I Don’t Like You Either

So much happened while I was gone. So much.

I did try to keep up with my iPhone while I was gone. I’m resting my toes on Monday and I go browsing on my phone to find that the Warherald did a Blogroll. Other than Werit’s normal Friday of what’s happening, it’s interesting to see Mythic’s view-point and who they watch. As well as some new names.

You see that shit? The only un-linked blogger. Whatever friendship we were building Mythic, just went south. Feelings are officially hurt. Officially ….

Anyways … along with a crushed feelings I did some soul-searching, and decided that  I don’t really want stay on my DoK. I like the class, I like how quick I made him. But the more and more I play, the more and more I don’t like being on the zerging side of a server. I like the underdog, I like the outnumbered. And since my subscription expired on the 15th, I figured it be a good time to do some experimenting.

I made a full regime of dwarf toons on Gorfang. If I going to re-roll, I might as well do it right with all the crafting I can. Buying liniments is expensive as crap.

Quick side notes I never realized before now. Engineers are a ton of fun and power. As well, Runepriest are seeming ungodly OP at low levels. I kind of like being short.


9 thoughts on “I Don’t Like You Either

  1. Don’t feel so bad. At least you were mentioned. Lol.

    WARbloggers.com was overlooked; although, they did seem to mention Waaagh.de which seems to be a similar site even though I have been posting in the Bioware and WHA forums.

    Anywho….good to see you back behind the blogger box.

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      • That’s okay … me, too. I had this plan to hit RR80 by the expansion. Some of my enthusiasm has faltered and I’m still just shy of RR76.

        It’s not gonna happen so here’s to whatever renown buffs we’ll get in the RvR Packs!

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