Warhammer Online: Suggestion: PvE Chapter Buffs

Let’s face it. This game is a PvP game. Those that came here for PvE quickly were frustrated. Not that there is anything wrong with the premise, it’s just not as rewarded, updated or as sought after as the real meat and potatoes of the game, RvR. That doesn’t negate that fact that 2/3rds of every map are still PvE, nor does it negate that it is all still working and fun PvE to do that’s just sitting there with cob webs. It’s just that the Chapter Based PvE is not as rewarding as PvP, that’s the simple matter of the fact. If you are in T1 and T2, the best XP you can get is from the Scenario Win XP. The best way to level and get gear is PvP. And that’s awesome. But ….

What if I don’t want to PvP, right now? Or what if I have no one to PvP with? Or what if there is so much PvP, I can’t even load on my screen what the hell is going on and rather not be apart of the cluster fuck right now?

Before when LoTD was rank 25 and above, it killed T3’s action. If everyone loves PvP so much, why would that happen? Because, even though I want to own your face, sometimes I just want to zone out, kill some mindless shit (grind), get a chance at some nice loot, and make some XP. My whole big and bad life of RR40 to RR80 s going to be RvR. Let me have some PvE fun while XP is still my focus. And it’s not that we can’t use the chapters, it’s just that with all the RvR buffs and better drops combined with the addition of medallions, mindless PvP is just too rewarding to pass up. I want gear, and I want useful gear, then that means I want RvR. Which turns to RvE.

I personally loved the Chapters, the PQs, the rewards in the beginning. But I’m one of the originals. That’s all we knew when we came. SCs were broken in T2+, no one could figure out how the keeps worked, and battling in skirmishes made little sense. The rush was Rank 40. We grouped for PQs, we solo’d storylines, we’d show off our Epic Quest Weapons, and we show-off our Titles. I wonder what percentage of the population now even knows what the fuck an Epic quest is. The point is, PvE is fun and you (Mythic) actually built a fun PvE story line thing idea that’s quite neat. I’m not quite sure why the critics didn’t like it. I guess if the NPC doesn’t offer to have sex with you, the PvE sucks (I really didn’t like Dragon Age, if you couldn’t tell).

My suggestion is simple (simple in blogger brainstorming, you know the kind of simple that actually take 2 months of rigorous programming to implement), just buff the chapter rewards and up the drop rate of gold bags in PvE PQs.

The first part is in giving Chapter Influence Item Rewards a nice big buff.

Currently most chapters have a first bar that grants a baloney sandwich. Horay a +2 willpower talisman for a Chapter 6 reward. Really? A complete idiot could accidently sneeze a +10 talisman, what’s a +2 going to help me do? It’s not like I can take it and throw it at an enemy. The idea of potions or talismans isn’t a bad idea. What if we made them more close to the blue talisman stats that people are making in these ranks. That way the talisman is useful to the apothecary player, and the potions are useful to the talisman maker. For example; early T2 talisman makers should be able to make a blue +13 talisman. Maybe that should be a reward choice for Chapter 5’s influence. 

The second is a green (T1) or blue (T2+) mediocre item. It kind of like the first reward, it takes up a slot in my bag before I sell it. I’m glad I spent 45 minutes grinding PQs for it, that 50 bronze was awesome (heavy sarcasm for all those new to the Mr. Meh suggestion articles). The idea of blue items here is great, but the stats need a bit of a boost to make them even equal to the Green Renown Gear people can just go buy for cheap. A Blue R22 Belt from a chapter is not even near respectable in stats to the RR16 Green Conquest Renown Belt. They just need a simple boost. Make them real blue stats for that Rank.

The third reward is usually another mediocre blue item. Same premise here, it really needs a stats boost. And to that effect, it should really be a purple item. 

T4 PvE is a prime example of how underpowered the Chapter Rewards are. The last chapter rewards a rank 34 blue item. You need to be 38 ot 39 just to survive the chapter, what the hell is the point of a 34? These pieces shouldn’t be overpowered, but really, there is no need to take away from the great design that was originally built. If someone wants to Chapter PvE, it should grant at least something useful in their progression, not something beyond mediocre.

The second part is obtaining PvE Mythic Sets. We have these sets (Carnage, Mayhem, Ruin, Keeper) that we barely see. PvP gear is practically handed to you. You can easily get Medallions and Drops from simply just being a part of the PvP. Do enough keeps, you’ll get your golds bags. Even if you don’t you’ll have enough Crest to buy them. PvP is basically little league, even the losers get a trophy. On the other end of that spear, in PvE, no one wins. Grind the PQs all you want, that Gold Bag isn’t dropping. Also, good luck finding 2 or 3 people in PvE to go kill the single Hero over and over to get your Boot drop.  

Why not just add all the those PvE set item to the Gold Bags in the PQs? As well, why not just increase the gold bag drop rate of each PQ. Particularly, the Hard ones.

Or … Maybe even introduce a Currency System for PvE. Not that the bags in the PQs are useless, just that 5 crest so that my PvE grind is more useful, would be nice.

Just another idea. Gives some props to the carebears. They are subscriptions too.


12 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Suggestion: PvE Chapter Buffs

  1. My blog did a concerted group of posts on PvE. The reason is my wife and son, who like the game also, do not PvP. So, I wanted to show what was available in PvE land for those who just cant PvP.
    I personally think it is great fun…but, the rewards ARE shite. But, here is the deal…if you don’t PvP…then the rewards are not that bad…plus now that we have appearance slots, you get some cool stuff to wear.
    I also am an IP lore buff…so, I am reading novels, and about 20 years ago I played the Warhammer RPG, so it feels cool to see the places mentioned in the books and live in that world.
    Your idea is good…but, it could be fleshed out with these “packs”.
    Add housing, new crafting for jewelry, armor, weapons or items for your house…and PvE could bring a whole other crowd to the game.

    Good post and cheers.

  2. Actually, one of the PvE sets that were used the least has gotten a bit of an indirect buff. Because of how hard it is to get Annihilator, I’m considering getting Bloodlord instead on my lowbie Slayer. It’s not a bad set and not that hard to get, I already have 1 part.

    So it’s not like those sets are useless, just underrated because noone gets to use them.

    I have been thinking about the PvE part of the game and had some ideas on my own. Maybe I’ll put them into a post if I remember.

    • I don’t understand your ‘Actually’.

      I want buffs to the Influence Reward Items. And I think PvE sets should be more attainable, no buff. I never talked about dungeon sets.

      By PVE, I meant the Ruin, Mayhem, Havoc and Carnage. Those are your true PVE sets, there is also Stalker and Tracker floating around too. Bloodlord is a Dungeon set. I think Dungeons are fine. That might be your confusion. Even then I made no suggestion to buff these sets, just to make them more attainable, seeing that PvP sets are just handed out now.

      You’re killing, Blaq, killing me.

      • Yeah, sorry for tarnishing your article with dungeon sets. Next time you should write PvE open world sets only! or something. :P

        I was only talking about Bloodlord because it was in the same boat as Ruin, Havoc, Carnage… It was almost never used cause it’s too hard to get and not powerful enough. I can’t see how that isn’t relevant. Isn’t making something easier to get also a buff?

      • You should check out Ruin on the Swordmaster. I know a player that can wear Warlord, but refuses to take off the Ruin Set. It’s that good.

  3. It is sad that all that work on the PvE and it sits there gathering dust. It’s not all that bad but in a PvP game forget about it. The gear is quite lacklaster and makes you wonder who came up with these loot drops? They don’t make a lot of sense.

    And then higher up there’s a flip where the PvE dungeon drops are better than those you can get in PvP (for some classes). For a BW Invader is pathetic … Dark Promise is the set we strive for.

    I don’t see Mythic putting any effort into the PvE unless they get caught up. It’s a shame because like you said, there are times you don’t want to exert the effort to fight people … sometimes you just want to play.

    • Yeah.. to my point. I think the idea would save the PvE to have some people atleast enjoying it.

      I was in T1 for a bit. I saw someone say in Region, “I hope people keep doing PQs in the upper tiers, these are great.”

      I didn’t have the heart to tell him.

  4. I really wish PQs were worth more, they’re probably the best idea I’ve seen in any mmo, they just need players to play them. A big issue I saw in beta was the large amount of content with the limited population size, but tack on the fact that the PvE rewards are useless, and these great events are collecting dust.

    • Yeah.

      One of the reasons the PQs weren’t as favored early on, was due to the fact they distributed us in so many servers, we had such limited populations. Same happened in the Betas too.

  5. @Mr. Meh: I really can’t see why. I think he might be fooling himself, armor and statloss like that won’t make up a few good bonuses (they’re not even that good). I’m puzzled.

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