A Fresh Start this EVE

I been really trying to figure out how to hold over this next weekend. It seems like it’s going to be more football and beer to forget about my lack of gaming. I was hoping DCUO could hold me over until February for Earthrise Online, but bless it’s trying little soul, it sucks. I guess if I was on a Playstation 3 or high out of my mind it would be entertaining. It’s just lack luster. So here I am twiddling my gaming thumbs until the next RIFT beta on Tuesday.

So while I play old RTSs and campaigns of old games I never really spent that much time on, I tend to goof off in vent with my guild which is spread all over. Some still going in WAR, some spending all waking hours on League of Legends and some just in there like me. I’m trying to get others to take the leap with me in Earthrise. I’m pretty excited about this game. It looks graphically excellent in terms of other matching games in its genre. But its main appeal to me is mostly its sandbox player economy driven play. So, it sounds like EVE without ships, and maybe less gate camps.

I think my guild realizes I am an EVE fanboi, and they aren’t about to jump to Earthrise based on my opinion. Some understand the glory that is EVE, but getting people to come to that game is hard. They want to. It gets great reviews, its visually amazing for almost really giving nothing graphically, its deep and complex and just overall amazing. However, if you just are starting today, not so much of a game you’ll like.

My guild leader then says something that just never occurred to me before. “They just need to start up a fresh start server.”

A relaunch? How suspiciously amazing that it hasn’t been done by CCP yet. To think, all these customers you don’t have probably just in fear that they would have to face 7 year old players owning their face. Knowing that they’ll always be the low man on the totem pole. Knowing that even in 2 years when they are a competent pilot able to final do all the fun things, that they are still always going to be behind. That’s a hard sale to any player. Every game would like to believe that their noob friendly, most veteran players know better.

I wonder exactly, if with enough talk, could EVE potentially increase it’s subscriber population drastically with a fresh start server. You aren’t going to lose those already on the first server. And if enough time passes for decline in population on the original server, there could always be a server merge down the road years from now. It would just be interesting to think that if CCP were to setup a second server, just how many players they would get back and gain never before seen players. Not to mention that players in EVE are notorious for holding multiple accounts to do certain things. You can practically guarantee any holding old accounts to open new ones on the fresh start servers.

Or maybe I’m just day dreaming. I don’t know CCP’s server cost, but I would think they could easily gain double the their account subscriptions almost overnight without offering anything new, other than a fresh start. I know I would buy in immediately with the largest play time subscription I could sign up for.

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6 thoughts on “A Fresh Start this EVE

  1. It really doesn’t take a whole lot of time to max out a viable PvP spec. Those players with 7 years of time are likely to have a dozen other specs maxed out, but it doesn’t make them significantly better at any individual thing. That’s the beauty of EVE.

    • Sorry for the late repsonse. I completely forgot about this post. Hopefully you see this, as I’m interested in your answers cause you have me doing a head tilt right now.

      It takes a hell of load of time to max out your PVP skills. I mean I have a 20 Mil SP (all in combat, no social or trade, no industry) toon that is still way behind the game in terms of Navigation, Gunnery, and EW. Yeah I have HACs, and almost 5 mil SP in drones, and then proably another 4 mil in Mechanical but that’s really not a lot in terms of being PVP capable.

      I think your term ‘maxed’ is probably a bit out there for old veterans that have been flying beside Capital Ships for most of their old career. When you say maxed, that means level 5 in everything that matters. Maxed Gunnery mean LvL 5 in everything from Your perferred gun type (Hybrid, Turrets, Lasers) then Advanced Weaponry, Control Burst, Trajectory Analysis, Motion Predicton, Rapid Firing, and many others. I mean yeah having those to level 4 is nice and you can do something. But you are talking 8 months dedicated just to specializing a particular gun type to Medium to be ‘Maxed’. And that’s just guns. The difference between being level 4 and 5 in all this is major DPS differences. Not to mention cost between having to buy Meta 4 items versus just using tech II.

      So while, I can agree, that in 2 months I can probably turn you into a decent Cruiser or AF tackle pilot, you are so far from maxed.

      I think the beauty is, that as a new player, a fleet can make use of you as small ships are always needed, short of low sec gate camps.

  2. Like Grimnir said, I’m not sure if I would swap over to a fresh start server, and I only have just shy of 10 mil SP. The long-time players can do more things well, anyone who comes to EVE now needs to specialize, and be very focused on what they want to do.

    • Exactly my point. You wouldn’t leave your 10 mil SP toon and go to the fresh start. I’m talking a fresh start server for re-launch. To get all those players that would have really liked to get into EVE, but did that trial and never came back. All old EVE players won’t move. Just that simple.

      However, I did then realize after posting this and taking EVE up on its free come trial that that would be a horrible idea.

      The majority of players playing, live for killing newbs. Many like a good fight. But a vast majority of Pies and just greifers live just to make someones life a living hell. That’s EVE’s reality that I forget. I’m glad they are there, they mean you can always find opposition, not that they want it.

      So, I take back my idea. A fresh start would dry up much of the current base if there wasn’t a fluctuation of newer players coming in for them to kill at all times.

      Bad idea, I take it back.

  3. Definately bad idea. the whole attraction of eve is that its a single game universe. Those people who take the trial, and give up saying “i have no chance against people who have been playing for 7 years!”
    are just making excuses. The cream always rises to the top and it takes a lot of dedication to be ontop, even in mmo’s. So that new server might be fresh for a week, maybe a month, but once again the better players would come to dominate.
    If your looking to play EvE to become the best, and you can’t do it without maxed out skills, the problem is you and you will find an excuse not to play everytime.

    • You should read the comment just above yours. You’d enjoy it.

      Yes, yes. EVE is most definitely not for everyone. In fact its really only for a select type of player. When you think about it, it took the entire world and 7 years to fill only 300K in subs (keeping mind the vast majority of players have more than one account, so 300K is not the actual amount of players). That’s pretty aweful in terms of MMOs. Games that are considered fails for only 300K in the US are making buddles of money over CCP, and shutting their doors down.

      I think I decided to make this post, because it just struck me odd, that CCP never did more to make money. IE… more subs.

      Yes, it’s a bad idea.

      Also, I have to disagree with the whole attraction being a single server idea. I mean, we all came and went “oh thats cool.” But when people ask, whats so special about EVE? You don’t say, its one server. You say, its got muther fugging space ships!!! S.P.A.C.E.S.H.I.P.S!

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