Damn it Damn it Damn it

Why is everything a day too squig humping late?

(Side note: To help correct some excessive cursing issues, I have decided to rephrase bad terms in to Warhammer lore based sayings. It’s a great way to get people at work to squint their eyebrows at you.)

Anyways … about a month ago some drama took place with my time on Destro Gorfang. Some major pressure actually ended up forcing many of my friends to just decide to logoff. In my loneliness I thought I’d try to build up some toons on Order Gorfang. Unfortunately when I decided to do so, I did it the day after my subscription renewed.

So a month later, I get an email. Informing me that my friends were back, the day right after subscription renewal. What the snotling kicking deuce? Can’t we make descisions more around an even number? Like say, not the day number after game release?

Oh well. It’s not like I even hesitated to spend that $15 immediately just to say ‘hi’ last night.

So to all of Destro Gorfang, I’m back … for now.


4 thoughts on “Damn it Damn it Damn it

  1. Welcome back! I know Midnight has seen a lot of old Blitz members come back and migrate to our reformed guild headquarters with news of the RvR packs hitting this week.

    Expect to see my Knight out and about again!

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