My Dwarfen Legion

I recently decided I needed a change in WAR. About 5 months ago, I had that same itch. I left Badlands Order to play Destro Gorfang. With some guild drama months later and just a desire to play with the underdogs, I decided that I didn’t want to learn a new server, I just wanted to switch sides. So I’m starting a family of Dwarfs this go around on Gorfang.

Man, Dwarfs are fun. Yeah, you have to get over being a stubby little hair-ball. But, the classes are just plain fun. 

My new toons:

Laeg (My Main) the Runepriest will be my Talisman Maker and Magic Salvager. I’m basing all naming conventions on Celtic ideals. Laeg is a name I already used with my White Lion on Badlands. Láèg was the companion chariot warrior in the Ulster Tales.

Baerym the Engineer will be my Scavenger. Most likely due to needing Curios, I can see him being the secondary character. Not mention the Engineer is just fun. It’s just amazing the pure damage and then survivability this class has. Baerym is Gaelic Celt for Smithing.

Canlyn the Iron Breaker will be the Cultivator and Apothecary. His crafting skill keeps him from needing to ever be 40, but so far, I’m liking his mechanic of boosting friendly stats over the Black Guard’s mechanic of reducing enemies. It almost gives me more of my Healer mode back when I play him. It’s not a matter of just moving Guards, moving the Oath Promise so I can boast Armor, Toughness, Strength and Willpower is a fun challenge. Not that you can’t do some of that with a Black Guard, the shared stat boosting with the Iron Breaker is just more defensive focused. Canlyn is Celtic for Stone Fortress.

Hayt my Slayer is the Butcherer and Apothecary. He is probably going to be the hardest of the classes to enjoy. But, he does great at collecting butchering mats, and that’s all he really is going to be needed for. He’ll be a little difficult and maybe not as enjoyable to play, but I’ll get him to T4 just to get liniments. Maybe in higher levels I’ll start to like him. As I play him, I miss my White Lion. I’m not actually sure what Hayt means. I know it’s Celtic Welsh and that’s about it. I just like 4 letter words. 

Ultimate goal is not to rush into T4 like I did on Destro. I did work on 2 toons, but ended up leaving my BG and other alts behind to focus my DoK, the result was I didn’t have the proper crafting alts when I needed it. Liniments and armor pots destroyed my wallet. If nothing else, I need some toons to get me the crafts I need to really get that edge.

Plan will be to alternate game play so that I maximize the Rested XP bonuses. The difference between playing 2 nights in a row on one character versus playing 1 night with rested XP is the same. Essentially I should be able to level all 4 somewhat equally at the same rate as if I was working on one or two toons. Granted, once they are in T4, all play time is going to the Runepriest. But for the next couple of weeks, I’ll be on each alternating nights.

With being the underdog, knowing the Order PvE backwards in all zones, I’m thinking in 3 weeks I should have my RP level 40, with my Engy and Slayer in T4 and maybe my IB still in T3. Saying there won’t be anymore double renown weekends, It will probably take another 3 weeks to get the RP to 60. Give me one good double renown weekend and we can cut that in half. With all the high levels and the ability to heal my face off out of group, I should have no problem on this beast of a healer. I’m getting giddy thinking about the giant purple numbers already.



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