RIFT Online: Pre-Launch Queue Solution #2

My last article about staying on the character selection screen doesn’t work anymore. It was fixed on Saturday’s patch. So many are now back in the queues.  Coming home from work to a 3 to 4 hour queue is unacceptable. Actually, it’s just not doable. As of now, the game stands unplayable by anyone who has even a basic life to attend to. And I barely have that, so this is bad. Unless you either move to a new server that doesn’t have a queue, which isn’t really achievable if your guild has a foothold in the game by now, you have massive queues again. But not I.


And unfortunately it means dealing with an enemy I so greatly hate, Valve’s Steam Network. I really really really despise doing this. But, let’s face it. I am playing with my guild, and we are here on this server. 4 hour queues, mean that I’m not playing at all on weekdays. I have no other resort.

You can do this, even if you didn’t buy the game from Steam. First open you Steam Client (Get it, set it up if you don’t already), go to your Game Library, Add Non-Steam Game to Steam. That being RIFT. Now run the game through Steam. This will mean you have the Steam system in the background of your computer. It only gives you one thing other than massive memory use: A SHIFT-TAB to Steam Options. When you press SHIFT and TAB, you’ll pull up a small overlay by Steam, to access some dumb things no one uses. Like a crap internet browser, or friend stalking options, or other things, no one cares. This is how you will use it:

In RIFT, you can find a nice little spot, meaning safe and out of the way. You hold down the Key W, and then either A or D. So that you run in a circle. While doing this, I understand that your right hand will probably have to help you, you then do the SHIFT + TAB for the Steam Overlay.

You are now running in a circle without worry of an AFK mark from running on a wall.

You Jelly?

Also, if you play on a PvP server like mine. Die first, respawn, then run in a circle while in ghost mode. That way you don’t get player killed and go into AFK.

Obviously, with constant server maintenance, this won’t always work. Also, your computer is going to be running at full throttle. But it is something. Especially if you have family or even small things to attend to. You can somewhat still have your balance of life. It’s hard actually being tempted to not doing real life or actual obligations, because you fear the queues.

Not that it’s Trion’s fault that you blew off going out to dinner tonight with the Husband/Wife because of fear of queue, but you shouldn’t even be tempted. There is no reason, one cannot play a game as soon as they want to.


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P.S. I really don’t enjoy bypassing or exploiting a system. Or sharing it for that matter, Trion. The simple answer is we expected better from you. And though you have surpassed other MMO developers by quickly responding and adding multiple servers right away, it dumbfounded us that you didn’t know how many people would show up for Pre-Launch. Here’s a way to know how many servers you need. You determine how many people a server can hold and how many pre-orders you sold. Then Divide. “Oh we don’t know how many of the pre-orders will show up,” is not a viable excuse. The answer is: all of them. You don’t spend 50 to 60 buck a month or two ahead and not show up for Head Start.


5 thoughts on “RIFT Online: Pre-Launch Queue Solution #2

  1. I’m decidedly not in the throng of upset customers over the queues. A big part of me hopes that the number of servers were kept purposefully low, so they don’t have to merge after-the-fact of the WoW tourists leaving.

    A reader at my blog had a good suggestion for a possible solution for future MMOs: the developer makes it clear that initial launch servers will be artificially high, and they expect to see merges after launch. Make sure that a bang-on system is in place ahead of time for ensuring a smooth transition and easy interface for users/guilds/whatever to get to their chosen destination. It’s a good idea, but it sadly would mean just that much more money/time tacked onto game development beyond the already costly/intensive state they exist in now.

    • I am only a bit upset, not really, because I know ways around it, but just accepting something because the whole industry sucks doesn’t mean much.

      If there were issues with immediate server consolidations in PR, then I guess the easiest answer (I’m stealing the idea, we’ve all seen it written for years) you open up your servers as normal with multiple versions.


      Deepstrike (1)
      Deepstrike (2)
      Deepstrike (3)
      Seastone (1)
      Seastone (2)
      Seastone (3)

      You have 6 servers, but with the full intention that you will need to consolidate the 6 to 2 in the next 2 months.

      You standbehind the idea that you didn’t have 6 servers and then go down to 2. But instead you had 2 servers, but for the convenience of not having overwelmed starting zones you diversed your servers for the purpose of startup ease.

      Win Win.

      Now back to reality. I’m not a dev or a publisher. Obviously, these people aren’t idiots, there must be a trade in profit to cost. There must be an optimal balance. Having the perfect start up must mean massive cost, for which the returns aren’t worth it.

      On a side note, my queue in last night was only 1 hour (which is funny, that 5 days of horrible queues make an hour okay). But as guildies came on the West Coast the Queues filled up again to the 3 to 4 hour. We atleast had 1 downtime to get them in. But a good number of the working family class guildies are to point of not wanting to play. They are already begging for a re-roll and playing on other servers, or ‘fuck it’. And I think lastnight, 2 or 3 reached the fuckit, I’m out. It’s causing contention.

      Free transfers is the proper answer. Now that the game is live, I’m hoping Trion doesn’t drag their feet.

      • I definitely see the frustration of groups trying to play together, and I’ll admit, I was a bit disappointed when I was unable to get into Deepstrike from the get-go. I’ve been able to get a warrior to 9 on the server, but when I play, it’s been mostly on Faemist, where my Rogue is level 15/16.

        Leveling is so stupid fast and easy (hell, there were multiple capped players before head start ended), that I’m not letting it bother me really. When things settle down, I’ll go where the people are and start up there.

  2. There has also been a ton of bans for speed hackers and exploiters too. Which makes me somewhat happy. We ran across an odd Wardstone Quest that kept refreshing itself after completion (basic kill quest) the other day. So you went, turn it in by the reward bar at the top, and sure enough it granted it to you again. We gained about 3 to 4 ranks in 2 hours and stopped in fear that we found something broken. Apparently there were other servers in which guilds power levelled members and made tons of ranks in a day on it. We found out yesterday on the forums that all of them were banned for 3 days and they rolled back their progression to Friday. Not sure how I feel about that, but be careful, if you run along something that seems too good to be true, it will apparently cost you.

    I’m not worried about the quick gain in ranks. The mass need for Favor is the actual grind. I think most of us are just trying to get to 50, so we can start that climb.

    Gaining rank 50 this weekend versus in a couple weeks means very little, as the Favor gain seems to be the same, whether your 20 or 40.

  3. Alright. So this bypass was fixed the day after I posted it this one too.

    So clearly someone at Trion reads me.

    I’m sorry folks, I’m not sharing anymore things that I found out about bypasses for queues.

    Like how there is totally no way that you can just die, respawn and soul walk into a wall without getting the AFK and without fear of death.

    There’s no way that I would share that with you.

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