Welcome Back: Day 2

It was excited first couple of days back. Seeing faces and names I had not seen since I first came to the server. I finally met up with my old guildmates after missing them my first night back. We tried deep diving back into our old skins, trying to determine either what toon was going to make the rush to 100 or just trying to figure out how not to suck.

Thankfully it seems, that must be where everyone else is at as well. Many times I saw names on Order that used to send chills up my spine months ago, only to face them now a shrug off their attack like they were R30s.

In many cases, this feels like an awkward homecoming. Many coming back to no homes, reformed guilds, falling outs. Probably not the best time to once have been a poor political player. What once were the top guilds a month ago, seem but a shadow in the wake of even older guilds reforming.

I can only imagine it must suck right now to be under RR60. Everything around is RR80 right now, and you, you still have lots of catching up to do. On the other hand, you can view it as even more renown for you. Depends on your veiw point. But I can tell you, my first night back was suck. PuGing Scenarios and running about with Open Warbands was not at all fun. Just being in a 3 man group on my second night made a world of difference from just the day before.

Still guildless, but my peeps are already working their politics.


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