Mr. Meh’s Post Patch Wish List: 1.4

Now that we have patch 1.4 and new goals, new systems and a basic focus, what’s next?

As tradition would have it, I have formulated a list of what I want. And really that’s all that matters.

#1 – Forts

Yeah, I heard you when you said you didn’t have plans to do anything about that. I heard you, I just think you’re wrong. Get clever, get creative.

Give us a multi-point set objective battleground. Give us the compact all out fight we always wanted. These servers can handle a great deal now. I have seen the keep takes with 300 vs. 300. This isn’t March 2009 when we were crashing servers. This is almost 2011. You can do it. And as you demonstrated with instancing cities better and revamping RvR, we know you can.

Not to mention we need some kind of speed bump to the city. You can’t have peeps booking it at 90 MPH through the parking lot of Altdorf.

#2 – Open RvR Tweaks

You have overlooked too much. Mainly because you test on equal measures and directed the testers what to do all of one time. Instead of letting the little bitches go act like real players … like assholes. You over estimated the zerg and the lay down to the zerg factor. You overlooked small time tactics versus crude power. As a result, zone flips in less than 10 minutes. You are actually at the point in which we could be at the city gates again while it’s in safe mode. Which will most likely cause a system circular reference and send the world into a black hole.

Keep ranks based on resources is awesome to advance offensive, but defensively, ummm … bigger zerg wins. Why can’t I upgrade the keep with my guild benefits? Why can’t I have some NPC support. Why can’t the Keep Lord just be on the bottom floor? Why do the cannons hit enemies like they were shooting kittens’ hair balls?

Put it back and make it better. 

#3 – Guild benefits

So … I like how guild rank is useless now. Actually just overall, there is no longer any real benefit to being in a guild other than being a collection of friends. Which is the point really. But the other more original point was to show how much better my guild was than your crappy one.

Part A: Revamp rewards to mean something. Let us claim keeps and help our realm again. Special merchant items should now be unique awesome things. Crafting items upgraded to useful in between ranked items. Lower cost of guild mounts for our sub RR65 friends. 150 gold is a little steep now. Maybe introduce gear purchase cost discounts at certain guild ranks. Special dye colors anyone?

Part A: Subpart 1: Guilds get to choose from a massive pallet of colors we know you have already made, except the obvious Skull White and Chaos Black. At certain ranks the guild gets to pick upto 3 colors and get this, ‘GUILD COLORS.’ These Guild Colors are sold to guild members only at the guild merchant.

Anybody who reads the above and doesn’t like it, should be shot in the face with a kitten. Also, you should be made allergic to kittens.

Part B: Next, up the guild ranks to 50. Adding more levels and more levels of awesomeness. Like another mount that is even more awesome than the ones we have now. More keep upgrades? Yes please. How about unique item art? Fuck yeah.

Part C: Living Guilds. What was that you just said, Living Guilds? Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, this GAME in 2007! Add in rank decay. Your guilds not active? Cool, log in to a rank 1. Gaining guild rank and maintaining its benefits should be hand in hand.

#4 – Add in Additional Cities

I’d really like to see detail like Hypothetical WAR came up with, but I would settle for basically 4 other city instances just for the sake of diversifying our city instances. These cities don’t need much. Just basics like the other cities, without the PvE and Dungeons. In times of peace, they are another, less crowded city to go to for training, merchants, guild halls and auctions. But in times of invasions, they are a mirrored city instance to that of the cities we have now. Just with a different layout and different heroes. Almost nothing more than a change of scenery. And really, with being able to go to the city 4 times a day now, that may be a good idea.

How would you work in 6 cities? You take out the function of capturing 2 pairings to go the city. Once you capture a pairing/fort if suggestion #1 is taken seriously, you can invade that pairings city. Allowing normal ORVR and Scenarios to continue if for some reason, I don’t know, you are bored with city for some reason. And to avoid always having a giant zerg push in one pairing due to probable favorability for one city instance, you locked down a pairing for a couple of hours after entering safe mode.

#5 – More Class Mirrors

Lets face it. RR100 is nice, but either some of us are going to get a little bored in that grind or we are going to reach it. We may want to play alts or start something new. Hopefully we can make the ‘new’ still stay in this game by introducing new classes.

Now rather than spending and worrying about balance and introduction of new abilities and their effects on the system, what if we were to simply make new art and make mirrors of that that already exist in the game?

For instance, some races generally lack some aspect of class balance. And some of us players only like one type of race. For instance, Empire and Dark Elves lack a medium melee, physical ranged and caster healers. The same could be said of other races, that lack stealth, or magic damage, or medium robe heals. You could be a player that has been playing tanks and melee for the last year, and always wanted to have a healer like a Warrior Priest. But hate the WP’s look in general.

Simple answer is to create quick mirrors of classes, ready for the alt-anitus in all of us.

Here is a list of some basic possibilities:

Dark Elves:

Beast Master – White Lion Mirror 

   Melee with Pet Mechanic. Pet should be the new Hydra (pictured), maybe just a bit smaller. A cold one would work too.

Hag – Archmage Mirror

   More offensive than the Shammy. Better options for DPS with lifetapping. Unit can be a charm and dagger based weapon unit instead of a staff.

Repeater Crossbowmen – Engineer Mirror

   Physical Range with stance mechanic to enhance melee as they are light armored, not cloth units. Replace pet mechanic with extra damage and enhanced autoattack.


Khorne Warrior – Swordmaster Mirror

   Offensive Tank with chaining stance abilities.

Bezerker – Shadow Warrior Mirror

   Intense strength and vigor allow the Berzerker to hurl his giant axe the enemy. For ranged cast, in the buildup, the Bezerker looks as though he is stances to do the discus at the Olympics. Because of their fury, they have no problem changing stances and instantly jump into a more melee position.

Bloodletter – Warrior Priest Mirror

   The Bloodletter is a deamon brought to life by the warp energies. Their rage towards the living is for sacrifice of others allows the Bloodletter to be in the fray or near it while granting all around them the blessings of blood for the blood god of Khorne.

High Elves:

Phoenix Guard – Chosen Mirror

    Finally, the Phoenix King answers Malekith’s release of his dread Black Guard with his very own guard. The guard is that of mystic wisdom wrapped in clad resolution. The unique look of the Guard include gold helms, but mainly their ability to use Halberds with Shields. 

Loremage – Magus Mirror

   Like other mages of Ulthuan, Loremages are brought to a finer focus for the times at hand. Where Magic always exist in peace and war, these mages are concerned with dedicating themselves to war. Loremages don’t use pets as much as lay elemental traps. to compensate for the loss of DPS from the pet, the Loremage gains slightly more DPS in their abilities.


Archer or Hunter – Squig Herder Mirror

   Ranged with Pet Mechanic. Pet is a hound.

Great Sword – Marauder Mirror

   Medium Melee – Stance Mechanic allows the GS to change footing a position for more vigorous thrust or more precise strikes.

Jade Wizard – Zealot Mirror

   Cloth Cast Healer  

All pictures shamelessly stolen from Games-Workshop’s website. Just some ideas, mostly wishes,


2 thoughts on “Mr. Meh’s Post Patch Wish List: 1.4

  1. Forts- Cool! Would love to see them come back.
    Guild claiming – Yes, I would like to see this brought back as well, maybe if only to add some Champ guards to the keep or somesuch… really make that keep take interesting, and give a bit more advantage to the defenders. Maybe upgrade the door as well so the ram does a bit less damage, who knows.

    “Bigger Zerg Wins” – eh. I don’t totally agree. If you’re all standing in one place, sure they do. Numbers will always win. If you work tactically though… it’s quite easy to keep the zerg split up and too discombobulated to do anything against smaller, coordinated groups. I’ve had some great fights that way too.

    Class Mirros – I don’t know about these specific mirrors, though I don’t have suggestions either. That said… I’d bet this is still a year off before they begin to design things like this.

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