RIFT Online – A PreOrder Sign?

I really haven’t said much on my RIFT experience so far. And I’m still holding back on that. I want to see the next Beta portion for the part of the game I care about, PVP (player vs. player), before I really give a Mr. Meh “Cheers and Jeers.”

So far, it to me is … WoW. I get that all MMOs are going to reminiscent of WoW, EQ, and any other thing like it. So I’m holding in there. I didn’t drop it in an hour of play, and that’s usually a sign of ‘I might like this.’ Too often I try something, and almost instantly I can get turned off. MMOs are like girls to me. Basically if I enjoy the sex once, this is probably going to drag on for at least 1 year before you get tired of me and perma-ban me from your game.

As far as my analogy of RIFT to women. RIFT is a young small one. She likes the shiny, not so much the expensive, but definitely likes to smile. She unfortunately has no depth in the conversations and generally tells so many stories about her friends, that she ends up repeating them, constantly. Which is okay now, because she is new and cute. But you can see that in under 3 months, that habit is going to lead to a ‘OMG STFU.” She is not as mature as you would hope. She doesn’t like it when you tell crude jokes, or use vulgar language. You can’t talk politics around her, because she can get heated about nothing and doesn’t under debate so much as she understands getting offended. For your Birthday, she’ll buy you a thoughtful gift (as she saw it), like a gaudy watch from Citizen or cologne that you will consequently forget to ever wear. For Christmas, you will get a Kashmir Scarf and a hardback book about something you never even knew you liked and still don’t. What keeps you through this? The ease of sex. Nothing fancy, nothing exotic, nothing like freak, but she is no enigma to figure out, and the stability of ease is just enough for you to smile until just a couple of months from now, you just stop calling. No fights in this one, just blatant jerk move, and you disappear.

What my readers are thinking: Mr. Meh is nut job that is either constantly drunk or completely insane and surely a loser.

My readers are always right.

Anyways on to what I really wanted to talk about in this post: The PreOrder RIFT bonuses.

It strikes me odd, the deals that they are offering. As of the Betas, I didn’t really have any concerns for the game. But when I read the preorder deals, I stopped to ponder the reasons.

  • Founder’s pricing (including $9.99/mo. subscription if you buy a six-month block)

But why? Maybe I don’t play every MMO that gets released, but I don’t think I have ever seen a deal like this before. Is the publisher scared of a limp start at launch? That they will only sell the boxes and have minimal populations after the 2nd week of play. Do they realize that their end game is so none existent, that players will be bored and hike out in under 3 months? And that this is the perfect way into just getting that extra dime.

Or is it the most brilliant idea ever? I’ve seen a couple of takes that actually refer to this as a “Steal.” A $30 instant savings. I wonder about that. Is it a $30 savings because the game will be able to hold me for that long, or is it a clear admission that there isn’t enough end game developement to hold us for 2 months and that this is actually just the perfect way to get a couple extra dollars, because the beginning of the game shows so much depth, a player can force themselves to see loving the game for a long time. But really their game play travels for a month and then the hit the end of the world of boredom and nothing. 

I’ve personally always been a month by month payer. Looking back now, I see that, that call has probably cost me hundreds in subscription cost. However, it also goes that I’ve lost more money in buying the boxes for MMOs that I hated. I think it will be interesting to see how this idea plays out. Will it get them more subscription before release, or does my bitter ideals of corporate evil money sniveling marketing just go too far? Probably the latter, but I thought it interesting how many just up and proclaim “Great Deal,” instead of going “Is your content not enough to keep me for 6 months?”

It’s all just mass paranoia, but if Mr. Meh doesn’t write it, who’s going to? Right?

Don't you dare try to steal this very very official signature.


5 thoughts on “RIFT Online – A PreOrder Sign?

  1. A bright spot in an otherwise crappy Thursday. I laughed out loud at your dead on comparison of dating and MMO’s. Loved it!

    “For your Birthday, she’ll buy you a thoughtful gift (as she saw it), like a gaudy watch from Citizen or cologne that you will consequently forget to ever wear.”

    Brilliant! Keep it up man, you’re still the only blog I subscribe to and posts like the above are the reason why. Bravo.

  2. Last company to offer a similar deal, was Champions Online. If you got the 6-month sub early, you got it for $60. But only for those first 6 months. I’m not sure if Rift plans on extending that monthly cost out past the 6-month mark or not, I’d be surprised if they did though.

    • Oh did they now? So soon I forget.

      Well a deal like offering the 6 month deal does point to one thing: We won’t have to worry about an immediate move to F2P model too early. Which would be a concern of mine in a game like this.

  3. As long as your subscription is active you can continue to re-sub at whatever price you selected with the pre-order (says the FOTM idiot who purchased said package even though he hates pve and is praying the pvp is good).


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