WAR’s Future: Lowerer Your Expectations

At some point you are going to have to face it. I know lots of the WAR community is upset and perturbed right now, but that really doesn’t call for the words being exchanged. Between people making demands for developers heads and then even bloggers calling out other bloggers, it’s all just getting a bit ridiculous. Andy came back, you should be happy. It has definitely stirred back up the community. I’m seeing post from bloggers I haven’t seen in ages. But they aren’t at all happy. Just a couple links to the forums and you can find such extreme posts as for people calling for the head of Andy. Really? He’s a PR guy that had to take some time. For others that realize this fact are after Carrie’s head, or assume that change has already happen.

Let’s get something straight here, community. This isn’t Mythic’s fault, this isn’t Andy’s or Carrie’s or anyone elses that anyone is attacking. It’s EA, it’s always been EA. How you have forgotten this, I don’t know. But believe me, EA loves that you have. Because the more you refocus from the real enemy, the more likely they don’t lose you as a predictable SW:TOR buyer.

BioWare is no different today than Mythic was in 2007. It was a great game developer with the money backing of EA the giant. Well the truth is, is EA just clearly has no idea what MMO means yet. And either it’s going to be another harsh lesson for them on the biggest budget game to ever be produced (ever), or community willing, we can teach them something from WAR so it doesn’t repeat. It’s called, don’t get your hands in an MMO unless you are trying to make an MMO. An ever-growing community with constant advancement and progression. We just never received that from WAR, and could we ever expect different when they announced progression packs and slapped the hands of anyone who accidentally said expansion?

How are we this upset? This game isn’t growing. All and any available resources are in BioWare’s hands.  They have been for quite some time now. You have a studio well over budget and probably far behind deadlines. If EA wants to strike at Activision, they aren’t going to be doing it by investing in an MMO they consider a disappointment. The point is, is that Andy might have gone for a month, but certainly and obviously developers are allowed to speak on the forums without him standing over their shoulder. It’s clear all resources and people available to fix the game are no longer there.

Your remainder in the game that no longer deserves a monthly subscription is just proving to EA that they can make cheap money with almost no investment. Because, guess what, an angry customer is still a customer at the end of the fiscal year. Is this the fate and model we want expressed against SWTOR when later EA is trying to decide how to invest in their MMO that at some point would need a real expansion?

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3 thoughts on “WAR’s Future: Lowerer Your Expectations

  1. What do you mean WAR doesn’t have advancement and progression?

    They just added 20 new RRs and two (four counting def/off) AWESOME new armor sets a few months ago. Not to mention SKAVEN my favourite Warhammer race. The new dungeon is awesome! OMFG Thanquol and Boneripper IN MY GAME. WARGASM!!!! Mythic deserves a break over the holidays for their sterling work.

    They added a lot of content. I have been hard at it exploring the hidden complexities of the new RVR system and getting renown, and I’m only RR91 still! There’s still months of play before I can say I’ve “clocked the game” and hit RR100 on my slayer on gorfang and I can roll an alt. I’m thinking engy because dwarves and skaven are my thing. Then just think, I’ll have to get the engy to RR100 as well. Engy playstyle will be completely different to my slayer so it’ll be as if I got a whole new game to play.

    I also cannot say that I have mastered the new skaven yet. I consider myself a dab hand with the gutter runner and warp engy thus far but the packmaster is giving me trouble. Until I can solo with the packmaster I won’t give up on this game.

    Damn all you naysayers. Why don’t you bloggers damn well blog something positive about WAR for a change?

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