Always Beware

I’m actually to the point of being dried up on ideas. And I am thinking many of you agree. Over the past couple of months my viewing base has been in a drought. And I have been taken off most reliable sources for finding blogs. Which I don’t blame them. There is so much more to read out there.

When I started this thing, I only knew 5 of you that I was reading. It seemed that the WAR blogging circle was a small base of players chatting, discussing possibilities and presenting their happenings. I started the blog just to read something more about WAR. Yeah, reading your own work, a little sad, but only a little. However today is different day, and we have so many good bloggers actually taking time and thought into what they are writing, I find myself reading them more than I care to write myself.

I end up finding that I need to write an article, just to write an article. And that’s not fun at all. Today I was going to post an article just about the new Black Dye that was added into WAR, and comment that it should have been named ‘Removes All Detail Black’ instead of Badab Black. That’s not an article, that’s just a stupid comment for the forums. What’s next, am I going to resort to notifying everyone that the Herald posted something, like they didn’t already know? So, instead of posting that, I backspaced and wrote this instead. It’s obviously time.

I’ve probably have about 30% of readers I had 6 months ago, and many have just removed my name off their blog list. Hell, I’m not even considered a WARBlogger. So rather than look at a sloping path downwards, it’s time to retire.

I’d like to thank the great many of my readers over the last year. I’ve had some good times doing this blog. But I rather just play and troll your blogs during the day instead. And there is probably not a better time to do it.

So to all those I’ve known since the beginning, keep doing the outstanding job you have been doing all along. You’re still the first on my list when I visit sites. When you don’t post something, I get sad. And to all those that are new, keep it going and remember to bring the unique to the table. Reiteration and reposting is about as fun to read through as reading this. And to those that are for some reason popular with Mythic and many of the reader base, please just learn to use Left Justify.



16 thoughts on “Always Beware

  1. Booooo.. Booooo I say! Well, I enjoy your blog and it’s a shame to see you stop writing. You are talented and I’ve always liked that straight forward, no bullshit approach. You keep it honest, unlike some of the other blogs I read who have crept towards that realm of asskissery (is that a word?) since they have become favorites of the developers.

    Anywho, what ever you choose to do, good luck at it and hopefully you will write up a little something from time to time.

  2. There’s always a lull, and I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone’s viewship is in decline. That said, you’re not allowed to officially sign off until you finish the marathon/running story.

  3. Not going to ask you to keep blogging as I know it’s hard to do so when you have no desire to write. I found balancing playtime, keeping up with the community and writing my own blog posts a hard thing to do. One of those suffered and it was keeping up with the community, I’m probably one of the people that weren’t reading your blog as much as I used to.

    But I have to say that when I don’t feel like blogging it only gets worse with time. I found that forcing myself to write a post, even if it’s sub-par gets me going again. Try working a few days on a unique idea, even if the pitch is weird/questionable/lame, it might come out good. Something to get you going is better than nothing that makes you quit in my opinion. :)

    It’s true that blog views go down during the winter period and it’s nothing to be concerned about in my opinion. I’ve freaked out before because it seemed like I didn’t have any readers. I found out though, that those that I had were the only ones I’d want.

    And you’ve said something in this post that I was afraid to, partly because of a problem that I want a reader-base, and this might affect it negatively. But what the hell. You’re right, Mythic couldn’t find quality blogs if it meant their life. Seeing people hanging around and promoting blogs that post updates and fanboy posts makes me sad. There.

    Whatever you decide to do, stay yourself. And my early new-year’s resolution is to start keeping up with the blogs in my blogroll. :)

    • You’r kind of right. I never wanted to be in Mythic’s eye anyway.

      But … with all this extra time I made RR80 finally!

      If I ignore this blog I can totally make 90 in a 1/4 of the time the average blogger would.

      • Go for it. I managed to beat you to RR80 on WP, but now I’m not even 81 as I’m leveling a slayer because we have just too many WPs (whoever said you can never have too many WPs is wrong, they suck at everything except healing). ><

        As for Mythic's attention, it's a double edged sword (orly, I thought swords only cut one way). Your ideas/suggestions have a bigger chance of getting out there, but then again, you might just get a load of rubbish (readers/unwanted attention).

  4. You still need to make some sort of grats RR80 post and I dunno reflect on how hollow hitting 80 actually felt and how getting to 80 on a dok/healer is no great achievement really. :p

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