To My Other Healers: Love/Hate Letter from a DoK/WP


Dear Other Healers,

We understand your current state of jealously, for we have had it many of times. I remember a time when the Red Hammer or the Purple Khaine’s Hand in the Warband didn’t actually qualify as a healer. It was always a great feeling hearing in vent, “Could we have a Healer in our group?” With the leader replying “You have 3 Warrior Priests.” And to their reply, “Yeah, could we get a real healer?” Oh, I remember those days. And not that I want to tell you to suck it up and deal with it, but I’d like you to take a moment and reflect on this being the first time we were considered the better healer. However, that is also in itself a flawed concept. For your belief that a strong group heal being an overpowered function to a game about MASS (IE more than 6 persons) war is really quite humorous from my perspective.

When we are in the mess of fighting we can heal … 5 other people. You can heal all 200 if you like, quite well. When Shattered Limbs is getting cycled on us, you have the ability to choose from at least 6 other functions to keep healing from. We get to take 6 seconds to hope our cleanse comes back off cooldown and watch our group die. When we encounter actual premades that don’t distribute damage, but focus it, you get to show off your variety of heals, being able to single target focus heal and thwart the enemies plans. We get to use the same ability despite the fact that the enemies tactics have changed, our’s unfortunately is always the same. Let’s hope for the best, and hope the single target healer is paying attention when this occurs.

I’m glad you are impressed by our Armor and that you think it’s cool that we can stand toe to toe with Marauders and White Lions. And it’s not that we really want to, as much as we have to. You see, we don’t heal on AP. So all those cool little bonuses abilities and tactics other classes use to help their team, we don’t get that. We have this mechanic that doesn’t naturally regen. Though our abilities cost are the same, you generally regenerate AP at about 25 per second (250 point pool, regen at 10% per second) even if you aren’t using any special talismans or renown tactics. We, we can hold a cup or a book and get about 8 per second. By Renown Rank 75 we can hopefully equip our Royal Charm, the Sovereign Gloves and Jewelry for an overpowered RF/SE gain of … 11 per second! 11 is totally better than 25, we totally see your point. So because of this mechanic we either have to fight or we have to slot a tactic that allows us the chance to regain some small chance at more points for any attack we take. We literally have to build our characters to be punching bags to just be able to maintain our mechanic to keep healing, otherwise we could only do that ‘overpowered’ heal 3 times before we ran out of juice. So while you think it’s totally unfair you have to kite from a single melee DPS, we would like to see how much you’d enjoy having to stand about 100 feet closer to the action in front of the BW/Sorc’s range, not to mention everyone else.

We totally have this overpowered detaunt too. We can waste a whole tactic slot just to turn our detaunt into a slightly more relevant AOE detaunt. Because we all know how much our enemies always stand 30 feet within each other. Wait what? You get both a detaunt and an AOE detaunt that you can cycle? And you don’t have to use a tactic slot to do it? And if you are a RP/zealot it’s actually just all damage reduction plus AP discounts? You’re right, our single detaunt with a 15 second cooldown wasting our tactic slot is totally overpowered.

The fact of the matter is Mythic has already stated during a Q&A they are looking to turn the Melee Healers into more of that; more front line. To which I’m not sure how much more front line I need to be, I’m already in the mix trying to get punched in the face for some SE gain. I guess I will actually have to get so close to the BWs now that I can actually just press Boiling Blood for them. But we all know that just means Heal nerf with some poor adjustments to the melee heals. To which we just will revert back to our pre-2009 forms, all DPS. In which DoKs are still very usable DPS, Warrior Priest will go back to rolling a different toon. Also my fellow AMs and Shammans, you are getting a boost to your HoT so that it heals on the initial cast. Can we say ‘Uber Renown Whoring?‘ QQ Moar.

In my days of healing on my DoK and WPs, the scenarios I accomplished with great numbers never, and I say that confidently, NEVER translated into an outstanding victory. Sure I have seen big numbers in win. But big numbers from a DoK/WP just mean the entire group was taking massive distributed AOE damage. It meant the other team wasn’t focusing. I don’t think there was once in a proper Premade versus Premade that the Zealot/RP or AM/Shamman didn’t kick my numbers ass all over the place. Facing the competent enemy takes more than a group heal with a faster cast. We know our place in those cases, it’s to be consistent heal bursting, with a better concentration of heals on the focused friendly while maintaining RF/SE when you are up against an enemy smart enough not to touch you. Do you know how hard it is to maintain your RF/SE pool if someone doesn’t punch you in the face?

I like to present you this offer:

  • You gain the ability to cast you group heal at 1.5 seconds.
  • You can have 2,000 more armor.
  • You lose your second detaunt.
  • You lose your magic buff.
  • You lose all your healing abilities other than your group, HoT and that useless expensive one that heals a little bit with a 4 second HoT that only WP/DoKs uses because they have no other choices.
  • You now regenerate AP at 1/3 the current rate.
  • You can slot a new tactic that gives you a 25% chance to gain 35 AP for any direct hit. (DoTs don’t count and it only works every 3 seconds)

So did you jump right all over that offer? What? You don’t want to live a life of looking for someone to purposely punch you in the face? Why not?

Signed yours truly,


16 thoughts on “To My Other Healers: Love/Hate Letter from a DoK/WP

  1. Meh :)

    What can I say. I know this debate is raging atm, especially in the blogging community and both sides have good points.

    I have a baby RP (43 rr) whom I am going to retire. Blah, blah, blah…sick of being beaten in the sc numbers..blah, blah, blah. Vain? Yes. Stupid of me? Probably. Do I need a good premade to change my mind? Possibly. I find I spend most of my time running for my life and healing myself so what contribution am I making, really? Maybe I should wait and decide when I get my rr up, but…..

    …I have rolled a DoK. I want to try it from the other side. Then maybe I’ll be in a position to comment. Until then I’ll keep lurking the blogs.

    • While you are on the DOK, you’ll probably want to keep it DPS till T4. Faster and also more fun. If you can get that DoK to RR40 and then play the two characters, you’ll probably get a really good idea of what I am talking about.

      When you do get there, you’ll learn not to run but just always position your front to your attacker.

      One of the biggest mistakes many kiting healers make, is that they don’t actually snare or do something to distance themselves, and all they end up doing is showing their backs to a class that gets to ignore resistances when you do that. You can always tell the healer re-roller to a WP/DOK, they try to kite and wonder why it failed.

      Actually, now that I think about the healers I knew that rolled DOK/WP alts did nothing but whine about the class. I remember the first AM R40 I knew, who rolled WP when the slayers were released to level with a guildie. She complained all the way to r40 and promptly switched to her AM when he made 40. The first RR80 shammy I knew had a R40 DOK that he hated. But had it because it was supposed to be the ‘better’ healer.

      I myself, like my r36 RP better than all my healers. I liked my RR42 AM almost as much, but he was accidently deleted. I’ve always wanted a Shammy, and have a R32 AM at the ready. Unfortunately with a RR81 DOK and a RR70 WP, when you want to win, RR speaks volumes.

      If Mythic offered for a price, the ability to switch a class, I wouldn’t blink to convert my RR70 WP to a RR70 RP. The DOK I would have a hard time giving up, but due to the DPS aspect. Nerf that incoming heal crit tactic and I’d trade him for a Shammy (I just dont like Chaos theme).

  2. Focused single target heals should not be necessary. It is a failure of your tanks to properly guard,cc,challenge and crippling strikes the person on your team being focused. A healer’s job is to ensure his whole group is being healed even under pressure. That is why I prefer a dok/wp over any other healer in my group. Even when a dok/wp is desperately trying to heal himself he is healing his entire group through group heal spam.

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  4. Fantastic piece! I really can’t argue with that summary. I started out this “adventure”, as it were, when I wrote my piece, feeling like DoK/WP was a little OP with their armour and their big heals. However, as time has gone on and I’ve read more, I’ve kind of come to a couple of conclusions:

    1) When coupled with a single target healer in a well-balanced fight, the DoK/WP is just about right.

    2) When looking purely at numbers in an average scenario (or say an average over 100 scenarios), a DoK/WP would probably, more often than not, out heal every other class – but that’s not particularly their fault.

    Now, all this isn’t to say I don’t think their heal values should be adjusted a little. NOT nerfed, but dropped by up to about 5%. I think that seems reasonable. I think that’d allow cloth healers to become a bit more competitive in raw healing numbers, but without screwing the balance of fair fights too much.

    Perhaps the ideal solution is to give Dok/WP natural RF/SE regen (8% a second, 20 RF/SE?) and remove their melee healing stuff. Then, you can put in a proper, well designed melee healing class, so as to start from scratch; but we all know that’s not going to happen.

    • The real OPness to WP/DOK came in Jan of 2009. Mythic finally answering the cries of DOKs/WPs tired of being called fake healers and they got a big boost. Mythic lowered the cast time of the Group Heal to 1.5, but still called it ‘Fair’ because the normal healers group heal range was 150 Feet with their 2.5 cast.

      Patches later Mythic in Feb just lowered all Group Heals to 100 feet. Quite quick too, without really an outcry from the other healers.

      In the last patch, DoKs/WPs normal heals were up’d to going 150 feet instead of the old 100, mysteriously. Very surprising upgrade that I did not expect.

      Essentually the cast times being lowered was needed. As the only strong heal, the lower cast time helps, lower the chance of the interupt and set back since they are more up front. But some indirect slow creep ins of ‘nerfings’ and ‘buffs’ actually caused an overall seperation in usefulness in PvP.

      I’m opposed to Mythic reducing the value of the group heal’s base. Instead, they should remedy the mistake made when the lowered the range of AM/RP/Sham/Zeal group heal to 100, by also further reducing the WP/DOKs. Reduce it 65 feet.

      This will eliminate the concern that WP/DOKs are just OP group healer sitting in the background. Though the good ones won’t really notice the change. As they are already in that position with their team near them anyway. But it will eliminate the concern from the other players in my belief.

    • You did point out a very important part that I really didn’t state. Double DoKs/WP are not a good healing team. The oppossers can simply just focus targets, cause rezzing issues.

      My best moments in healing were always shared with having a good zealot next to me. In which I was never once able to out heal Meriak.

    • Unfortunately I am at work and cannot access the BioWare forums. Under the forums in the Developer section for healers, they made a comment that this was the direction they would go to justify a more stable healing base for Shammies. It was about a week ago I think.

      I’ll update when I get home later tonight if I remember.

  5. I come from the “clothie healer” perspective, though I generally share your sympathies. A few things I wanted to mention though:

    That Zealot/ RP? AOE detaunt you mention is called “Embrace the Warp” (Sorry, I only know the Zealot version). It is severable, and on a 3min cooldown. Not nearly as effective as you might think, and certainly useless if the WH or Tank nearby is paying ANY attention. That said, it is an EXCELLENT ‘Oh Sh**’ button when facing SW or BWs.

    The cooldown is a bit of a hassle, but it has its place.

    But overall, I agree with you. A clothie healer that can kite well can keep on par with a DoK/WP for healing, even if only in complementary playstyle (one is moving all over the place, one is mostly standing still… so the enemy can only focus one at a time). I can’t speak for shaman’s/AMs, but a Zealot/DoK group can seriously kick butt out there due to the ST from the zealot, and the aoe from the DoK. Long story short, the DoK simply has more “leeway” in playstyle… if you’re bad at it, it’s harder to notice due to the inherent style of the class. However, if the clothie is bad… well… they’re dead.

    Nice post, sir.

    • Agreed with it all.

      On the detaunt Zealot/RP thingy: it maybe an enchantment, but since its not a detaunt, it can only be shattered, some of the Tank’s carefree ‘Ingore Detaunts’ will not be effected by it. Also it is an AP booster as well.

      3 minute cooldown is a bit harsh, its far too long. Maybe the Zeal/RP need a little bit of a boost. 1 minure cooldown, tops.

      • True. It is a nice AP boost, and your abilities can’t be set back while it is active (nice for that rez-under-fire-and subsequent-frantic-healing). I think it’s a pretty fair trade for it being severable (I believe it’s actually a “Blessing” technically, as you mentioned).

  6. I promise not to whine if I dont like the DoK :) Its not really my style to whine. I just switch toons when one gets frustrating. And you’re right, of course, turning your back is a huge mistake. I learned that playing my WH and WE which came before my RP.

  7. Like it or not performance in a 6 man is the bar by which classes are being judged these days.
    You neglect to mention the uber
    8 PC bonus that procs 60 rf/se on direct heal. That’s alot of rf/se. Not to mention a 1 sec smite generates alot as well, especially if you happen to hit an enemy or two. Rf/se passively regenerates while AP only regenerates when you’re not casting.

    That’s the full story. Hands down the most effective 6 man premades run 2 doks/wp’s. There’s a reason for that and it is the combination of survivability and the most powerful group heals in the game. Add in the group cleanse for both wp’s and 1k1 on both dok’s and this is why wp/doks are looking at a haircut. Alone, you are right that they can’t really save a focus target like an am or a rp, but 2 together do a fine job in group.

    • :D

      Take it however you like:

      “You neglect to mention the uber
      8 PC bonus that procs 60 rf/se on direct heal.”

      I neglect to, due to the fact that all healers get it. Its either AP or RF/SE. And its actually 60 over 3 seconds.

      “Rf/se passively regenerates while AP only regenerates when you’re not casting.”

      No it doesn’t actually. It abides by the same rules. Unless you are hit. The difference is we don’t have any cast times. Except our rezzes. We notice then, that our RF/SE doesn’t regen. Also, in heavy server lag, we suffer from not generating at all, even with supplication.

      “Not to mention a 1 sec smite generates alot as well, especially if you happen to hit an enemy or two.”

      For DoKs its instant but with a 10 seconds cooldown instead of 5 seconds. Actually it gives you RF/SE whether or not it hits anything. Its always the same amount, you don’t get more if you hit more than one. Same can be said for the AOE knockback, always grants SE/RF.

      The Wrath/Torture trees offer this AOE DOT thing, that is fairly gimp useless ability, but can be cast on the move and will grant SE/RF based on if it hits. Granted 1 hit will equal only 20 RF/SE no matter how many you hit. But its something.

      “Hands down the most effective 6 man premades run 2 doks/wp’s. There’s a reason for that and it is the combination of survivability and the most powerful group heals in the game.”

      Shattered limbs! Only 2 words for any premade that has made that mistake against a Slayer melee train. Hands down the better heal combo is the DoK with Zealot. Zealot to mitigate the focus, and the DOK to constant burst heal.

      “Add in the group cleanse for both wp’s and 1k1 on both dok’s and this is why wp/doks are looking at a haircut. ”

      Ill grant you that 1thousand1 is OP as hell and needs to be removed. As of late, the group cleanse for PVP is not all that great. When you consider a cooldown of 5 seconds and most every destro is applying easily over 5 DoTs, that’s not really all the of a life saver. Now, the DOK Moral 2 that cleanses everything in their group is extremely OP in comparison.


      Doesn’t matter, Mythic announced yesterday the Nerf. 60% less effective group heal. The trade is that it will cost slightly less and it doesn’t have a cool down. No word on how they promised to fix melee heal. My guess is its being ignored. So comes the nerf.

      Hello static DPS DoK! I’m sorry my WPs, maybe one day we can pull you back off the shelf.

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