WAR Bloggers: Hypothetical WAR

One of my favorite old hobbies while doing this blog was to dream the possibilities in WAR. From expansion suggestions to improvements, I love seeing ways of expanding this game. I have kind of deterred from that lately. As once the RvR packs were announced, I would rather see the changes happening there. And believe it or not, most of the changes are actually suggestions I’ve been seeing for the last 2 years from bloggers. So someone’s watching.

Though I read many blogs on WAR, I’m not especially good at keeping up the rapport and communications like many other bloggers. I read you, but I do it from my iPhone, which means I completely forget to add you to my blogroll or ever link you on my blog. Which is pretty shitty I will admit. I just like to rant, I’m not actually very good at the blogosphere thing and networking.

Anyways, though I’ve really been holding back on suggestions and ideas for WAR, there will be some things I really want to see a push in WAR for in the next year. 1 is more classes. I’m not talking major advancements or balancing act issues. I’m just talking about making mirrors and some more art additions. But besides that I really, really want the other 4 cities added in.

I know, I know. It’s been laid clear by the current producer, that’s definitely not a concern. But … it should be. Ultimately you are giving us a ton of more end game. And it’s becoming very clear that T5 just won’t ever be possible, so … there has got to be more to life than Altdorf and IC. Not that they aren’t fun. It’s just that, a slightly better mix of end game would be nice to see eventually.

I’ve been reading a certain blogger lately that has really and I mean really taken an in-depth look at just that possibility. To the point that, short of him just happening to be a gaming graphic designer and programmer, he has basically done all the lore and character story writing. Short of stealing a bunch of already existing in-game terrain art, you could almost pull his ideas together. He outlines it in such a way that he uses screenshots of different already existing terrain to illustrate such.

He’s really been pulling some amazing ideas together. So if you like to read a little less rant and little more of just awesome ideas, go check out Hypothetical WAR. Then throw a shit ton of comments in the articles, then go link it everywhere. Let’s make sure Mythic sees it. I want to see these ideas come to be, and I’ll think that within your first minute of reading you’ll feel the same.


4 thoughts on “WAR Bloggers: Hypothetical WAR

  1. You know where I stand on those missing capitals. Hypothetical WAR is a fantastic site and Ek does an amazing job of posting possible future content additions with the added bonus of a ton of lore to back it up.

    A fantastic site!

  2. Yeah…I print out some of his articles before going hunting so that I have something to read and re-read while sitting in my deer stand.

    I also agree with you Meh that the addition of the other cities would be uber exciting and give us an alternative to seizing Altdorf or IC. I would bet that from ROI point of view, this would be less expensive than other content that probably has yet to be developed and would be highly welcomed.

  3. Thanks for the endorsement! I really wish Mythic would catch wind of my project and become motivated by what I have done. I can only hope that as word gets around they are bound to read it and listen. Thanks again and glad you enjoy =)

  4. I stumbled into the “half-city” of Ekron one night. I say “half-city” because it is there and operational, but there is no life, no activity to it.

    I thought it was really cool to find it and just as let down that it was not like Atldorf. What harm would it be to have the same flight bosses, trainers, banks and such in these other places? Is it really that much more work?

    Given the Skaven element, even the sewers could be shared to some extent.

    Still, seeing these Destro locations makes me want to try to sneak my Iron Breaker over to that side of the world and explore it.

    Do you think that’s possible?

    If so, I’ll send you a few postcards!

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