Flying like Mr. Meh: 101

I had a wonderful weekend. Hopefully you all did too. My choice in ‘not ever getting an 80’ is quickly closing the gap as I made 3 Renown Ranks this weekend. And that was only playing Saturday and Sunday. But I guess that is going to happen if you are healing RR80s and 81s, but you don’t happen to be one.

I gotta say, the massive city push is far beyond what I think they intended. So much moaning by everyone. At what point do you people get tired of the QQ. It’s obviously an oversight by Mythic. I mean, how were they supposed to see this coming? They did like one night in testing for RvR. Testing is implementation. Get over it. Enjoy it to your liking, grab those crest now. Who knows, they might put back in Forts or something else, and you’ll never see city again. But instead you are pouting in region and protesting your involvement. I did miss scenarios though. I will allow you to QQ to your desire on that one. Again, we all noticed, obviously it will be fixed.

Like many of you, last week was my time seeing the new RvR. It took a while to understand. But while I was trying it, I discovered my new favorite thing to do …. flying.

However, I watch many of you either flying over me, or in front of me, or around me. And you suck at it. Now, there are only like 4 Manticore/Griffons to fly, so if there was 50, I wouldn’t care. Do what you want. But it’s not. You are probably 1 of 4 douchy Mcdoucheries refusing to either jump off, die, or just use the thing the right way. So as the select elite of the flying death that you should be, I have made you a quick slide show of how Mr. Meh owns face on a mighty beast of pain.

First step: Wait till you’re by yourself. Though fun, your group may or may not get pissy when they die, look on the map and see this one green dot moving a ludicrous speed down to Southern Garrison. That is generally not a good way to make friends. So Step 1a: look that you’re alone. Cry a little at your lonesomeness, maybe even cut your inner thigh. Now go die. Or travel to the keep. Moan. Dying is easier. And they enjoy it!

Okay now make an empty spot on your hot bar.

Step 2: Show-off your old school Battlefield 2 and 2142 skills by taking the flying machine before some nub that had been standing there before you can. Quickly manual emote something mean and horrible.

Steb 2b: Wait in region for one of the screwed out of flight, to try to lecture people about being respectful of the line to get on the Manticores. Be a trollface and reply with something extremely obnoxious. Like a reference to Roller Coaster Tycoon.

Step 3: Drag the bombing function you just learned to your hotbar. This will allow you spam it like you were a Ravage spamming Chosen. RAVAGE!!! You are now 733Ts with uber smash button power of amazingness. Congrats you win the game.

Step 4: Find nubs from the opposite realm. Fire spam loads on their heads like unsuspecting dirty girls that you don’t respect. Remember the fire actually stacks. The more you fire the more they die faster!

If not able to kill them all, you can at least bask in the overpowered numbers you’ll see. Enjoy, you are now a floating Bright Wizard.

Step 5: Travel all the way to the keep. There is always at least 4 idiots that went afk.

Step 5b: At the center flight point over the keep oil, you can shoot the fire to the spawn point of the inner keep. You won’t be able to get enough there to really kill anyone, but sometimes people spawn, start taking damage, freakout and jump off the side to their death. The hilarity is worth your time trying to arch it that far.

This has been a Mr. Meh Production,


2 thoughts on “Flying like Mr. Meh: 101

    • 1- Flying is probably the slowest way to get to the other keep. If you truly wanted to get there fast, you would port to the WC and ride there.

      2- Do you not see the guide that I made? Look at the 4th Screenshot, all 12 of those people died. That was 24K in renown. For 3 seconds of work. How is that not worth it?

      Also, are you back to the WAR then?

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