The Melee Healer – A History Lesson

Part of the quick change made to Melee Healer on the Hot Fix last week has erupted into division of ideas and general discontent. Overall, I think much of the community is suffering from discontent in the game, but drastic changes have left some of us butt hurt, and too many others spouting falsities from their mouths of stupidity. So, here’s a quick little lesson from Mr. Meh, so you can stop saying stooopid things.

Hearing this; “Your healing has been OP for 2 years now” is a clear way to reveal: you haven’t been playing here for 2 years.

At launch, many of us WP/DOKs did exist, but for different reasons other than what you think. We weren’t born and spamming group heals straight out of Chapter 1 as you some how invented in your imagination. I think very few of us wore a Charm in our left hands at any point. Why would you? What benefit would a WP/DOK have in that time for having one? There was none. We were DPS and accepted that our melee healing was at best just a small by-product of our DPS.

By December of 2008, major losses to the subscription base had hit for the 3rd time. Mythic was looking at almost 1/3rd of the population they had only 2 months before. In Patch 1.0.6 of December 2nd, Mythic finally gave an attempted ‘fix’ to the melee heal, the Rend Soul/Divine Assault having its heal value increased to 350%. This upgrade was intended to save the melee healer, but only influenced the need for a DPS in PvE. The second adjustment, which finally made it viable to hold a chalice was 2 fold. One was the improvement that gave the WP/DOK proper RF/SE generation from the chalice, but also the improvement that RF/SE would generate after death and while in flee. This meant they could heal on the run and still in the retreat. Combine this with the addition of RvR influence rewards so that every WP/DOK could get a purple charm, caused the frequent sightings of WP/DOK that were trying to actually heal. Not well though.

Though obviously gimp and seemingly useless, there were still a decent set of populations of WP/DOKs running about still unwilling to unsub. Which then caused hostility as no one WB or group ever considered a WP/DOK a healer. The said ‘OP’ness came in March, almost a half of a year after launch. On March 3rd of 2009, Mythic in a Hot Fix apart fo Patch 1.2.0 had increased all shield and procs mitigation amounts by 50% globally. This change had sealed the deal for the death of melee healing. Whatever sad attempt it had been able to accomplish, fell dead at this change. Apart of patch 1.2.0 had changed the Group Heal for WP/DOK by lower the cooldown but greatly increasing the heal value. Not by a little, but by a lot.

Slowly but surely, the rise of healing melee healers came to fruition. And by mid 2009 WP and healing DOKS were the ‘Elite’ must have healers in your group for RvR, due to their combined survivability and burst healing. By Fall of 2009 with the nerf to AOE damage in Patch 1.3.0b, the use of melee trains had taking over as the elite damage source over that of SORC/BW bomb squads. The obvious foe to melee trains, were healers that not only were apart of the melee train but could survive it.

By the introduction of patch 1.4, too good of gear was just being handed out, not earned. Just incase you missed your chance before 1.4, they made sure you had the same gear and rank within a week after the progression packs were released. With so many WP/DOKs running about in full Sovereign, along with the poor introduction of Hardy Concessions, it didn’t take more than a millisecond to realize there was major problem. Giant survivability combined with burst group heals was noticeably a problem by even the users fo the classeds.

Though a quick change was made on Hardy Concessions there was no evidence of there being a nerf to survivability of the healing melee healer. Instead the nerf came to the group heal. Now, though a WP/DOK can adjust and accept that burst healing is no longer in their focus, they can accomplish some fairly adequate numbers. But what goes untouched and unmentioned is always to the focus of what we wanted when we started our journeys on the melee healers: Working Melee Heals. Either they need to decide on a method to which they can uncouple the workings of melee heal to make it viable or Mythic just needs to admit it’s not viable and adjust the abilities in general, accordingly. Or they could ignore both.

Not that this story justifies making one ability OP. I just want you to stop saying “OP for 2 years.” Say “OP for over a year.” It took a good year to be considered even a healer. It took another year, to be considered the best. Give the progression some credit. From uselessness to demi-gods, the evolution of the Warrior Priest/Disciple have been actually pretty tremendous. You just didn’t realize it, because you weren’t paying attention.

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