Mr. Meh’s List of Games for January through March

It’s proving to look really good out there the next couple of months for MMOs. Traditionally, I wouldn’t have considered this time of year big for releases. I guess I was so caught up with other things that I missed all these upcoming release dates.

Last night I sealed the deal with my experience on RIFT and purchased the digital Collector’s edition. A move I felt uneasy about. Normally I am not so hesitant to spend, I do however rage the next day about how bad the game was. But, I don’t normally regret when I spend. I felt it this time. Maybe I’m only going to this game because my guild is, and that is probably my reason for doubt. I’m hoping this weekend’s event around the PVP for closed beta will turn the doubt upside down, into what I call ‘Upside Down Doubt.’

So shortly after RIFT’s closed beta ends, I’ll be primed for the release of DC Universe Online on Tuesday. I’m sure it’s not the MMO I have always dreamed of, and it doesn’t have the necessary grind and leveling we all apparently say we hate but want. But when they discuss the open PVP aspect, I get all tingly. And since one of my guildmates is a developer for SOE, I’ve only been able to hear everything I ever wanted. So, it is another game worth my time and cash even if it only holds for a month or less.

Now on February 7th, I’m pretty stoked about Earthrise Online. It’s not an MMO that’s on everyone list. It doesn’t even have reviews because they are just priming for Beta now. Kind of late, so this Beta must only be for bug and server testing. Concepts and progression are sure to stay as intended at this rate. But I encourage all to go watch some of the gameplay trailers. I was heavily disappointed by Fallen Earth. The website and reviews had me so hyped on it, that when I got into game I was so mad to be looking at pre-2003 graphics the game was almost ruined right there. I wanted the Sandbox and mass crafting system that it offered, but I couldn’t stand the controls or combat. Watching the gameplay on Earthrise makes me hopeful. However with as little information as you can find on the game, it becomes a bit difficult to think its worth the try. But once I found that it was going to be a boxless (no base game to buy) and only a month fee, I have no real reason to hold back and not try it. I’m hoping for it to be the shooter MMO we couldn’t get out of Tabula Rasa (worst MMO in the history of dorkdom), Fallen Earth, and Global Agenda.

And if those don’t pan out, I’ll just have to figure out what to do until March 1st for RIFT. It’s going to be a great or horrible next couple of months. No inbetween destined here,

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5 thoughts on “Mr. Meh’s List of Games for January through March

  1. More RIFT news please. I want to hear if it’s worth playing, but tbh I’m not willing to do the legwork myself. I’m lazy like that. But… since you’re playing… let us know!

    More specifically… the latest BETA results/opinions/random rants, etc., if you don’t mind.

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