Quick Bio Break

Sorry about the lack of posts. Life and work got a bit more busy than normal and I’ve taken a small break from WAR. I have full intentions on playing of course, and my subscription is still going. I just wanted to try out some other games and some other things. Mostly focused around Warhammer 40K genres.

I ended up picking up the Dawn of War II packs and became entrenched in its game play. At the same time I pulled out a bunch of my old Table Top Warhammer figures and started to get the painting itch again.

This week will probably have some post on my old painted Templars and Tau. As well as ideas for painting a new army. I have some suggestion for Vigil’s team for Dark Millennium Online. And of course you can expect part 3 of the Marathon Journey.

So, I’m still here. As some of you can tell by the comment trolling I have been doing more of lately. I’m just taking a quick Bio Break before our big Raid into the new RvR packs scheduled for next month.


6 thoughts on “Quick Bio Break

  1. Meh, F*** DOW II

    The original DOW, up through Dark Crusade, was really awesome. (Soulstorm pretty much sucked).

    Good times if you like RTS.

    • I actually really like DOW II, despite that I like DOW 1 as well. I’m kind of happy to break away from the whole build buildings really fast and then troops. Fastest clicker wins.

      DOW II takes a bunch of levels to get into. The first couple are so basic, I can easily see where if not for buying it, I would have wrote the game off.

      Almost finished the first game, then I’ll start on the Chaose Expansion.

      Ony criticism I would give the game play, is that CC is very underpowered. It’s more benificial to develope your troops as ranged.

      I didn’t ever have a problem with Soulstorm. It was pretty much Dark Crusade just with 2 extra armies. I think the only difference they changed was the your structures weren’t static if you were defending.

      • Eh, perhaps I was just getting bored with the whole thing by then, but I really disliked the two new races. What was it, Dark Eldar and Sisters of Battle? I didn’t think they were done as well as the other 7 races.

        Also, I can’t speak for everyone I suppose but I found out that “build order” only worked for about the first 5-10 minutes of the game. If you weren’t on to a game plan of some kind or somehow reacting to the opponents’ plans, you were completely screwed… no amount of build or fast clicking was going to save you.

        That may have been a function of me usually playing team games, however. My roommate and I used to have a blast.

        Then again, I played a lot of Eldar, so my armies by nature were always situational. I <3 their mobility though! Aah, good times. Damn you… now I have to go back and see if there are still people kicking around online. I hope I can remember my pw…

      • Yeah, it was Dark Eldar and Sisters.

        Sisters was basically a nerf SM army and DE were just suck.

        I don’t know if you remember the Age of Empires: Mythology or was it Age of Mythology. But DE used the same special as Norse did. Which was you had to battle to gain energy.

        So the DE couldn’t actually build anything useful without constantly just sending blind attacks. You would literally build a Cabal and just right click on the dark map.

        Anyways, DOW II, its not DOW, but fun in its own RPG respect.

  2. I’m with Rikker, so far, I’ve liked the original DoW far more than the second.

    What’s the color scheme for your Tau? Mines a dark purple for armor bits, and a deep red for cloth/off color stuff. I’ve toyed with some light blue Tron-style highlights for crevices to see what kind of effect it gave.

    • I actually started a 3,000 point army the month it released back in 2001 after seeing them introduced by Gav Thorpe at Baltimore Gamesday. At the time I was trying to come up with what I thought Vior’la armies should look like. I had them in Regal Blue with White accents. In less then a year, GW had updated so much model art with Stealths and then Forge World just made battlesuits so much better, I ended up giving up on my Tau army, designed for ranged.

      As no one will face a Tau Army on an open or full size board. It’s always, “Ambush or Raid.”

      Best way to play Tau is lots of Kroot without a single upgrade and then mid range guns on your battlesuits and troops. Don’t worry about railguns, there’s not a player out there that will play you on a field you can use them on.

      Anyways … years later I would stare at a shelf of massive plain plastic models of Tau and picked up one of the Fire Warriors.

      I ended up painted a bunch in the standard T’au sept scheme. Which looks great actually. And then I did some Kroot in the normal green setup. I ended up liking that setup way better. But by the time I painted them, I had learned a great deal better how to paint though, so my opinion was biased when I compared the two.

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