It Was Just Another Belt

I ended up spending most of the weekend running. But in between I did find some time to play Warhammer.

I’m approaching that place I’ve been 5 times before and bored with what I can do. I spent the last 3 months levelling a DoK to 70 and with the server Gorfang dyeing a horrible death I’ve been trying to figure out what I want in this game. I’ve been back on my WL, enjoying all the nice debuffs, and then I took some time to help some guildies gain levels on Badlands by rolling an AM to assist them. And then early yesterday, I got an itch to check out my Warrior Priest once again.

I guess I’m getting to that stage of just wanting at least one RR80. And I would rather it be my DoK be it, but that’s not happening on Gorfang. My WL is way to far off in Renown Rank, even though he is fun as shit to play now. My WP is probably my best shot at making 80 before the Winter. He may not have any royal crest, but I think I’m getting set to buckle down and really make that drive.

As I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do; I’m riddled with messages of absolutely moronic nature. At the top of every hour at :02 minutes, a damn message pops up.

Seriously, which dipshit is really that stupid and going to give their password? Is this your first day on the internets?

Here’s an idea Mythic: how about change the loading screen tip to important messages. Having a window pop up consistently in the center during combat is very frustrating. I can understand that the CSR might be being bombarded with issues dealing with hijacked accounts. I’m not quite sure why they would care.

I fucked up about 2 weeks ago after the patch. Zmailmod, my most favorite unneeded but useful mod, was broken, and I didn’t realize till I hit the button, that where the normal ‘Open All” was now the default “Delete” in that spot. Definitely a stupid move. The mods background is Beige, the normal mail is black, I really didn’t have an excuse. What did I delete? A Stage III gold bag. What did the CSR do when they contacted me 4 hours later? Something along the lines of , we’re sorry, but we can’t replace gold bags. You should not have turned off the “Delete Warning Notification.”

Worst part is, not a day later I ship some mats and money from alts to the main crafters. I again accidentally delete my mail. (60) 200 containers, (12) purple frags, and 200 gold, gone. Didn’t bother to file a report. FML.

So as much as I can’t understand why people are giving out their account information, I have no room, since I can’t even help myself from pushing the delete button, twice.

Good news though, Zmailmod got an update. It’s back. I like to tell myself that gold bag was just another belt anyway.

It was just another belt.
It was just another belt.
It was just another belt.

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