Welcome Back: Day 3

Day 3 back to Gorfang Destro. Only 2 more days till 1.4.

Logged on to an immediate guild invite. My peeps had indeed been working some politics. But this invite was what I always had in mind. The other guild in my former guild’s alliance, Mourne. There have been times in the game where I felt like I was a good player, other times when I felt like one of the best, but anytime I was in one of their Warband, there was no feel, it just was.

You have probably one of the best accumulation of RR80s and the soon to be. Now sure enough, RR80 does make your life easier. But at some point, skill is required. And I don’t see too much lacking here. Now it does make it awkward for my other friends, as they are in a guild that’s in an alliance with their former guild of years. But that’s their problem. I just get to grin.

It was a grand night. Immediately after logging on, accepting a guild invite, I was right back in a high RR vented warband in Reikland. Our roaming effort to disrupt Deathwatche’s and Munchara’s try to ruin our city push for destro might have not been succesful if not for Elf unlocking 2 minutes before the Reikland zone lock. I have no real complaints, I got a ton of renown.

We then would break warband and form 3 (three) whole and balanced premade SC groups. Well, 2 of them stayed balanced, mine was a makeshift. But I like those, so I’m always happy being the only healer in a group of DPS. At one point we were actually a group of healers. Which was odd, because it still worked in most cases.

As we talking about the past, I realized that I was underpowered, as I was beat in healing by another DoK I’m growing only slightly more accustomed to. A month ago, I was out Healing this guy in Cities while he was the champ, and now he’s got almost a 100K spread on me? Hmmmmm… it was at that point I remembered, I’m not a RR75 with 3 piece Sovereign and Royal Chalice. I am a RR74 with all those item sitting in my bag waiting for that ding. So then I was sad. But then I got all happy in my rush to get to 75. What a magical rank for DoKs and WPs (healing). You get another +5 SE. That’s a big deal.

It’s all about small goals. And now I have a guild to get there.


One thought on “Welcome Back: Day 3

  1. Sounds like you’re doing well now!

    My guild has recently seen a bit of a resurgence in membership, and half of our alliance has come back alive, so, like you, we’re seeing a bit more effective RVR roaming.

    It’s always more fun roaming with ~2 grps, and for the “big” nights… well a WB or two is always nice.

    This is one of the great things about the much-hyped 1.4… we’re getting players BACK!!!

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