RIFT: Rethinking the PVP server

I’m impressed by a great deal of things in RIFT. But the open PvP is not one.

Normally I would like it. And I really thought that was the way we going to go this game. But, it’s really a major oversight in the ability to … grief the living fuck out of everyone. Because of the Rifts and the world being open. If say for instance, you found yourself very bored at level 40 in the first week. You could go waste some time by going to the level 20 area and basically just camp the healer. The NPCs can’t stop you and there is no bolster or chicken mechanic.

Not that I’m worried about getting harassed, with a guild like mine. But I’m not sure it’s just an overall good function for the game. Exactly how well is it going to go over, when a level 27 is getting spawn camped by a 2 level 40 dick holes for an hour straight? Now times that by, an entire server.

In most MMOs, the camps or NPC locations are usually nicely buffed, so even if you get owned in field, you can still spawn safely and figure out what you want to do. But RIFT’s system isn’t really fair. Nothing keeps an extremely high level from going into the lower areas (lack of coward control). And … more over, the system is set up so the RIFTS and invasions can take over NPC areas, which means there is nothing that a high level even has to avoid. They can run right into your camp as you are picking up quest, own you, your friends and the NPCs and then worse go up to the healer 5 feet away and camp you for eternity.

I only really saw a small amount of this in the last couple Betas. But it’s sure to be in full swing at launch. Anyone have thoughts or revelations that I just didn’t see? Right now, my impression of the PVP servers is they probably shouldn’t exist for RIFT’s system. But maybe I am missing something.

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14 thoughts on “RIFT: Rethinking the PVP server

  1. And that’s the problem I have with PvE games doing world pvp in general. There needs to be a chicken mechanic or something.

    I don’t mind fighting (obviously), but I want to at least have a chance. This is especially important of they are blocking the way of progression (pve).

  2. Exactly.

    I don’t think RIFT can do the OPVP idea. It’s game play just cant adjust for it.

    But the BETA is filled with OPVP servers. I wonder what launch will bring us.

  3. I had some of the same concerns, though I didn’t get to see much of it due to time and level constraints (first beta for me, not a lot of time to play).

    Definitely a pretty WoW, some improvements, some good things (like the Rifts), but I’m not sold on it yet. We’ll see what the next beta has to offer, hopefully the PVP is better as it felt a little sluggish at times.

    • I’m kind of on the opposite boat of you Rikker.

      As a profound hater of WoW and all things, I’m not seeing that in RIFT. Yeah, there are certain things that seem straight stolen right from it, but once you get past a certain level, its just not WoW like anymore.

      PVP felt awesome to me and my guild. Smooth game, fun battlefields so far, and the hosted epic fights that they have done, have been pretty darn good. The open world pvp when RIFTs are involved are causing some lag, and I’m hoping for an overall fix, because one of my greatest impression of the game, was the lack of lag, so that’s a minus.

      • Hmmm, maybe I just didn’t level high enough, since I didn’t have much time to play.

        I managed to get to 16, but didn’t have time to move up from there.

        The one Warfront available was “ok” but holy LOS issues for healers! I know that’s part of the game, it wasn’t as bad once I got 2 other guildies in there with me.

        Another concern was that even at level 12 I was topping the healing charts nearly every time… against the higher ranked players. I’m wondering if the pvp will be up to par, or if I’m just extremely spoiled coming from WAR.

        I’ll give it another shot next beta, see if I can’t get over that lvl 20 hump and see what the open world stuff looks like.

        That said, I’m quite a fan of the “soul” system, makes for some interesting combinations. I really enjoy the diversity you can have, and still be viable.

        I’m not as big of a fan of mirrored souls but it’s not enough to turn me off either. Here’s hoping the next one is great!

  4. That makes me want to play it more.

    I’m sick to death of hand-holding, coddling, segementizing, and singalizing of the MMO genre. If some people are coming down to lower level areas to grief you, it’s probably because they’re god-awful bored of the PvP they can get. But the proper response from the low level players should be to spread the word, and watch as emergent open world PvP comes out as players flock to teach the intruders (cut off from a healer), what happens to interlopers.

    I’ve been avoiding Rift since Beta 3 or maybe 4, I can’t recall, because the open world PvP wasn’t open enough.

    • I’m not disagreeing with you, because I partly agree. However, the problem with RIFTs system, is there are no NPCs to even slow down a high level character. They simply can steamroll right into the camp, and then repeatedly camp you at your healer. Literally camp you at the healer.

      But the problem is that if said camped person, is probably solo running till he finds a good guild. The start up of games always means solo players looking for homes. That player can yell all day in General, but that will only ever reach that region. All the appropriate levels, are in different chat channels. Unless that player is a guilded member that has guildies that will help, their solution is probably to whine in Local, for no one to ever help, as what group of 20s is going to go try and stop a level 40?

      So that player or players is just logging off. Maybe RIFT needs a warning at the server selection.

      • Kind of off-topic, but to both of you who have played it…

        Does the UI feel very slightly “sluggish” to you?

        To me it seems like the buttons don’t react quite as fast as they should, though it’s just barely noticeable. Then again, since the game moves at a slower pace, it’s not quite as important… but… look at it the next time you get a chance and let me know what you think!

      • I just realized that I never responded to you Rikker. Hopefully you come see this again.

        I don’t feel the controls are sluggish (with only the exception of opening day major lag).

        I think what you are experiencing is an actual Global Cooldown that is working. I almost had the same feeling that the commands took too long to react. But I realized, that I had been playing on a broken game for 2 years and that game’s global cooldown system never worked in the first place.

  5. If you don’t like open pvp go play on a pve server you carebear. Open pvp works just fine and is very popular.

    • The article is a think-out-loud type post in which the author, expresses a concern, lays out reasons, and possibly side effects, and then asks the community (his/her readers) their thoughts.

      I am in fact on a PvP server and had full intentions on it with my highly experienced guild in PvP. It has been awesome fun.

      However I still have the same concerns as I expressed above; which is I feel horrible when we or mostly I (because I like to explore) run into someone and repeatedly own their face. At level 40, I was in a level 28ish area looking for this puzzle, I must have run over 50 people trying to get to it. In one case, it was actually just a shorter route (no joke) to run into a minor hub, kill everything in it (about 10 players) and then continue on.

  6. More games need 100% PvP without any sort of artificial “protection” dynamic. I’m so tired of all of these baby MMOs where there are no consequences to your actions. I want 100% PvP with looting rights, not for the purposes of griefing, but for the purposes of complex social mechanics, and weight to one’s actions.

    It’s a shame this genre has been taken over by people afraid to have any sort of meaning to the game they play.

    • While I agree, those genres certainly exist already, and have their select audience. I would say EVE is the most successful out of them.

      I think most MMOs, like RIFT and its genre avoid the consequence type game play, because it reminds them of EQ 1. And WoW destroyed EQ out of existance, probably due in part to that being the major difference.

      I like what you are saying too. However, 100% PVP game should be designed to be one. Making on the basis of PVE with some PVP, to only add in 100% PVP servers on launch is not exactly what I would call ‘designed for.’

      The PVP servers work well on this game as long as:
      a) You realize you are at risk in a nuetral quest hub of being camped.
      b) You have friends to call on.

      In games where PVP has consequence, the resulting factor normally comes down to inaction. ‘I’m afraid to lose this or die for these reasons, therefore I will not face the odds.’ Removing consequence, just helps to revolve the circle of mindless PVP. Which is what these games are made for. IMO.

      Yes it destroys thought and planning and weight on actions, but then it takes away from ‘quicker’ non-stop action.

      A 100% PVP setup requires you designing the game to do so. And that’s really what Sandbox MMOs give. RIFT and those alike just don’t share that idea. It is what is I guess.

  7. I loved the EQ1 pvp servers, and the pve ones for that matter. At least for the first four or five years, anyway. Everything else seems watered down compared to that. EQ started adapting to complaints and desires to make the game easier, to make it easier to get a corpse, to make it faster for mobs to pop instead of timing them or having people rotate a camp waiting for them, to make it easier to survive the mobs because death could happen so quickly, and the list goes on and on.

    It could be a very difficult game and it forced people to work together, not just in guilds, but in groups that might happen to be in the area. It was not without its drawbacks, as with everything.

    All the games I’ve played have been boring since then. And all basically alike.

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