2 Years Later

I meant to write this at the 2 year anniversary as a remembrance of my time in WAR. Better late than never. One of few things I’ve come to realize, there is not many of us that are still here from day 1 of this game. Those that have, are probably the few of us that have blogs. Beyond that, there is of course a great deal more, but from a perspective that I never really dug into, was this MMO isn’t a community of an original 800K of subscribers that just been falling out bit by bit. It’s mainly a circle of those that leave are replaced with those that are coming in. It’s a constant circle. From a developer’s perspective, I’m sure that statement can be followed with a giant “Duh.” But from your ‘I don’t know better’ look at it, it might not be so obvious, that everyone around me isn’t a 2 year veteran. 

It’s amazing how much we have evolved in this game. The game to me today is nothing like it was 2 years ago, besides what it was just a year ago. It’s the same game though. A crap ton of patches, a live expansion, and only recently having some probable real expansions on the way; to go back in time and talk to yourself about where things are going.

Avoid this”
“Don’t join this guild”
“Don’t go to that server”
“Give up on this class”
“Make good with this guy”

What would tell yourself? Can you even remember it all? There is nothing about Mr. Meh today that is even remotely similar to when I started.

I left EVE frustrated in the Summer on 2008. I had been working on a couple of things, and my work erupted with problems. Frustrated in real life too, I ended up leaving that job. All I had was time. And when you actually have more than 2 hours to play something, you start to realize how much that game just isn’t worth it. But the good news was, my favorite genre, Warhammer was coming soon. I watched intently. When we got in for the Open Beta, I couldn’t get enough.

I didn’t join this game for PvP in all honesty. I was not a big fan of PvP in MMOs. But I never experienced better. I treated the statement as I knew RvR from my time in DAoC, which in all honestly I was never impressed by DAoC combat. It was fun, but it was mindless. Autoattack and /stick. Go play it, it’s not a challenge, you’ll see. But … it was fun. I didn’t come to WAR for that though. I came, because I love Warhammer.

I was instantly in the game. I loved every aspect I found. I couldn’t get enough of the Tome Unlocks. I would spend 4 hours a morning just scouring the hill lines in zones rolling my mouse about. “An item in my backpack? What’s this for?” Say that to someone in the game today. “Who cares what the part from the red mine does, sell it, move on.” Find me someone who gives a flying ‘who’ about a bone pile you found in the middle of a river ravine that you shouldn’t have been there anyway unless you accidentally fell.

What does all that land searching get me today?

Actually quite a bit. Now that we have appearance options for our gear, we can do lots of cool things. Take for instance my Black Guard:

Drooling yet. I bet you are.

Without any set gear bonuses or Mythic level gear, I know how to get you 45%+ block at level 39. I can even get you 50%+ crit n your dps or healer at 39. Not a DoK or WP though, you are screwed. And not one piece is Purple or Orange. You’ll be all blue. Think of someone in all Blue PWNing your face, yeah, I can help them do that.

Wanna know where the only cloak with a Block rate (besides the Sov) is?

I know where it is. Oh … see that BOE, imagine the Gold this boy gets you in the AH.

When I started the game on Averlorn, we didn’t have much to do. Mythic had a bad start. They ended up selling close to a million copies of the game, freakout and opened a ton more servers than they needed. Only 700K ever signed in, and in less than a month they had under 400K. The servers in general were just too many. And by T3, most of us had nothing to do other than PvE. In T1 I got to do a couple of scenarios and by T2 we were so worried about figuring out PQs, we didn’t even know what the keep meant.

In all honesty I tried the ORvR in Open Beta and then again in T1 when it launched, and I was not a fan. To me it was crazy, unorganized explosions without any rhyme or direction. Oh, how things changed just 4 months later.

In December of 2008, the end game to me and the guild, was Bastion Stair. Find someone wanting to go to Bastion Stair today. Short of helping find you a crit weapon for your up and coming alt in the middle wing, you probably have no idea the largest boss in the game is actually sitting in that Dungeon.

Figuring out Lost Vale was a nightmare. The things we did to find exploits just to get by. Do you know how hard it was to get by the steps full of Ogres and Rhinos on the right-wing. Believe it or not, there is a way to bypass it. It takes a good 20 minutes, but back in the beginning of 2009, we didn’t know how to get up that thing. Did you know there used to be a secret blue chest down the waterfall way behind the Lightning Boss? It doesn’t work anymore, but you can still go down there and stare at it.

By mid 2009 I had changed servers 5 times and played with over a dozen guilds. On Phoenix Throne, I really found my way in the game. PvP was connecting, finding friends was easy and in general things made sense. So much so, that it got boring for most and many started to cancel subscriptions. By the end of 2009 we were facing more server merges.

I’ve been on too many servers, too many different characters and talked to too many people. In the end, I can’t help but wonder how interesting this game would have been for me if I only had one toon allowed. For the last 2 years, I was only just on my White Lion, and that’s all I knew?

I doubt I would still be playing this game. Horay for ADD and curious minds.


7 thoughts on “2 Years Later

  1. Hehe… the chest behind the lightning boss still works, you just have to kill every single last sprite, and occasionally they get stuck in walls. Thorns helps since they still attack you.

    • Hmmmmm …. is the chest still not worth it?

      I haven’t been able to get the cauldron at the Butcherer to work in sometime. Have you had any luck lately?

  2. Nope, the chest STILL isn’t worth it. We tried SEVERAL times. Nothing useful, maybe some dyes at best. A few blue repairables.

    Haven’t tried the cauldron at Butcher yet.

    There’s a way around the rhino / mobs coming down the stairs? We always just kill them.

    I can definitely see how figuring out some of those fights would be a bastard though.

    Though, TBH, I’d love to do that with a good group, since it sounds like a lot of fun, even if it is frustrating. Imagine fighting that guy in the cave the first time, and all of a sudden one of you goes flying over the edge? Haha, I can hear it now.

  3. Haha I got that cloak and immediately sold it to a party member for 5gp. No point really farming for those blues when anni and conq are so easy to get and are +10 item levels. Only weapons/jewels are relatively hard to get now.

  4. I have been collecting all that “ash & trash” since I started, fearing to sell it only to discover that I need it tens levels later to finish the game or something.

    So now I have loads of junk in my Bank Vault, making it appear like a veritable Grandma’s Attic.

    Often I have tried to find a note or word about what to do with these items and never can I find anything.

    Do you know of a website or place I can start to find explanations for all these items?

    Likewise, since I really enjoy exploring all the unused parts of the map with my characters, I am a big fan of the “Lairs” that are out there. Are you aware of any maps that indicate cool or interesting but distant places?

    Finally, I gotta say that I joined up a year ago and can still recall what happened when I ran my Slayer right into ORvR for the first time.


    I think that’s why I have an Iron Breaker and Bright Wizard now…

    • The old WARDB database had some comments on what some items do for unlocks. But that gone.

      The talking to the right person with the the item in your bag thing was never my big point. I only ever found a couple. Like the 10 eggs on the High Pass ridge, or the Nordenwatch militia signup, or the red sea mine part in the Barak Varr.

      I don’t think I really saved any. As for a database of that stuff. I don’t think there is one, that has more than just a couple.

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