It’s like Cocaine …

It’s been a crappy 2 months for MMO gaming for me. Most have the RIFT betas in between things that they are catching up with in other places. But I find myself more and more drawn away from the Betas. I don’t want to ruin the launch for myself. I don’t want to be on launch day running as fast a possible to level 30 just so I can see the new stuff. That is still going to happen, but in a way, I wish I was never in the beta.

As well DC Universe didn’t pan out for me. I thought it would give me a solid 2 weeks of fun at worst. Instead it couldn’t do 6 hours. And that’s 5.5 hours extra just because I didn’t want to hate just the beginning of the game, so I pushed through to hate more of the game. I’ve been trying to get excited about other MMO’s upcoming, doing what I can to get into Betas and other events, but alas, I was lost.

I was then playing boring cheap games, and while bored out of my forsaken mind I was updating passwords to all my recorded accounts, and went into an Inbox through Hotmail I have not used in a very long time. The 9,432 emails in my inbox were overwhelming. By the way Blizzard really really cares about my account security. just needs me to enter my log in and password to remedy the issue to prove that I am me. Take that message a times it by 4 times a day, and yeah, there’s my inbox. Who exactly falls for that? As I attempted to actually skim the mass pile for probable important emails, I gave up and just deleted everything before 2011. At the top I saw 2 emails from CCP. 1 was the good old news letter from EVE and the other, the other had this very interesting deal;

Paraphrasing as Mr. Meh would read something:

“Oh hi, Intaki, you have been gone from us for so long. We found this old picture of you flying about and remembered the good old times. You know, the times when you were still paying us a subscription. I don’t mean to get personal, but have you been working out?

Anyways, I know things didn’t end well between us, but we figured it has been a really long time and we have changed some things. Like this cool character thing. And did we mention Sansha are invading? We know how much you loved you some Sansha Plates and Hardeners. We kind of made the servers a quite bit faster, and the Blob is not terrible to deal with anymore. And we eliminated Learning skills, so you have like 5 million SP to redistribute however you like right now.

We know you don’t believe us and would like to stand beside your last statement of “Shove it you Cod Raping Bjork Loving Ass Munchers” in your last appeal. And since our 400 other attempts to offer you 4 free days went unanswered, we figured that you may actually enjoy 14 free days. Your call?”

14 free days!!! I was thinking about taking a month to do an article on the harshness of new player experience in EVE just to see if was off it’s rocker. (They are). But why use a brand new account and die constantly in cheap crap ships for a month, when I can go a die constantly in really expensive ships? Why not?

4 hours later on the character creator and a mirror now hanging about my computer monitor. I do have to say, you spend all this time in probably the most detailed, all encompassing facial creator made for a game to the users, yet you only made 8 hair styles to choose from? And it’s the extremely far and distance future, why oh why can we only still wear 1972 aviator sunglasses? But then, then you have to pick attire and then do a photo shoot for your avatar. So yeah, 4 hours. I got OCD bad.

Then I get into the game. And have a ton of SP to distribute. Enough to buy level Vs on skills that no one would normally want to wait a month for. It seems before I left last time, I left (ran out) of my old home in 0.0 sec and setup for Faction Warfare in Federation Space.

It was my 3rd day and EVE was getting old already. My connections in 0.0 were run dry and most of my old buddies were either now sold accounts or in completely different areas of play. So I kept working FW missions, hoping to find something. FW missions are … dumb. Fly really long distances, do a PVE mission, but setup for PvP because you are going to get invaded. Dumb.

On my way back from a mission, I came off a gate and a War Target (opposite faction militia player) scrammed me. It might have been awhile, but there isn’t much in the Assault Frigate line that can hold against an Ishkur very well. Instead of staying neutral and heading back to the gate, I released my drones and gave him the same scram and web he gave me. My gamble was correct, my drones skills were eating him alive. As we both had each other webbed, neither was able to get close enough to actually shoot each other. But my DPS is in 5 very nasty Hobgoblin IIs. I was at 50% armor with a Rep going, and he was about to go into structure because he couldn’t get within 5k of me. Unfortunately, I always forget about the friends. And right at the end a Destroyer shows up. It was my undoing. I probably could have switched targets and popped the destroyer, who clearly didn’t have any buffer for that kind of damage. But I didn’t. I was 3 days back and already making my KB losses worse.

I found a Corporation advertising in the militia. Though they really didn’t seem to have much to offer, they did have constant fleets that they had access to, and their top pilots had great KB scores. So I joined up. In less than a week, I’ve found a nice high sec mission area so I can run level 4s in peace when I need to. And I have setup home with a great many quick PvP ships in my new home.

When I started the game years ago, my life was in lowsec. We declared to be anti-pirates just for the sake of always having PvP. But the cost were high, as gate guns don’t know understand that claim. And Sec statuses are always an issue. I would build my time into an established Zero Sec Corp and live a luxurious life ratting the best. But I have to say, Faction Warfare is where it is at. This is fun PvP that we never had before.

So it’s been about a week and in that time I have lost 4 ships, but I’ve killed almost 2 dozen. And I’ve lost that many to bad judgement. For some reason I thought Cheap Fleeting was a good idea. And then I brought a solo gank setup to a Logi Fleet. I’m dumb. But, you apparently need to keep relearning what you thought you’ve learned about dozen times over.

Now to go home and fit up my 3 Ishtars properly. Yeah, there is no doubt that EVE is the MMO Cocaine.

Don't you dare try to steal this very very official signature.


7 thoughts on “It’s like Cocaine …

    • LOL. Wow. Pretty funny video actually.

      Who would take the time to make up such a pun using a custom UI and graphics is entirely another thing.

      Still funny.

  1. You goign to stick with the game past your 14 days? Feel free to send me a message in-game: Ezekeil Rage.

    My KB ratio sucks, because I still have zero idea what ships I can and cannot take on. For instance: a rifter should not try to kill a harbinger.

    Lesson learned.

    I like my corp, but they all play at crazy odd hours to me, so I’m almost always stuck flying solo.

    • Oh, I will. Probally tonight.

      I kind of have lucked out. My corp is in a heavy Militia setup. So we have 6 to 8 corps fleeted at any one time to do things. They say that they are most active between 1 and 7. Which is basically perfect for almost any US player. It’s actually so much, that I find myself wanting to not do them, just to take some time to do some LvL 4 missions.

      You’ll have problems solo without ISK and Skills. Intel is what makes a fight.

      Frigs are nice for your fleet to Point what they need. But solo, it’s difficult. T2 maybe, but you’ll see more solo destroyers if anything. You can’t go wrong with Cruisers if you want to solo.

      I will probably buy atleast a 3 month time slot. I generally seem to come back to EVE twice a year. At this point, even if I get bored with it, I should atleast have the skills training. If I would have just bought 3 years of sub, 3 years ago, I’d be fully skilled in all combat in my race by now, and seeing that in the past I was buying 1 month at a time.

      As I type that, I can now feel myself willing to buy a full year. That’s what it’s going to take to do my current list of skills in EVEMON.

  2. EVEmon is a devil for goal setting and stringing you along to the next peak. A huge advantage to EVE is being able to plan out long-term goals and peek into the future for what it is you want to do.

    As for the corp thing: I’m having a harder and harder time sticking it out in my guild, lot of them play early in the day EST or late at night EST. If I hit the hay at 11pm EST, I’m still at least two hours behind fleet activities or small roams.

  3. Btw in WAR news they are merging gorfang, volk and iron rock, and they are doing a major redesign of doks/wps into melee healers (group melee heal).

    Time to get cracking on that dok again mr. meh eh, what what?

    • I saw, and then I saw.

      They have absolutely ruined the game for me. At this rate they are making the quickest B-line to just having one server left. I’m assuming that’s the goal. I don’t think I could ever come back now.

      Well… I say that. But I just might when it goes F2P.

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