Adjusting your DoK and WP for the Nerf

In further testing, I have found myself to be completely wrong. Completely. I found a much better gamble. I didn’t have a scenario last night in which I didn’t bypass 200K and consistantly stayed at 350K. Not close to where I was, but it’s something.

New article on the way. If you want to read an entry below with some funny points, but remember to keep in mind that I already know I am wrong.


Alright, if you were a Warrior Priest, most likely you were spec’d up the Grace tree to the Wounds buff and then fully up the Salvation tree with nothing purchased, just full 15 points in Salvation. You were, like me, not sporting shields or and AOE heals. If you were a DoK, you probably were all the way up Dark Rights to get your One Thousand One as well as the AOE heal and mabe your Shield Tactic, the rest of your points were probably in Torture to increase the damage of your Covenant.

And most likely in your gear your were, if not sporting full Sov, mixing armor to get you Willpower to 750, and then slotting a mixture of Armor and Toughness talismans.  Your Renown was probably based in Heal Crit and Toughness (after the Hardy Concession Nerf).

Essentially, Mythic wants you to abandon your ability to lower your willpower in exchange for more survivability. The reason you could get away with less Willpower was overall you had one big heal going off every 4 seconds (at best) with some HoT cycling in between. Willpower might help for heals that need to be spammed, but back then, you didn’t need that kind of boost. The difference was a heal on group heal for 1,450 instead of 1,550. But now, you are a heal spammer like your healing cousins. Instead of being a 2 to 3 second burst kind of healer, you are now like them, spamming heals relentlessly. Ever hear that guy in vent wildly clicking or clearly smashing one button? Yeah, that was probably your Zealot in the group. Now that’s you.

You now need to stock a little higher on Willpower if you want to make up slightly  for the heals you’ve lost. Which means you’ll be giving up some of that survivability. But, that will only mean you need to be back line healing like your counterparts. You don’t need to be up there getting hit. You now have 150 feet on your heals (as of 1.4.0), use it.

To get my heals back to a respectable level, I first respec’d my mastery on the Warrior Priest. Abandoning the Wounds Buff. I went up the entire Salvation Tree, picking up the Tactic for AP gain on the Single Target Heal. Since it was ‘fixed’ I also picked up the HoT group heal, as well as the group shield. The remaining points went in Wrath (not Grace) to pick up the AOE Dot ability. For my DoK, not much changed, but I still needed to respec. I went up the Dark Rites tree again to pick up 1,001, but I also stopped to get my AOE heal, my group HoT, my Shield, my Shield Proc on Crit Tactic and the Moral Gain tactic for the single heal. the rest was put in Wrath to pickup of the AOE DoT.

Your new friend is your single target heal. You know that thing you tried to avoid using on group mates and only reserved for out of party healing because of its ineffectiveness and cost. Yeah, it’s now your friend. But you are now using a tactic that makes it that much better, your AP/Moral boost. Your friends will probably never notice you have it slotted, but is one of those not clearly visible, but big advantage.

Your gear probably needs Willpower and Armor mixed. Willpower to boost you HoT spamming and Armor to keep in check the melee that think they can kill you now. With my renown I went full Heal Crit and then for the Warrior Priest full Disrupt defense, the DoK I went more Willpower.

My Warrior Priest Tactics are the Willpower Buff, the AP boost Tactic you have to buy, Exalted Defenses, and the 10% Disrupt.

My DoK’s are Willpower Buff, Moral Boost Tactic from Dark Rites, Heal Crit Shield from Dark Rites, and the 25% SE boost on hit.

No AOE detaunt you say? That’s right, you probably can no longer get surrounded and survive. 1)Even if you slot it, you don’t have the heals to survive. 2)You now don’t even need to be that close to care.

If you do get surrounded, plant your Mistress of the Marsh/Sticky Feets and run. Oh, you don’t have that. Ummm run away and spam like you always do your instant cast single target heal for 15 AP the crits for ungodly amounts relentlessly on the move. Oh, you don’t have that either. Ummmmm… learn to emote mean things before you die.

For your Warrior Priest, you need to be a disrupt fool. Those Magus and Sorcs think they can kill you, they probably can, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get 20% better healing from the 50% disrupt rate you are going to be sporting.

For your DoK, you have a great deal more survivability from you tactics, you are relying on your Willpower to strengthen your heals.

You new healing life is composed of guessing where the HoT should go first. When damage starts coming to your friendly you are there with your single target heal. You need to anticipate where the damage is going to get a good start on the heals. Hopefully you moved your group heal to a location on you hotbar you aren’t subjectively tempted into touching, but it does need to be within reach. If such spread damage start occurring, you need realize that you need to HoT, spread single heals first, then follow-up with maybe 3 group heal burst while the HoTs are working.

Now, besides your quick AOE cone lash, and your AOE knock back, you can now use that Wrath/Torture AOE DoT to help you build some RF/SE back. Keep in mind, it’s like the WP lash, it builds on the move. So you can start casting it and move into your enemies for it to fire on. Now, unlike the lash, this AOE damage does not grant SE/RF unless it actually hits something. Besides these 3 abilities, if you still need immediate RF/SE, you can, even on the move, use your Supplication. It will only do the first tick, but it’s about 30 RF/SE you needed. 

Starting the night yesterday with my old specs left me unable to surpass 150K in healing. Yeah, you can spread HoTs like any other healer for full renown whoring , but as for being the effective glue that kept your group together, 150K was not made by focusing. And for the most part I couldn’t even surpass 80K. I mean, my other Archmage that is rank 20 that I’m using to level some friends on Badlands, can do 120K by accident. So at first it was a nerd rage for me. But I have based my entire 2 years of game play around these classes, so I was not ready to rage off yet. I did all kinds of respecing and forcing people to do what I wanted to do in PvP to test it all. This perspective I have now is the best I could formulate to make the classes less gimp. Though, don’t get me wrong, these are still completely gimp, I’m just trying to figure out how some can stay in there and wait for some good news in this.

I will also warn you, that after formulating these ideas after about 4 hours of strategizing, I shelved the toons. If I didn’t love my guild so much, I would have quit all together. But I have other more useful healers and an easysauce tank to use. I’ll probably be on my Archmage for now on, but I wish everyone the best through this. Any testing you need, I’m willing to help. My DoK is on Gorfang, and my WP is on Badlands. Throw me a line if you need it.

Also, of course, if you have discovered some better ideas, be so kind as to share it. Right now all you can find on the forums are QQ, and the HAHAs from those that have been QQ.

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One thought on “Adjusting your DoK and WP for the Nerf

  1. “Ever hear that guy in vent wildly clicking or clearly smashing one button? Yeah, that was probably your Zealot in the group. Now that’s you.”

    Nice. So true too… when you’re on the run trailing a slayer and an IB behind you, you are frantically mashing the “Flash of Chaos” button, while your targeting pointer is flickering between your group-mates … it’s amusing let me tell you.
    But, at that point, it’s all you can do.

    Much sympathy to all “melee” healers who have some large adjustments to make now, but at the same time I say “welcome to my world!”

    GL on your adjustments!

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