Warhammer Online: Future RvR Improvements: Single Keep Focus

I’m glad that Mythic has decided to already start planning Test Server testing on the RvR upcoming makeover for the RvR packs. The proposed change with the keeps is definitely something I, and many others were looking. You can simply go read some of my prior suggestions and read a desire for WC elimination and Objective influence on Keeps. I’m thrilled to actually see these come to fruition.

I do however have a little concern with a couple of aspects. One being that both sides own a keep when a zone is opened as contested. If I, the successful side of flipping a zone, have the ability to move into the next zone, should I have a keep already waiting for me?

When the city closes and the zone comes back, I understand each getting a keep. But if I’m the successful attacker, I shouldn’t have a fair standing in the next zone. I should be working to flip it. I mean it is the next challenge. If I lock Thunder Mountain, I shouldn’t have a keep in Kadrin Valley. I’m invading it now. If there was already a keep there, why even fight for Thunder Mountain? It’s about supply lines. Dammaz and Drengi should be blue. And it is my task as the attacking force, to fight for a land we have absolutely no influence in, yet.

The second part my concern is the actual concern. If each zone now has center focus. As in it’s not like you have 6 keeps to choose from, you always just have 3 or less to pick you attacks, you are essentially forcing the large masses to collide.

Now for some this means good. Force players to PvP, not to RvE. And I’m cool with that. However, and this is the giant however; if we are still not stable enough to bring back Fortresses, because a whole realm in one place causes super lag or server crashes, exactly how are you going to be able to handle center focuses on keeps. You essentially are making each zone a fortress setup, just with 2 Fortresses instead of 1. Can we handle this?

So yes… test lots… please. Incentivize the player base to come participate, make sure we can handle this. Because right now, the lag is a little too much for many of us. I couldn’t imagine having 2 Forts in each zone now. Early testing, I’m throwing giant thumbs up all over the place.


5 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Future RvR Improvements: Single Keep Focus

  1. The problem is no one really ever shows up for the PTS. At least not enough to truly test that. I also am scared it is the forts all over again. Just hole up into the keep, aoe the flag, and wish for the best.

    • Exactly my point on incentivizing. Need to get players on and really test this.

      One way is to crash all the servers and go, come test out on the PTS for a bit.

  2. Definitely agree. The middle, neutral zones there should be a split of keeps. But if Order takes Praag … when we arrive in Chaos Wastes both keeps should be Destro owned. It’s right on their doorstep so why would we have one.

    Will that mean if I fly to CW when it isn’t active I will land in the S Keep? Or will I land in the old WC?

    • To me, you need to fly to Praag and travel to CW. If you invading, you can’t fly there. You need to get a keep first.

      But, that’s not going to happen. WAR has done everything it can to make sure the ADD players get in the action quick. Asking them to travel 100 feet is like asking them to play another game apparently.

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