Warhammer Online: Out of Group Renown Whoring

It’s kind of sad. To think that purple is so important, that we the community of players consistently are willing to gamble on success to achieve just a little more. Please do. I mean, this isn’t a group PvP game or anything. RvR doesn’t stand for Realm versus Realm or nothing of the sort. We don’t have group buffs and group heals either.

Why are you even in an MMO if you want to play solo? Go play Farmville or Mafia Wars or something stupid. GTFO my game.

My point is, your desperate rush for purple and giving yourself a RR80 is doing what for you? When you achieve that 80, what are you going to do? You clearly don’t have any friends. And it’s not like a giant fireworks show is going to appear, commemorating your name in the stars for all time when you get there. You are just some other jackass with an 80 with no friends and no idea how to play, short of knowing how to HoT lots of other people. Because we all know HoTs totally make and break the game.

In some ways I hated the 6v6 Scenarios. It basically was either a quick and dirty newb stomping, or it was a pointless standoff between Premades. Let’s face it. Currently, the deciding factor in the win or loss in a Scenario is who’s group of PuGs is better. Now short of neither side having a premade or worse, one side has 2 premades, the decision factor is going to be your PuGs. So when my premade enters a scenario and I see 2 solo WEs and a solo DoK in the other group, I cry.

I don’t actually cry. I look at the names on Order and hope they have 4 fucktards compared to our 3. Most of the time, yes, they have the same amount of greedy dipshits as we do. Generally resulting in a win, hopefully. But worse, resulting in that solo DoK soaking up all the renown for basically doing nothing. Your only advantage is group heals and a passive buff, and you are forgoing it?

Am I jealous? Not one fucking bit. My haul to RR80 might be twice as long as your haul, but the difference is, when I get there it will be announced and /cheer and congrats will come from all over with /tells saying “About time man” and “congrats” and members will cry pleading that I not play alts as they need my heals. When you turned 80, you shouted at /t4, cause you control your own sad little guild, and you got one response from someone telling you to “STFU”.


18 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Out of Group Renown Whoring

  1. Perhaps you should distinguish between solo healers and solo DPS, sir. :) If I couldn’t go solo DPS, I’d stop queuing scenarios for anything but Insignia.

    As a Witch Hunter, I seldom get targeted seriously for heals by the healers. The tanks get them. The other DPS get them. However, more than half the healers in this game think healing a melee DPS with the armor with a caster and a reputation for being a quick TTK target is a bad idea. Sadly, I don’t entirely disagree with them.

    Hence, I go solo and gank the spawn point (or healers at the back of the group). Besides the reason I gave above, why should the group gain the renown? The rest of the group didn’t follow me to the back of the line, virtually guaranteeing death, to help me get a suicide kill. They didn’t (and couldn’t) heal me or guard me. If they rez me, I’ll seldom accept – better a 30 second wait than a 45 second penalty to my burst. It doesn’t make sense to lose over 80% of the kill renown to those who, 95% of the time, contributed nothing to the kill except distracting the front line.

    Furthermore, it’s not that I’m not contributing either. That healer I killed takes time to get back up, and could domino the scenario in our favor. Those toons (often two or more) I delayed at the spawn point to kill one solitary WH won’t make it to the front line. Plus, by not seeing me die, you don’t feel obligated to rez me, leaving you more healing time.

    If I’m not premading, or the group isn’t farming the enemy team at the spawn, I go solo. For a solo WH DPS, it makes sense.

    • Not to mention that without a guard, a WH will be dead meat on the frontlines. There really isn’t anything a healer can do, and I get so frustrated seeing WHs charging the frontlines because I know they’re going to die and I’m going to be the one to blame. ><

      • If they charge in like a tank, they deserve to die. Being squishy mean knowing when to spring in.

        You can’t be in a group atmosphere with ADD. The successful WEs I see don’t run off or run in. They wait for the dumb WH to try and get a Healer or wait for the WL to come pouncing in the center. Or even better, a Slayer that built up his rage. That’s a one shot for a WE.

        Now its been a year. But my success on the WL was not with ADD. It was waiting for the other sides Melee to have ADD first.

      • Heh, now a WL really IS a career where ADD works.

        I pounce here! And I pounce there! And I pounce everywhere!

        Ok maybe it doesn’t work, but it certainly is fun, and you don’t die as much. :P

        I can see it now:

        White Lions: THE career for people with ADD! Now with more Pounce!

    • ummmmm…. solo healers upset me. But feeling as though you won’t get heals in general is major oversight or you have retarded healers on your server.

      I love WEs in my group. Especially the defensive kind.

      I mean, when you look at it, my renown grows dependant on the amount of damage you give and the heal I provided you. A WE does 8 times more damage than a Chosen, my heals go on the WE.

      Unless they are tards and think that tactical manuevers involve them going solo into their BW bomb fun party, I’m concentrating my heals on killers.

      So as for your assumption on heals going to tanks, not so much. Very rarely actually. They can have group heals, thats enough, or they are too squishy.

      But if you rather avoid that chance to get group heals and prefer not have group buffs from other classes, that’s your choice. It’s not that annoying to me as solo healers are.

      I have the feeling either your healers on your server on idiots, or you haven’t given them the chance. I know I make lots of squishy friends in any SC I PUG>

      • You once said that scenario success comes down to whose pug is worse, and I agree.

        I can’t count on my pug being good, and I’m not invited to the elite premades. Hence, I don’t count on the pug healers – been let down once too many times. At least solo, I tend to make a fair living (and some enjoyment) in scenarios. :P

        Maybe when I’m rocking full defensive Sov, however, the story will change…

      • I really can’t argue your point.

        It’s really a major oversight on Mythic’s part in which for PUG life, you really don’t have an advantage in being in a group. The renown gain for a suicide kill is just so great in comparison to trying to play it fair.

        However … my post still stands against those that are group oriented type classes.

        There was a time on my WL that wouldn’t stay in group. I remember the times. My anger is aimed at those that clearly can do more in a group, and purposely ignore the fact for some more purple.

      • “But feeling as though you won’t get heals in general is major oversight or you have retarded healers on your server.”

        I am not retarding and he would stand a snow balls chance in hell of getting a heal of me. Once I see someone playing Solo in SC’s on a regular basis I remember it

        You could say that is hurting the realm but its not, people like him add absolutely nothing, no matter what they tell themselves

    • Where do I start with this BS Stefanya

      I guess the easiest place – would you be able to get any kills if those other players were not there? Not a chance

      When the other faction always has RR65+ in every single SC and your faction only has RR40+ because people like you screwed them out of THEIR renown, will you stand a chance of getting anything out of SC’s – even if you hit RR80? Hell no, not a chance

      And that is it in a nutshell – you are not a team player, have no understanding of the concept and yet you join a RvR game. Go figure

      And “ganking” the spawn point? That is not PvP? That is just BS. I honestly hate players like you – if it were my game, I would either design it so your style play is impossible (the correct way) or just perma ban everyone like you. Your type of player is why the average gamer hates PvP

      “For a solo WH DPS, it makes sense”

      It only makes sense if you have no real world values. If think a MMO is just a game and has no emotional value to the people playing it then you just don’t get the point

      Just look at this blog for a good example of the raw emotion you only get from community based gaming like a MMO

      In a normal PvP game like Lineage II for example I would complete shun you in every regard. Make sure I did everything I could to prevent you making Noble, stop you from getting Raid Boss fights, refuse to sell/buy anything from you, ect

      Sadly, Warhammer Online does not have anyway to prevent people like you screwing around everyone else and I believe that is part of the reason it is failing.

      The fact you can rationalize it to yourself only demostrates that point.

      Meh said “When you achieve that 80, what are you going to do? You clearly don’t have any friends”

      Meh ALL rr80 players have loads of friends and people kissing their ass the second the start approaching it. That is the nature of PvP in MMO’s. All the “big” guilds even have RR requirements.

      For me that just shows how terrible those guilds really are but hey I have been playing these games plenty long enough to understand that the point of the guild is to help its members and have fun. Most importantly that second thing…

  2. Heh, what about In-group renown whoring? I’m of the opinion that I can put out more healing when IN a group, just for reasons of my group heal and buffs, which makes my allies kill faster, or they stay alive longer. I’m confused about why anyone would do otherwise…

    Besides, as a single target healer primarily and group healer secondarily… it makes more sense to be in a group because then I can group heal my group AND ST heal the other group… I think that means more healing and more rps for me, no?

    It’s certainly possible to out-heal (and out-renown)a non-grouped healer, I do it all the time in SCs and laugh at them when they rage about it.

    When it comes down to it, anyone NOT in a group in SCs is an idiot, and should be treated as such. (short of you having 7 people in your sc…).

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