Meet the Plinks

About 3 weeks ago when I started my little Dwarfen expedition on Gorfang, I ran into an interesting setup in T1 on my first night.

I ran into a 6 man team of Gobbos. 5 Squig herders and a Shammy. I think any Order players knows, that SHs are just annoying if not deadly. By far, the best implementation of ranged and pet use in the game. Going one on one with a good Squig Herder tends to make or break a Shadow Warriors will to continue on that toon in many cases. And sure enough this 3 to 6 man team, depending on when you find them, is sure to make quick work of your face. Because despite their ability to play their classes well at low levels, they are also able to be focus fire well against their enemies.

I’ve been watching them leveling with me for the last 3 weeks. I’m not exactly sure who they are, as they take no guild association, but this team of Gobbos have got their act down. Last night in T3, they constantly went off from the destro herd and solo defended keeps, and would give up their own keep takes just to camp Order’s WCs.

These crafty little Gobbos have got all of T2 and T3 Order on Gorfang convinced SHs are the most uber class in the game. And I will give them credit, they are pretty decent. But just like any player, they still are easy to lure away from their safe areas to get the kill. I spent most of my night last night, exchanging rounds with the 3 of them that were on in T3. It was great fun.

So, just incase you any of you happen to read this blog, here is a hat tip to you plinkers.

I’m not exactly sure who’s who, or how many they actually have. But so far I think I have seen the following names:

Commanderplink – SH
Generalplink – SH – Seems most active
Captainplink – SH
Privateplink – SH
Lieutenantplink – SH
and Nurseplink – Shammy

I hope you all choke on mushrooms,


11 thoughts on “Meet the Plinks

  1. Squiggies are a lot deadlier than people would think. My guild leader is a pretty lethal WH … and he hates SH’s. They have his number. Heck, they usually have my number.

    They are fun to play and when played the right way (not how I play them) they can dominate from afar. A group of them like you describe would be a pain in the ass.

  2. Oh Lord how well I know this group. I’ve had the “pleasure” of leveling with this group and let me tell you they have FF down. I am 99% sure this isn’t a group but actually a multi-boxer whose very good at his game. You’ll notice generally only one of the toons is ever moving and the rest move in tandem. Gets very annoying when you attack one of them and all of them instantly turn to FF you into oblivion.

    It will be very interesting to see how they perform when they get to T4.

    • I saw that.

      And atleast 3 of them are in T4. They were in an SC with me last night. And despite not one of them being 40, their group did just fine, against some pretty decent order I might add.

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