WAR40K: Dark Millennium: Space Marine Rarity

There is one aspect of MMORPGs that I don’t generally like. It has always made me the outcast when it comes to IP and lore in a game. I like rare to be rare, I like epic to be epic. You usually can’t get that out of most MMOs. Generally due to the normal MMO mindset of “I want Fat Lootz Now!!!!”

Being a Warhammer Tabletop Nerd, many aspects of Warhammer Online always annoyed me. Having 200 Archmages running about was my first big cringe. Teclis once defeated an entire Chaos Army with one spell cast, he may or may not have just sneezed, we don’t know; but an Arch(Arch is fancy latin preword for SUPER EPIC AWESOME RARE OF THE BESTEST)mage needless to say is kind of overpowered. And now a common Maurader has the ability to kill one of the greatest magic casters in the game? Okay, naming oversight maybe. They should have been Mages at best. That’s like creating a solar system MMO, and having asteroids able to kill a sun. 

My point is, I hate when epic becomes too attainable. I hate when everyone looks like pure epicness. When you look out on the battlefield of WAR, you don’t see armies of Warhammer style units battling, you see armies of epic generals running is circles casting effects that make a 4th of July fireworks show look stupid. When your armor looks better crafted on your Warrior Priest than what Volkmar is wearing, ummmmm… you made a giant lore oversight. How successful is a MMO going to be with my wishes though? Not very. MMOers in general want everything now. They also like having one button to smash. And they want epic armor of epicness. They are like 16 year olds with a 1998 Honda Civic. They want the shiniest stupidest shit they can buy for $15 to put on that car. Make it loud, make it seen, and strut that rickety rusting piece of shit down main street flooring it to each red-light in a 15 MPH zone.

So when I read THQ/Vigil are going to keep the Space Marine rare and something that you have to really work hard at to even play, I absolutely jump for joy. There is maybe 1 Space Marine to defend each solar system in the Empire. They should be rare and very rare at that. How is the MMO fan base taking it? Ummmmm … Rage. You basically just told that 16 year old, they couldn’t get a custom license plate that said “2FAST4U”. Or worse yet, they found out their $10 muffler tip that makes loud sounds is the wrong diameter. Rage.

I imagine Vigil’s plan is to have you start as an Imperial soldier and rank your way to a point in which a Space Marine chapter notices your ‘heroism’, as many chapters recruit in this nature, and they make you an initiate of sorts. They then inject you with the Super Human Genome and make you a Scout Marine and let you progress from there. All broad assumptions on my part, but that’s how I think it should go.

THQ/Vigil, while I might applaud your stance to keep the Space Marine rare, it may not be your best choice. Players want the best stuff and they want it now. I might enjoy leveling and eventually making my ranks into a Space Marine Chapter that I must once again prove myself in, me and the 5 other people in the MMO society like me aren’t going to pay for those servers. If you want a million plus subs, you need to give them what they want. I’m thinking …. T1 is Space Marine, T2 is Captain Level with 2 Power Weapons and the Emperor’s Ward, T3 Dreadnaught, and T4 can be nothing short of Titans. Just an entire tier of Titans. Give the masses what they want, we’ll still come play.  


14 thoughts on “WAR40K: Dark Millennium: Space Marine Rarity

  1. I couldn’t agree more. The nerd rage has been off the charts with this one.

    I agree with your logic and even posted it on a rather obscure 40k MMO message board about a year ago (which was known as Warhammer Worlds … now it’s gone).

    It’s unrealistic to think a player could roll a Level 1 toon and be a Space Marine — the galaxy’s super-soldier.

    I could see it being similar for all races in Dark Millennium. You want to be a Striking Scorpion … then you’ll have to be a scrub Eldar Guardian first.

    Good post!

    • I remember Warhammer Worlds. But if I remember correctly they were allowing people to scan and post the Codexs and Army books. I’m sure GW shut that ridiculousness down right quick.


  2. It’s true too… if anyone reads any of the books, one space marine is more than enough to defend against entire armies that don’t have space marines. Imperial Inquisitors, etc. can’t match up to the raw power they put forth, and the sight of one, nevermind a company, is enough to strike overwhelming fear into their foes, and assure their friends that they will win the battle.

    Then again, against the “non-humans”, even space marines are not invincible. The chaos ranks can produce their own marines, the tyranid hives overwhelm them, the Orks just flat out overpower them, and the Eldar outmaneuver them.

    If they’re going to stick to the Imperium vs. Chaos side, then yes, Space Marines should be rare.

    That said, if they’re going the way of “epic battles” a la Dawn of War, then perhaps “scout marine” would be an appropriate starting level.

  3. History has shown that this won’t work. I never played it, but Star Wars Galaxies tried to make the Jedi something special that had to be earned, but when that failed they watered down the game so anyone could be a Jedi and lost half their fan base.

    Should rare be rare? You bet! Will the customers pay if they can’t be rare like everybody else? That remains to be seen.

    • Exactly the point.

      I want it rare, even if I can’t be it. But MMOers don’t like that. They want uberness and now!

      Gimme my LightSaber, also I want a badass cape, also I want electricity based attacks when I can’t throw my lightsaber at people, also I wanna fly, also I want a single hit instant kill attack, also I want a shield so that can’t happen to me, also I want DeathStar to ride around in, also I want it to travel at lightspeed when ever I like, also I wanna pet Wookie that can’t die and assist trains on me, also I wanna be able to hump Leia whenever I want, also I want her to be Episode 6 Leia.

      The problem is, there is 50 Million of the above idiot, and 50 of me.

      SWTOR got it right for making money. Make it so everyone can be a Jedi.

      WAR40K will make money no matter what. The game could get horrible reviews and every single 40K tabletop player ever will buy it. We just do.

      So how much does THQ care about having 300K more subs versus keeping GW happy and having further license agreements. Don’t know.

  4. I loved “You basically just told that 16 year old, they couldn’t get a custom license plate that said “2FAST4U”. Or worse yet, they found out their $10 muffler tip that makes loud sounds is the wrong diameter. Rage.”.

    I don’t know much about Warhammer background but I have to agree. I guess a custom / new background prevent this type of issues.

    WAR is just a MMO with Warhammer as a theme. The more you respect the theme, the less fun it would be?

      • Yes but as you said, if you want a MMO to be succesfull financially, you have to give the players what they want. It means that by restricting too much the player, you will just not get the popularity that will make the game works.

        And the problem with a MMO is that even if you believe the game is amazing, it can just dispear in a year because nobody wants to play it.

        It is hard to satisfy people that play 6h per day and people that play few days a week or just 1h per day. The game has to choose a side. Like WoW decided that elite reward require huge investement. Then the game become a lot more (to not say too much) about what you wear and not enough about how you really play.

        I think finding the right balance and keep the community happy is challenging.

        Most new MMOs don’t want to invest too much in a certain way before getting return from the community and we get games released half finished like WAR or Aion.

        I would like this to be different. Having a challenging / balanced and fair games that goes beyond flying poneys and 4h of dungeons that change every 6 months.

        WAR has its flaws but it has a real PvP experience. I just hope it can live many years again.

  5. Good post mate!

    I know It’s missing the point here (which I totally agree with btw) but…

    “T1 is Space Marine, T2 is Captain Level with 2 Power Weapons and the Emperor’s Ward, T3 Dreadnaught, and T4 can be nothing short of Titans. Just an entire tier of Titans. ”

    I’d totally play that game :-)

  6. You should work hard to be a Space Marine. When you have a couple of max level characters you can have a character leveled to a new tier which is the space marine tier.

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