Super Lag!!!

I’m going to be straight forward vague and off the wall guessing here. I don’t know what, but something has greatly sent lag into play all over since the last big patch.

I run on a pretty decent setup on FIOS and all of 10 miles from the servers. You basically couldn’t ask for a better connection and setup for the game. I can’t escape it lately. I mean, I don’t remember a time when the lag was this bad. It’s in everything. Scenarios, city, ORvR. You just can’t escape it. I had a city instance on Sunday night that was only comparable to the old Fortress battles we had before the pop levels were added in. That whole 1 frame per minute, hit an ability and hope for the best. 24 vs 24 was causing that kind of lag? What is the instances for Gorfang City played on the Badlands Server for Praag ORvR?

And now that’s all I hear in vent. Lag, Lag, and Fucking Lag.

I don’t know what happened. I find it hard to believe the patch did this. I’m wondering what kind of server downgrades or consolidation took place recently.  I think a fast fix is need before many of us find something else to do. I know I was heavily considering it after a very very frustrating city experience.


6 thoughts on “Super Lag!!!

  1. I was having horrible horrible stutter + lag after the maintenance. Like ridiculous framerate slideshow as soon as I entered combat.

    It was related to my mods though. I disabled everything but phantom, planb, pure and closet goblin and things went back to normal. I never found out the cause though.

      • Squared is seriously flawed with the new patch – it will lag you by itself

        But, I am not running any mods – zero, and the last patch (or something that lines up on the timeline) has caused me to lag serious anyway

        In the big fights I was getting around 27 FPS, (don’t laugh, it works) but now its around 8-9

  2. Yep, after all the money I have thrown at the problem updrading the machine (Which I was going to do anyway) I was desparate tonight when everything else had failed. I disabled all my mods. Frame rate stopped juddering every couple of seconds.

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  4. What are you complaining about? The last patch caused my graphics card to be so over worked it actually overheating and burned out

    Yes, yes its my fault for not watching the temperature but seriously? I have been playing since one day after release and the card never worked that hard

    Now it has been physically been destroyed by the extra burden.

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