WP/DOK Group Heal Nerf

In my trollings of other blogs, I have taken on my own version of showing the effect difference of the group heal nerf that was enacted today.

Basically the run down is group heal for both WP and DOK have had the value of heal seriously reduced. In replacement of such a horrible thing, Mythic has also reduced cast times and removed cooldown on the ability. However, the expensive cost of the ability still remains.

Though I am not completely convinced of the SE/RF actually generating fully in a cast I have taken on both assumptions from my fellow bloggers and displayed that within my numbers run.

Displayed below is an example of how fast a PreRR 75 Disciple of Khaine could heal saying they needed to pump out as much group heals as possible. The chart compares the old system and the new system enacted today.


It’s cool. Don’t freak out. You totally have your HoT still.

So ummmm …. DPS then right? Okay, cool, see you there.

Oh, you are a Warrior Priest, huh? Got any other toons? Oh okay, ummmmm …. I hear nows the right time to prance about in a Wolf Skin wearing a Top Hat.

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7 thoughts on “WP/DOK Group Heal Nerf

  1. Well, I’m done with WAR after this. My main is a rr81 WP and I do agree we could mitigate as much damage as a good tank, so nerf that, but don’t nerf what my class is supposed to be; a Healer.

  2. I replied to your previous post with negativity, but I forgot to say that my opinions are based purely on someone playing a WP. I realise DoKs might be having a harder time with this, but for WPs it’s not that bad.

    Also, remember when I did that comparison post on WPs and DoKs? That WPs gave a lot of healing utility and stuff to the DoK and got nothing in return? Well the irony now is that WPs retained some of their healing goodies and therefore the DoKs got hit by the nerf much harder. I’m sure you’d be willing to trade that smite for the heal debuff now?

    Joking aside, if Smite would be mirrored DoKs would be much better off, despite the nerf. Imo that a viable solution.

  3. I’m aware of the fact that DoKs have EL, but the fact is that Smite is much better for building RF than EL.

    Smite has a 5 second cooldown and returns RF based on the number of targets hit (up to 9 afaik), while EL has a 10 sec cooldown and returns a static amount of SE. Smite may have a 1 sec cast time but it’ll still return more RF over a course of a fight provided you are hitting at least one target, which isn’t that hard.

    If DoKs are lacking RF these days mirroring Smite to EL might be the answer.

    • I can see that. Unfortunatly in most any premade atmosphere, a DOK or WP can’t be going about looking to hit as much as possible breaking key staggers.

      Not that I don’t want to tell you that’s not viable. And I do it on my WP now, but only in a PuG atmosphere. When it comes time for true group vs. group, which is most of my game time, you can’t be going about breaking staggers. Your dooming yourself to be replaced my a better healing class. I mean from a group building component, you have your choice of healers, one will be breaking staggers all the time. Do you want him? I doubt it. Now, remove that extremely OP stagger ability from Knights/Chosens and we’ll talk about the OPness of Smite.

      So as much as I can see the arguement for it builds more RF, in a premade it wouldn’t matter as you shouldn’t be hitting people like that anyway. So, I still like the faster EL in that case. Cooldown is arguable.

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