Constructive Criticism, Jerk-Faces and Mr. Meh

I been in this game from the start. I’ve been doing this a long time. I though I still consistently take advise, I rarely give it in-game. I don’t take random advise, I find people examine them, and see what they are doing right. And then I ask them. I want to know why I’m getting beat in heals by a zealot, I want to know why a tank can hit that hard, I want to know why I see a Shammy stacking Armor. I want to know what their thought process is. Their logic and their expression that they understand that stat and philosophy. That way, you know that they know that they truly understand what the hell they are doing.

Unfortunately the zerg (the vast majority of the game’s population) understands very small absolutes. I have recently been helping some guildies from Destro Gorfang, get into Order Badlands. Though some members are well up into T4, some others are not. In helping them, as well as give me satisfaction, I rolled an Archmage for the simple fact to basically just heal them so they have the best time.

It’s amazing what you encounter. We basically run our group of 3 to 4 people and just primarily do Scenarios. In one very interesting T1 scenario, we actually encountered 12 destro all plus 9s in a Gates of Ekrund; versus, me, the solo healer, my tank and 10 lowbie DPS. They had us spawn camped right into after the first wipe. Which is pretty rare in that Scenario from what I remember. During the fight I actually was bombarded by 2 separate Slayers in tells, informing me that I suck. How dare I not rez them a dedicate my heals solely on their uberness. Clearly, as everyone knows, an unguarded rank 4 Slayer can easily destroy 12 rank 10 destro by simply farting.

My initial response was on a pleasant note, trying to be the veteran player, to explain to them game mechanics, since they must be newbs, about how a level 8 healer is not going to be able to out HPS the DPS of that kind of DPS ranks on the other end, let alone distribute that HPS between 11 other people. Also, how I can’t rez you yet, I’m 8. And basically it was a bad case scenario for Order. We were out matched. Good luck on future Scenarios, and if you pay for the full account, I’m sure you’ll both enjoy T2 and beyond. Make sure you find a tank buddy to guard you though, it’s rough if you’re not. (something along those lines)

“You suck,  you are the worst healer ever. Re-roll something else.”

Now you get the real Mr. Meh: “Alright … SFTU you pencil dick little brat. Whipe the snot of your chin you little nerd raging bitch. Go fucking roll a healer and then talk smack. This ain’t my first day at the rodeo and this ain’t my first healer. So GTFU and enjoy your little free trial, child.”

“Fuck you, I’m no trial player. Collectors edition. And I have a RR80 healer. So fuck off. You suck and you need to learn how to play.”

“You have a RR80 healer, and you completely unaware that healers don’t get rez till r10? And you say healer instead of the class? Ummmmmm … again, I’m not another trial account user. I can tell when you’re lying.”

Some blah blah blah, I ask for the name of the 80, he gives me a bogus name, I call him out that it doesn’t exist in Realm War … and finally /ignore.

And then this weekend, my guildies want to do some ORvR. I’m not usually interested in trading keeps and doing circles of avoiding the enemy, but I’m also not going to 3 man against 2 WBs. But we took some time to do some ORvR. We joined on the WB and went to go take STK. It didn’t take long to realize that out of 2 WBs, we had 2 tanks and maybe 3 healers. We were DPS heavy, and lowbie DPS at that. Well without viable tanks and healers busy rezzing instead of healing tanks, our attack was turning into a giant fail. I told my guys to pull off, this wasn’t happening. Actually, I accidentally said it in Realm Chat, so now everyone saw it.

Unfortunetly my team didn’t want to retire to SCs just yet, they wanted a keep defense. So I agreed and went to Mandreds for the absolute keep attack that surely coming in less than 10 minutes. Join back on the WB and even worse than before, we have 1 tank and 1 healer. We have an entire WB of BWs and SWs. Sigh.

We get a very daring BWs, that decided in Realm Chat to give some constructive criticism. “For the future, maybe we should distribute the heals around.”

My response in /T2: “We had 3 healers for maybe for 2 WBs, there was nothing to distribute. Go roll a healer.”

“I’m just saying that I wasn’t getting heals.”

“And I’m just saying, go roll a healer and you will.”

 A great calamity builds as everyone chimes in about the no heals they were receiving. And the only other healer goes “I agree with Nikh, go roll a healer if you don’t like the heals.”

As that crap is taking place in /t2, I’m trying to inform the WB I’m with, to be conservative. I’m one healer with a tank, try not to die.

As the attack came, it was like lemmings to a cliff. They all go outside and the range go right into open space. The WB is 3/4 dead within seconds. I can’t even find people to rez. I’m doing what I can trying to keep the oil folks alive, but any others, run right for their deaths right after I rez them. The door on the keep melts and the doors pop open with still 1/2 the WB dead. I’m getting 50 tells for rezzes, including the BW from the /T2 discussion. All within a minute. This wasn’t a fight at all, we were renown speed bumps to a destro rampage of a zerg. So knowing clearly that this keep is lost, I run for it as they commit to the lord. Almost made back to the WC too. But only almost. F’ing Witch Elves. Who gives up a keep take on a guaranteed flip? Who? That bitch, that’s who.

In /t2: “Hey Nikh, why didn’t you rez me, I was right at your feet.”

Obviously explaining the fact the Keep Lord died in all of 4 seconds wasn’t worth even bringing up how it didn’t matter.

My response: “Cuz you smell.”


8 thoughts on “Constructive Criticism, Jerk-Faces and Mr. Meh

  1. That will teach you to roll Order on Badlands ;-).. But if you hang-on you’ll be able to zerg with the crowd in T4…
    That is, until the the re-rollers who are currently in T2-T3 on Badlands destro make it to 40… After that I say watch out – Some of those guys are top-notch and the AAO make them truly bloodthirsty…
    I am however relieved to learn that Order is now plagued by the “Zomg we all go DPS” disease that infected Destruction for so long. I can tell you as a re-rolled Chosen I have seen T2-T3 BW run straight to me solo and start PBAoE frantically – I just want to say “The bug that made you God-like was 3 patches ago darling…” just before I squish them.
    See you in the lakes!

    • Lol. I’m actually from Badlands. I left and now kind of coming back. My first toons, WP and WL have been there. I left about 3 months ago to go experiment on Gorfang Destro. Built a 70 DoK in 3 Months, and found a great guild to be in. That guild is now experimenting on Badlands like the Destro you are meeting.

      Those great guilds you were referring to in T3 that are on Destro Badlands up and coming, are probably the Order Gorfang that left to go find action.

      They’ll tell you to watch out for us as well :D.

      The difference is, I’m coming home to a arsenal of cache and equipment, where my guildies are starting scratch.

    • Funny, on my server (KN), it’s an avalanche of healers (90% of them WPs) and a shortage of everything else. 3 separate scenarios at different times was 5-6 WPs with rest squishy rdps. Fun times

      @Mr. Meh: That’s why I don’t bother. If you are a veteran player, you learn to ignore people. :P

      Tho, others do have to put up with my shit when I’m drunk. xD

  2. Life in the lower tiers. I remember one time in Warcraft this guy complained that I sucked as a healer, and he received no heals. Luckily I screenshotted his comment, the final scoreboard, and all the heals he received during the whole time he claimed he wasn’t getting healed.

    I posted this great post on the forums calling him out, and boy did he look like an idiot. I mean seriously does someone thing they can go in range of 50 other people targetting them, and not think they are getting heals?

    I swear sometimes players think they are so good that they lasted 20 minutes without a heal against a zerg. Learn to read your combat chat, or get some addon that flies heal numbers above your head. You will soon realize that you would of been dead in five seconds if it wasnt for my spam healing you for 20 minutes.

  3. It’s no better in the higher tiers. My T4 Shammy does quite well in a premade, but I get so completely sick of the knuckleheads and their bitching comments that I’ve essentially retired him.

    Down in T1 Order, over on Volkmar, I’ve noticed the same thing recently. Very often in scenarios I see 10 DPS, one Tank, and my baby Archmage.

    Out in the RvR Lake, there are plenty of AMs, but apparently no one wants to play scenarios with a healer and honestly I can’t blame them. With AAO (or even without), the XP and RP gains from just soloing out there and spreading out heals and HOTs is better than SC gains.

    T1 scenarios are so heavily favored towards melee it’s just not worth it.

    • Oh yeah, healing lower tiers is a nightmare.

      With my baby Archmage, I basically couldn’t heal until 19, when I could get the Isha tactic for 35% better healing.

      And yeah, SCs are now just the grind for Weapons. Definintely a waste of time for renown.

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