What’s up with all the DPS?

My progression with my new family of dwarves got a bit slipped up. By now I was planning to have atleast 1 of the 4 toons entering T4 and have everyone in T3 by now. But I had other activities this weekend and because of the Live Event, I have been more concerned in getting all my toons their Chaos Waste Portal more than leveling. The last 3 days have basically been each toon stalking the WC at Troll Country, going in and out of Scenarios while killing rats for the quest. Ultimately I have 3 out of the 4 with the portal, but even after about 30 quest completions, I’m having no luck getting that portal on my future main, Laeg the Runepriest. The result means, all my toons are still under lvl 20.

If you weren’t aware, the real benefit to this Live Event is actually a rare drop out of the random bag loot from the repeatable quest. It’s a purple bag item that allows you instant port to the Chaos Waste warcamp with a 60 minute cooldown. So, it’s like having another recall book, except this one doesn’t take 10 seconds, it’s instant. Oh yeah, you want it. So if by chance you didn’t know, go grind the living hell out of that repeatable quest.

Now, as I have been playing in T1 and now have been in T2 for a good overly long week, I’m noticing a horrible trend. Everyone is a flipping DPS class. Constantly, I go into a scenario and I am the only healer or tank. No tanks, no heals, only DPS everywhere. And unfortunately, not much of the DPS is competent DPS.

When I zone into a scenario and I see 4 Bright Wizards, 3 Witch Hunters, 2 Slayers and 2 Shadow Warriors, I normally wouldn’t worry. I’ll play more defensively, and I just know we are going to lose some people, and rezzing is going to take place. But ultimately, it’s 2 groups of DPS, we should be able to kill something, right? Wrong.

I’m running about all over trying to heal, and ultimately, no one is ever even close to healing my numbers. When you are breaking 100K in heals in T2, life sucks. In many cases I would watch a group of Witch Hunters stealth in, unleash, ultimately get pounced on by all the surrounding enemies and they would continue to break off their attack and try to hop away. They are being snared up and pounded in the back side. I’m healing my face off.

I had to say it over and over again, “Turn around and fight back, I’m not healing for practice here.”

You aren’t going to survive, you only have a couple of seconds. Yeah, my heals can give you some time, but ultimately, I’m going to run out of AP, and one them is going to get a Moral to fire off. You’re going to die, hit something before you go. Turning around and hoping up and down in a circle while showing your back is not going to save you. And I get that not everyone is a great player, but at some point I would assume after your 100 death and your no kill score, you would think “hmmmmm … maybe I should change something here.”

I got into one argument with a cocky Bright Wizard. “Can I get a heal? Jesus.”

This guy literally was AOE spec’d in T2, without a tank guard nor did he even have a healer in his group. That didn’t stop the little moron from running up solo in their face and go at it. And despite that I realized he was the biggest idiot I think I have seen in a long time, I would heal the living crap out of him, hoping that he could atleast kill something. If nothing else, get them all far enough down that their healers couldn’t keep up and someone else would get some kills.

In his 4th attempt at utter failure, he starts screaming /tells, then /sc, then /region1. “Can I get a heal? I hate all these DPS healers.

His tells to me consisted of “Heal me this time.

Well I’m too busy healing my ass off in a T2 scenario to respond yet. So I waited until the score with 20 to 473 when there was even a chance anymore.

Alright dude, I want you to hit the ` key.
This will pull up your SC stats.
I then want you to click the Healing filter at the top.
You should be able to see this number, like 170K.
Yeah, that be my healing.
That’s only 7x as much as your DPS.”

Well if you would have healed me… tard.”

I was, infact you were basically all of that number. Cause everyone else was smart enough not to go charging into all of them solo without a guard.
Do you really think that a solo BW up against 2 chosen and 4 choppas can last 8 seconds on their own?

That’s called a cycle of all my heals, then a moral 1, then 2 AP pots.”

Silence …

“I’ve actually never seen numbers this high in T2 before. I’m not sure if I should be proud of myself or sad for my realm, that they still couldn’t kill anything.”

This wasn’t one or 2 scenarios. This has been a trend on Order’s side of Gorfang in t2. Now, obviously t2 doesn’t reflect a server. But wow, just everyone has a DPS, and for the most part, they are all terribad at it. I wish they go play tanks. That way they could be a little more reckless.

Actually, other than that one BW, I actually I tend to get alot of compliments in this Runepriest. And quite a bit of friend list additions. After each SC it’s like 2 request. Atleast I’m making some friends.

I still like to say obnoxious things though. So that hurts my reputation. I just cant’ help myself. It’s like the trolls know I’m reading /region.


4 thoughts on “What’s up with all the DPS?

  1. This post makes me chuckle because there was an argument in T1 oRvR last night that went very much the same way. Had one player complaining about heals and the healer responding to the fact that said player is not a smart player for running into the middle of a warband of Order.

    I tend to run into the middle of Order at that level just for fun, but I never expect to get healed when playing that reckless.

  2. Interesting… I’m running into a similar problem, but in T4 on Iron Rock.

    Our 3-4 man (sometimes 6) will get into a SC, and lo and behold, I’m the only healer. Oh, wait, a Dok! Cool! 5 min later… Oh, he’s not healing….

    Quality of players seems to be taking a turn for the worse of late.

    Fortunately, this appears to be happening on both sides, but still…. it’s irritating.

    • My speculation is that with the announcement of RR100 being the new cap come the packs, that people are playing more and more of their alts.

      I think this means DPS classes.

      This was also starting to be a problem for Destro Gorfang. Learning to be the only healer for your premade was becoming more and more the norm.

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