The Drive to 80

I want an 80. I have neglected it long enough.

I’m hammering down and focusing on my DoK. Thanks to the double renown weekend, he is that much closer. Went from the end of 69 to RR 72 in 3 days. And I believe I have that nice bonus still tonight too. The server, Gorfang, may have some population issues, but if it gets that bad, I’ll just respec Deeps and go roaming for renown. There is nothing that will stop me from getting at least 1 RR80.

My only issue is the guild is having more and more members make 80s, and in turn they roll new toons. I get tempted to work on alts as well as they more and more want to run Dungeons.

Must not deviate …. from plan …. most not work on alts …. aaahhhhhh.


5 thoughts on “The Drive to 80

  1. Just curious, what kind of hours did you put in to make those three ranks this weekend? I’m still crawling along and just under RR60 on my main. I only get to play 10-15 hours a week and I’d like to know what sort of time investment I’m looking at for the 70ish range. :)

    • 5 Hours Friday mostly did it. I ran on Saturday, no gaming. And Sunday I played for about 7 hours.

      I went from 1 to 70 in about 3 months. I was 60 in under 2 months. You have a long haul infront of you.

      My 72 to 80 is worse.

  2. I spent my Bonus XP/Renown weekend leveling my IB to R40. I made it so now I have a RDPS, Healer, and Tank at my disposal to help out (MDPS will be next).

    I’m still in no hurry to attain RR80 … as 1.4 and the RvR Packs get closer I will try to time hitting 80 at that time.

  3. If you were to actually beat me to RR80 I’ll probably quit. :P

    I’m in the same position, I really want a RR80 but those alts are so tempting… Damn.

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