RIFT Online: Pre-Launch Queue ByPass

Well it looks like another MMO fell victim to launch day woes. For the most part they seem to be handling it very well. Very few, down times, crashes, plentiful servers. But with all of RIFT’s triumphs they are repeating the failure that can’t be avoided: massive server queues.

Why is it that you are probably staring at a queue placement of 1,000+ hoping to get on in the next 3 hours? Because you technically don’t have to log off. And that’s what everyone else is doing. So you are just waiting for those that do probably shutdown, to finally shutdown.

No Reason to do That

No, you don’t have to run in place, or in circles, or write any macros. Simply /logout to the character selection screen, leave the client on, go to bed, go to dinner, go to life. Come back to no server queues with your character at the ready. Being on the character selection keeps your place on the server, and has no AFK timers.

Short of a server restart or quick patch, you don’t have to wait in line no more.

Good travels,

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4 thoughts on “RIFT Online: Pre-Launch Queue ByPass

    • Mourne, now Moan, went Deepstrike. Even thought the forums made it sound like many Gorfangers were coming here, I’m not seeing very many familar names or guilds.

      However, this seems to be a busy server, 3 to 4 hour queues are normal. Lastnight I was lucky. I lost my connection, took a break came back to a 4 hour queue, and in 10 minutes, servers came down for service. Score.

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