Always Beware #2

I have decided after receiving massive belligerence and death threats that I will not retire from blogging … in a way.

1- I owe too many follow-up articles on continuing stories that I would have to post 3 more articles after a goodbye article, and that doesn’t make sense.

2- I don’t give a flying blood splatter how many readers I have.

3- I don’t have to post constantly, I don’t owe nobody nothing, ever.

4- I really want to talk about me and my DoK adventures. Cuase I’m self-absorbed like that.

So I have decided that Mr. Meh is now just an author to a blog, not a blog theme. In the next couple of days I will be changing the blog name, changing the theme and change my tone. I’m not changing into a nice, well thought-out writer, no. But I am changing the topic onto which I write and to the frequency as to which I write. And if that translates to maybe one big article a week, awesome.

Basically, I absorbed into my DoK and his struggle to 100. It’s time to embrace that.

Thanks to all the haters and the death threats, you truly have inspired the inner Dark Elf in me. I will be killing you for it as well. And anytime you try to make a point, I will be there to prod it with my fury in turn,

17 thoughts on “Always Beware #2

    • Probably. But I am also a control freak.

      Are you Krurkk the BW?

      You need to stop running infront of my blades, I like to wave to fellow bloggers before I attack.

      • If you are Hallu I am going to kill myself right now. DOK’s eat me for dinner, and especially Hallu.

        I am Klurkk, but please spare me. I suck, and I just want to have some fun.

      • LOL.

        Well Hallu is a beast. By far the best DOK on the server. Maybe one day I can challenge his abilities.

        Till then, I’ll see if Nihk can save you for last more.


      • Hallu has joined the military and will be shipping out after the new year.

        As for power scale: Selaphiel (or is it Barachiel now, can never recall) is the best melee DoK I have ever seen. Hands down.

    • Holy carp fisherman Joe.

      Have you hit 81 yet? MOOOOAAAAANNNNNNNN. It’s horrible after you basically leap frogged 6 RR overnight and then suddennly you are back to thinking a 3K Scenario was a good one.

      Argggg… must … not …. play … my …. BG …. so …. tempting…. right …. now.

  1. Good idea, this. I just dislike the snow. It’s cheesy. :P

    And lemme fix something for you: “Basically, I absorbed into my DoK and his struggle to 1001k Dark Blessings.”

    It seems… *puts sunglasses on sunglasses* …you have been outplayed. YEEEEHAW!

    Welcome back… sort of.

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