beta. Also, for Dungeons, spec the Purifier line. Don’t try anything else, that’s all you need.

Good Hunting Clerics,

Don't you dare try to steal this very very official signature.


6 thoughts on “RIFT Online: Cleric: Initial Thoughts on Recreating DOK/WP

  1. I thought about going that route, but I’m totally going to recreate a Shadowknight. Reaver primary – DoTs/Lifetaps, with some Champion – Two-hander specialization! I think my third soul was Warlord, for something I get with no points, don’t even remember what.

    • That was what we got hit by yesterday. Not sure if you noticed during that Fire Invasion in Silverwood yesterday.

      We heard there was 4 man rank 40 Defiant group messing up lowbies in Silverwood, so we decided to do something about it while we were respeccing for Battlefronts. As I was looking for them, I gave you a /cheer. About 2 seconds later they jumped on us.

      Don’t worry though, Efram finally decided to come back from AFK, and we tracked them down and owned their face.

      However, their front man was definitely a Shadowknight/Reaver with that ridiculous life tap. He took awhile to go down.

      • Nice, I remember getting jumped by them, but by that point I think it was close to midnight, and I was fading faster than an alcoholic on nickel beer night. Glad to see they got their come’upums. I got to chat with Efram some last night in between WFs and what not, glad you guys are organized, I’ll have to run-hurry in levels and play catch-up so we can smash face together.

      • lol

        I was wondering why you didn’t react to my emote.

        I need to start going to bed earlier. Rift launch is messing up my sleep schedule.

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