What the Hell Happened!?!? Part 2

Two weeks  ago I posted on my concerns about the new attitudes of Gorfang. https://mrmeh.wordpress.com/2010/08/16/what-the-hell-happened/

Wow, what change happens in a half a month. We go from shallow belligerence to non-existence. There is no one left. The server is practically empty. I guess we are seeing the first issue with basically giving out renown and gear. You can only make so many RR80s in 2 sets of Sovereign before you get bored and move on.

I have spent the last weeks in and out of the server. Chiming in to run SCs in the new Eternal Citedal and basically sit there and wait 15 minutes between pops. So after about 3 SCs in 2 hours, we’d all take nice extended breaks. Some of us, mostly spending it on Order Badlands. Which is apparently not an uncommon fad amoung the majority of big names on Gorfang. Both sides alike are shipping out to try and find new and bigger action.

Just among my guild, 3 of the top RR80s on Gorfang have just decided to practically hangup their toons and dedicated all their time on Badlands now. All 3 were in T4 within a week, with RR to match. With that encouragement, many other guildmates are now spending more than just off time leveling toons there as well. And why not? You go from boredom and the same old premades day in day out, to running toons and T2 that have more action than you can keep up with. Do you know how fun Order T2 is, with a full premade of former  RR70+ Destro Toons? Hilarious. Even funnier when you get beat.

Not so much this weekend. Things turned ugly for both. Badlands encountered massive populations on Friday and Saturday, and if you are on that server, I’m sure you can relate. Personally, within 4 hours of trying to play on Badlands, I probably spent a good 1 hour of that at my character selection screen, and that’s mainly because I choose a zone and refused to move and queue. Reliving the opening week was not a refreshing memory. Sigh.

Worse yet, is when you finally said “fuck this shit,” and went back to Gorfang, you sat there bored out of your wits waiting on Scenario pops. It was a horrible weekend to say the least. Not at all a good one if you thought you were going to achieve something.

On the new scenario, I’m torn. I like the none flag SCs, but I wasn’t a big fan of this one. On Gorfang it was basically a test of who’s premade was better setup. Consistently, we duked it out for the full 15 minutes, not one kill on either side. The problem with the design is 2 fold; the map was too small. No room for kiting, and no matter where you stand, you are within your tanks guard. In the lower tiers on Badlands (when we could get in), it was a bit more fun. There was Tor Anroc punting style fun and ridiculously easy melee kills. Even in T4 Badlands I had fun. It was so consistent that both sides would enter without one healer on either side, that it gave me an idea of an extremely fun SC idea: No Healers.

Anyways, I can see where the SC is liked to certain degrees. I think it needs to be a bit bigger and eliminate the center spawn. Having a permanent premade duking ground is a decent idea. Not so much fun if you aren’t though. Not unless the other side is not one as well. What are the chances? Maybe make it permanent, but only for 6 man queuers.

This weekend definitely could have been better. I have one server that’s dead, and another that you can’t play on, and no idea what to do. How many others are in my boat? I’m thinking more than Mythic would like to see. So, I have no idea what happened.


4 thoughts on “What the Hell Happened!?!? Part 2

  1. Reroll IR :P.

    Population is decent, if not amazing, all weekend I took maybe 15 steps between SC pops, and most of the high RRs are still willing to come out on their mains once in a while.

    If you decide to reroll Destro, say hi!

    • Not going to lie … I actually started looking up free trials for other MMOs.

      I did play some Gorfang for a short while until I got bored again, then went to Badlands and started to have fun on my WL again.

      Wow, the WL got buffed well. With Warlord, we can now do a 3 way Armor debuff. I can basically knock all your tank armor off. It’s fricken amazing.

      • Population has suddenly picked up again. Order and Destro was in a slugfest on DW. Plus the SCs (on T4) where moving last night (8-31)….so maybe a summer/start of school lull?

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