A Cold One Man Army

I should have named my Disciple, Malus Darkblade. Like that wasn’t going to be taken, right?

One week, I’m apart of the strongest alliance and one of the best guilds on the server, the next I’m scrapping it with PuGs. I guess the PuGs get to enjoy it. I think whenever a mid 70s healDoK shows up in a Scenario, things are good. And it’s not a bad life. I mean, you don’t win every time, actually you are lucky if you can win 50% of the time. It’s like being a bear in a herd of cats. They just run all over. But, even in the losses I don’t find myself getting angry. I think there was a time I would have told that Choppa, that wasn’t the best plan to go charging in by himself.

There is one benefit. And that is without a certain guild tag above my name, I don’t seem to get targeted like I used to.

My time in that guild was well spent. I met more experience and valuable knowledge then I could have ever wanted. And I had a great time in doing it. Made some great friends, and I think in a way put my name out there for some of the player base, maybe in a bad way.

So why I am guildless? Apparently I’m not well liked. Imagine that. I seem to have this abrupt and very sarcastic tone. So, much like my readers can tell you, love me or hate me; there is no neutral. Now when I came to the guild, I was basically force recruited by some of the senior officers in the guild. At the time, our guilds were in a shared alliance, and all in one week, my former guild changed management and the recruiting guild was asked to leave the alliance. I didn’t want to lose my friends, so I gladly and swiftly accepted their invitation and changed banners on my back.

Now seeing that we had been spending a month in vent and playing together, I figured if all of our (my new friends) attitudes got along well in the game, then surely the rest of the guild was somewhat in the same mindset. I thought wrong. The guild was big enough that there were actually different sets of cliques. So even though we had the same banner, the only real connection between all of us was either the level of skill or just the mindset of being better at the game. I would say very little nubness existed in that guild. And not overbearing attitudes either. The goal of being better wasn’t held by strong orders or the ability to follow a strong objective. It was simply built around, I assume you know what you are doing, let’s go have some fun. And it worked. Ideas and information were shared and exchanged in a beneficial way.

So for months I went on enjoying this time, having fun with my internet family. But I was wrong. I wasn’t a family member. I was apparently a burden and a necessary evil. As the main 80 DOK in the guild was basically playing everything but, and without others that had DOKs willing to play them, I was essentially the Required tool to deal with. In the last week a senior officer, back-up leader, left the guild. He basically was having a hard way finding a way to like the game again. He was approaching making his 2nd 80 and desired just great social gameplay over finding the next elite way to play. He had playing his best down, now he needed social aspect to hold him over till December. He was the person that wanted me in the guild and then he left. With him, his wife followed, and then a couple of others. I didn’t. I figured it was a rouse to open eyes, get some attention and he’d be back. So I stayed.

One night last week I am asked to do a ToVL run. For ToVL runs, the DPS DOK is just a key aspect, if you weren’t aware. It allows you to not only sub a healer for a DPS, but basically grants the main tank full health. It’s the key to successful 5th and 8th boss clears. Of course you don’t need a DOK to do it, but certainly life is easier. Now, I’m RR75 working on Sovereign; Tyrant is no longer really something I need. Of course if I were to get more, horay, I could always use a better DPS set for empty city instances. But I am not riding on needing it. Sure when I was RR60 I wanted it, but I was always passed up for the chance. So when I was asked, it was mainly a favor. As really the only thing I could really use is the back piece. However, doing it meant fully respecing in renown and masteries. To do that and back is basically 28 gold. That’s expensive. 2nd boss will give you back maybe 10 of that, but this was for guildies and it was a sure-fire clear, what’s 18 gold?

We have a great 1 to 5 run in less than 2 hours. Unfortunately we made a mistake on 6th boss and everyone left the room after killing the first 2. Argggghhh. There goes 45 minutes easy. It was after midnight for me and I was sick, we agreed to continue this at a later time. I heard Saturday thrown out, as Friday night was a special get a Senior Officer to RR80 night. Works perfect, I usually go out Fridays.

I get on Saturday, and ask about the run. Sure enough, they ran it on Friday night. Interesting, I thought, I swore we said Saturday. ‘Sorry you heard wrong bro.”

“Cool Cool”, I said. “Congrats.”

(Leave Guild) Yes, please.

I didn’t even go about explaining how expensive it is to respec. I basically got screwed out of the only reason I came on the run. I left without a word. And without a word said to me.

I would find out from my earlier departed former guildmate, that I was very very disliked by a couple of senior clicky officers. Friends that I would constantly joke with, apparently received apologies on my behalf because the leader thought I was being mean to them. These friends thought it was a joke as who would take me seriously. Wow, to be despised, it’s an odd feeling. It’s really a weird feeling to have, knowing you were not well liked, and basically allowed to stay for the service you provided. I think … I think I was an MMO hooker. I’m not sure. Here I thought I was having a good time. Too bad, tramp, GTFO.

So, I’m guildless. So are 5 other former members. Coincidence? I think not. We form a guild. Not, not even 2 hours into its birth, the guild leader and senior officer contact my new leader. Not only to talk about why he and his comrads (excluding me of course) left, but then go on to badger him. In that conversation, they basically go out-of-the-way to tell him, they could care less that Nihk (me) left the guild. Would someone please take the throwing knives away from them?

I had to logoff during one of their big conversations for the day. I came back last night on to an empty guild with a message in my inbox with apologies and a farewell from the game. “Nihk, I have decided to stop playing this game. I’m sorry.”

I’ve lost my friends.

Guildless with a greyed out friends list. Go back to Badlands Order? Continue on PuGing? Or get vindictive and give Order Gorfang some better ammunition?

Post Edit: For some reason the original title of this article with a Suggestion: Expanded Free Trials. Which is in the works, but obviously this story has nothing to do with that.

10 thoughts on “A Cold One Man Army

  1. Wow. My guild has gone through some ups and downs with little clicks here and there. But through it all there has been a core of us who hold things together. My guild leader is often concerned if anyone leaves … even if they weren’t liked or really participated. We’re not elite but definitely have some elite players. All in all we just like to play and have fun.

    Hearing your tale … I think you should exact revenge. Those stooges need to get pwned for being two-faced frauds.

    What guild was this? I only ask because I have a few Destro toons on Gorfang and should I go seeking a guild I want to steer clear of these goofs.

    • To Clarify. The guild is actually amazing in a whole. I was just not liked or well liked by a few select in the upper tiers. I would not hold it against them.

      If you find yourself able to be amoung Opprimo Umbra, I would take the chance. If you don’t find family there, you’ll atleast learn a great great deal in your time. If not OU, their alliance partner Mourne is also incredible.

      One or two bad eggs hating my face is not enough for me to dislike the guild. I like the whole lot of them. So until I find out that more than 2 hated my face, I still say, best destro guild on Gorfang in a whole. Not the most elite, not the biggest, just well experienced with a balanced guild population.

      I’m not sure that there is an Order WB that can handle and OU/Mourne WB in the City (not until some of Blitz/Munshara/Irony/Drak come back). In a way, I’ll miss that ownage, but it might be interesting to know what it feels like to just barely win something.

      • Being guildless isn’t so bad … until I hit 40 and want to run instances. Then it helps to have reliable friends to do things with. Most times I have no worries PUGging it.

        My toons on Gorfang are lowbies and not of much worth. And sadly the majority of my time is spent on Iron Rock attempting to reach 80 with my BW.

        I have a Choppa, Zealot, DOK, and WE. The only toon even close to relevance is my Magus, Castille. He’s barely into Tier 3 and I’m still trying to figure out the whole pet mechanic. Oddly, most times I find I forget to even plop one of the ground. I’m a lazy player sometimes.

        Some of my Order guildies also have ALTs over there and we might create a darkside guild for us. Just another excuse to sap my time away from my main.

    • What a horrible city. I crashed out the first on, came back after 5 minutes of my comp freaking out to Reikwald. Waited 15 minutes to run in a completely empty instance. Aarrrggghhh.

  2. First: it’s “clique” you worthless scrap of sub-human nothingness!

    Second: My curiosity is piqued (seeing a trend?). As a long time Gorfanger, my gossip-queen in me wants to know the names of these people.

    Third: I empathize with you on the drama thing. Blitz is currently figuring out what we’re going to do long-run as a lot of us are quasi-congregating back to Gorfang Order and expect a resurgance with the RvR packs.

    Fourth: I wouldn’t go transfering your WP to Gorfang, or rerolling anytime soon (as much as I know a guild that would love to nab another healer). These things usually do work out eventually.

    • Damnit. I’m no good with words. I’m going to go ‘que’ up.

      Names are not needed. But she used to be on Order. That should be enough for you.

      Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to bring my WPs to Gorfang. Any Order rolling there would be from scratch. If I were to do it all over again, it would most certainly be the Runepriest. After seeing what the zealot could do, my eyes were opened to the real the healing beast class.

      The past couple of days have sucked PuGing on Destro. Even worse was PuGing on BL.

      I got a week to think about it.

      Also. I guess the big turn off for Destro Gorfang is ever since I came it’s heavy disproportionate population just keeps increasing. There have been times recently that I thought we were going to get city again even being the 3 time over dog.

      Order badlands also has the slight Zerg too. I hate being on the Zerg.

  3. Yeah, you picked a boring time to play destro on Gorfang. That said, I really think the pendulum will be shifting in a couple of months, I’ve even started playing my BG on Gorfang very, very, VERY slightly in perperation, maybe I’ll get him to Invader by the time the RvR pack hits!

    Add Kaah to your friends list, and I can be your under-ranked guardbot with a glaive if you catch me.

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