Skaven are Stupid

That’s right. I said it. Skaven are stupid.

For the past 2 years I have just been listening to player base cry for it. “Please give us Skaven.” Which always dumbfounded me. I just don’t see what’s appealing about Skaven. They aren’t cute like Goblins, they aren’t strong-willed like an Orc, they don’t have a single trait that anyone would take seriously. They are just overgrown rats that don’t even act as intelligent at all like a rat. They just hunch over and snarl words like Rainman, just with heavy nasal congestion.

They do have however the lowest leadership values in the tabletop game. If you thought the Greenskin moral check every turn was annoying, try out a Skaven army, that runs away at the meer sight of their shadows. For the tabletop player, it’s not about meat and potatoes of having strong troops back by a hero. It’s about having ridiculous equipment and praying you pass at least one moral check so that you can do something.

There are many things that I wouldn’t play. Don’t get me wrong, I like them in the game. Skaven are an amazing Warhammer idea. But I like cleaving their snivelling little brains. I definitely don’t want to be one. However, that doesn’t stop the player base from wanting them. So their addition is obviously a good move. If you can give the community what they want, awesome.

Now, there is isn’t a lot of details quite yet. You leaked many at UK GD, I see how it is. The US is begging for info in July and we get the big VAGUE. But the Brits need their kudos or they will apparently eat your face. Now, we get to read the Monthly Producer’s Letter and I’m almost getting the impression that in the upcoming RvR packs, I may be forced to play as a Skaven?

I don’t know. I read and read, but ultimately we are still in the land of Vague. And Vague brings assumptions and predictions and replaces them as fact. So I am not going to buy too far into it, yet.

However … this is a solid prediction; I’m not playing as Skaven in any way shape or form. You can’t make me. And if you do, because it’s required to do something, then I’m out. 

Skaven are stoooooppppppiiiddd. Not in a cute, oh he doesn’t know any better way. Like stupid as in a, you advise them not to wear a seatbelt kind of way.

13 thoughts on “Skaven are Stupid

      • No, they like people think they like eating faces. I live here – cowards the whole bunch

        Anyway, off topic

        You will not have to play the Skaven so long as someone in your warband does. Its a transformation and by the looks of things will be fun large scale

        I do not like them either but dropping bombs or chunking fellow players – come on that is cool

  1. I don’t know much about the Warhammer Fantasy setting, but for the life of me I can not figure out why anyone would be excited for these walking rats. I like the proposed RvR changes, but I could do without the rats honestly.

  2. I like their look (kinda steampunky magical) but I really have little interest in them playing alongside the other factions. I was really hoping for a third LotRO-esque RvR only Monster side. to mess with the other two factions with the sole purpose of collecting warpstone or something.

    But, agree with Jaye, I’m more excited for the proposed RvR changed, the rats are just a bonus hehe.

    • They really did go Steam Punk in the last decade. Very little engineering has now developed into a full scale army of contraptions.

      To the LOTRO comment, how successful was their Monster idea? When some describes it, I like it, but from what I understand, it didn’t do that great.

  3. Back in the day people wanted Skaven AND Lizardmen as a playable third faction. Now with just Skaven and not as a Third faction people are still just as excited and as hopeful as back then, why? Well hell because it’s new and it smell’s NEW that’s why. Hell Mythic could drop on us tomorrow that they were bring in a “Tickle me Elmo” as a playable race and people would be gushing all over themselves wondering what dye they could use on it. It’s NEW and people WANT new to revitalize Warhammer. The RvR changes are the best part of whats coming but really that is for the current player base and the returning players that the current re-enlistment campaign (which really is no different then there older re-enlistment ones except it better advertised and has a sparkley movie) is going to bring back. Which hopefully will have most of them stay (hopefully).

    • LMAO. You are angrier than me. Love it.

      2012 – Warhammer Online presents: T5: Tickle Me Elmo

      They basically just add another useless color to the pallet, called Furry Ghey Red.

  4. Initially I thought Skaven Warlock was going to be a cool class to play. I figured it would introduce another caster other than a BW. I was pretty excited about it, as I remember them in the city dungeons in Altdorf. Unfortunately skaven won’t quite be playable like that. It isn’t that I like Skaven, but just the thought of some new classes was what was getting me excited. Oh well…..

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