Warhammer Online: Suggestion: More Enviroment in the City

Though I am a big fan of the update to the city, it still has an all too similar problem. And that is, at some point you are going to get RvE.

The push to the city is going to give the population skew to the attackers. In many respects, you are going to have an empty instance. 30 minutes for 20K renown and some easy crest. Now granted it is still an upgrade from the previous city, which was an argument of trying to speed up the timers. But that’s just the hunger for purple numbers.

Further more, due to the 5 minute timer that allows players to enter and exit at will, some instances have a difficult time establishing a stable 24 man. In many cases, as groups and individual PuGs enter, they struggle to accumulate even 18 people to put up even a half a chance against the full WB waiting for them ends up resulting in frustration for those that don’t just enter and leave at will.

There is a missing element to the city instance. And that’s having a PvE type challenge when the opposing Player base is lacking.

The suggestion is to add in Champ waves to objectives to replace missing players. For each missing player will grant a champ. For each missing group will grant a Hero and 5 Champs. For attackers, these champs will move to attack the Objectives (stage 1), Lords (stage 2) or King (stage 3). Though not intelligent or tactical, these NPC will serve as a form of challenge against the Empty Instance. As well as serve as bodies for attacking Objectives when one side is just plain outnumbered.

My thought is, if we are going to have to encounter RvE or being outnumbered, then we might as well add something that can help stop the Waithammer.


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