Warhammer Online: Suggestion: Custom Armor Sets

Warhammer Online is approaching a point that many MMOs hit and have a tough time figuring out how to keep subscriptions; not only with new players coming in, but with your current end game population. When an MMO matures you end up having very vast population type. One of which is the heavy end game players decked out with all the best gear. Trying to appease these players generally causes more imbalance as new and better things must be introduced. This can cause a great deal of heartache and frustration for newer players coming in late in the game. So as Mythic is introducing a second set of Sovereign gear to appease these end game players and keep them in the game that much longer for Patch 1.3.6, it’s only a small matter of time before they must give another new introduction of better stuff to keep those subscriptions. With the Renown cap being raised to 100 in December, you can bet more renown bonuses and gear are going to be introduced. As they do, more and more imbalance occurs. At first response, it seems Mythic answer is to give massive renown bonuses to Sub 80s, to catch them up. I no like.

I come from years in EVE. Which is by far the most successful unbalanced and unforgiving MMO to be shat out of a developer’s mindset. You have a game that only grants end game by time played. You learn skills (over time) and can fly and use nicer things along the way. Technically, you never even have to play, you can just manage training the whole time, grow a toon and play them about 3 years later. the game reward more to inaction, then it does constant stimulation. Along with a very in-depth economy and crafting system, coming in as a new player is the most uphill battle any gamer could take on. But even in that game, after 5 years, there is not a lot of end game combat content for players to get into. Once you max out your combat skills, you then take on life in a corporate mastermind, and when that’s all in place, you spend your time defending it.

The game is centered around spaceships, in which they range in sizes and capabilities. It’s not a matter of simply DPSing, Healing, or Tanking. Everything is about custom setups, and slightest incorrect item slotted on your ship can cause a fleet to be lost. Each ship has so many slots, and then special bonuses for which the ship is unique. Tech 1 are your basic cost-effective ship, and Tech 2 are your expensive but highly bonus set ship. These levels of infinite customization got CCP to introduce a Tech 3 custom-made ship about 2 years ago. A ship in which you could build different sections, put it together and end up making a ship with more of what you would specifically in Slottings, Stats and Bonuses. The key was, these Tech 3 ships were only available in the Cruiser size ships. Not your Battleship or bigger. This meant even a 1-year-old character had a shot in playing more evenly with the older gens.

We have a version T1 and T2 ships in WAR. T1 ships being your standard Green, Blue and Purple armor that each have talisman slots for some minor customization. And then Tech 2 ships being your Mythic level Armor that not only have Talisman slots but also set bonuses. However we have a major separation in the stats and bonuses these high level sets give. There is a grand difference between RR35 Annihilator sets to RR70 Warlord.

What was nice about the Tech 3 custom ships in EVE, was that they weren’t placed at an unreachable level to newer up and coming players. They were purposely set there in front of them. You might not have the years to fly a capital ship, but with some income and some advance skills you could fly on par with a 4 year old character. At the same time, these ships were also highly desirable from the old players because of the customization; it was an introduction that everyone would wanted.

I think the same idea is ripe for the taking in WAR. A custom set of armor needs to be introduced. Not so much as a RR80+ set, but as RR60 set. Right now, RR60 is quite attainable for any player. As many players in high RR70s still play in Invader for the stats. The point is, that Sovereign might get you more armor and other values, but it doesn’t necessarily fill all the gaps in stats based on how you like to play. I willing to bet many players would gladly take a hit slightly to their Armor Value and other misc values if it meant that they were able to pick more of the stats and bonuses, but still want their very unique other Armor depending on play type and situation.

Basically my idea is influenced around the introduction of slotting how you want your armor to look and the fact the drops are now based on armor type, not specific classes. Those two things help make this dream possible. Here are the details as I have dreamt them so far:

There are no RR requirements, once you are 40, you can wear them. Obtaining them is another story.

To acquire one requires a specific chance or task. Getting all of them would mean you have to do everything in-game. You can’t just be an ORvR zerger, or an SC whore, or a Dungeon fiend. You want the full set, you will be doing a great deal of everything. 

There are 11 pieces; Chest, Helm, Shoulders, Belt, Gloves, Boots, Cloak, and 4 Jewelry Pieces.

To encourage all aspects of the game there will be contribution PQs added to almost everything. Dungeons, SCs, ORvR and City. The PQs are additional to any other PQs that may already exist, for instance ToVL or City.

These PQs only give a small amount of bags, and gold bags are very rare to show. For the most part, these additional green bags really only offer the standard 200 containers and gold. So winning a green is not so bad, it’s free and not throwing an imbalance. This PQ ends at the end of an SC, at the lock of a zone, at the very end of the City, and at the very end of a Dungeon. Again gold bags are extremely rare. Simply doing an SC is not going to grant one lucky person out of 12 a bag for example. Conditions apply and they are difficult to obtain. PQs of course use the standard contribution base rate, and then the random screw you out of nice stuff random dice roll.

For Scenarios, the instance must be a win for the PQ to give rolls to players. A gold bag appears randomly on a rate of about 10 Scenarios. There will always be at least 2 green bag. This PQ gold bag will drop the Boots or the 1st Jewelry Piece. That would mean on average it would take 120 SC wins to obtain one gold bag, and almost another 180 to obtain the other piece (that number keeps in mind getting the same piece on your next bag). That’s a lot of runs, and a great boost to your ego if you so got that lucky.

For City, the instance must be a 3 stage win. One side has to win all three stages to proc the custom Armor PQ roll. A gold bag appears here randomly on a rate of about 5 City instances. There will always be atleast 4 green bags. This PQ gold bag grants the Chest only. This will probably be the hardest of all pieces to acquire. On average it may take 120 runs to obtain this piece.

For Zone Locks, the zone locking side has an entire PQ roll for all those involved. Contribution is taking into account, but you are rolling against many players. Upto 5 gold bags depending on time and difficulty of resistance for the zone lock. This gold bag can grant Gloves or the 2nd Jewelry Piece.

Dungeons are split in 3 parts to help encourage higher ranks to help those lower than them:

For Crypts/WarpTunnels (Order) or Blood and Bile (Destro) runs, a PQ roll is given at the very completion of a full clear. It doesn’t matter the order, just as soon as the leader completes all the bosses, the PQ roll will appear. A gold bag appears randomly on a rate of 20 instances. This gold bag can grant either the Belt or the 3rd Jewelry Piece.

For Lost Vale a PQ roll is given at the very completion of a full clear. It doesn’t matter the order, just as soon as the leader completes all the bosses, the PQ roll will appear. A gold bag appears randomly on a rate of 20 instances. This gold bag can grant either the Shoulders or the 4th Jewelry Piece.

For Tomb of the Vulture Lord a PQ roll is giving at the very completion of a full clear at the 9th Boss. It doesn’t matter the order, just as soon as the leader completes all the bosses, the PQ roll will appear. A gold bag appears randomly on a rate of 20 instances. This gold bag can grant either the Helm or the Cloak.

Basically with this setup and really hard to achieve items, getting 3 pieces is a decent goal upto RR60 and 5 by RR70. Getting all 11 is near impossible. As it should be for epic gear in my opinion. This will keep RR80 on their toons longer, as well as get everyone into everything in this game, and help encourage higher ranks to help lower ranks at a shot to get something they need. One of the problems with low-level PvE is, the experienced that can get you through, have no desire. This should help give them that nudge. PQs cannot be master looted, nor opted out of. No more rage at individual players for not opting. It is what it is, hard as hell, to get that gold bag. This set is not granted by simply just logging in.

So now that we understand how to get them, and the difficulty of doing so, what about these pieces make them a set that any player would drool over?

Each piece has talisman slots and no stats beside a basic Armor and Magic Resistance Values, depending on the type of Item (cloth, light, medium, or heavy), allowing the user to customize the individual piece. You can also stack upto three similar talismans on one piece. Since almost every type of talisman can be made, these pieces of equipment greatly rely on talisman making as a skill. Depending on the item determines the amount of slots.

For example a Medium Armor boots would be received with a basic stats of 500 Armor and then would have 5 Talisman slots. Where the belt would have 100 of each Magic Resist and 4 Talisman openings. The Chest would have 620 Armor and have 6 slots. A jewelry piece would have 80 for each Magic Resistance and 2 Talisman slots. And so on and so forth.

The next part to the custom set is the bonus. You can also slot the type of bonus you want. To do this there are merchants in Altdorf and IC that sell the bonuses for you to slot. That way you can choose your bonus. The basic bonuses are purchasable. The better bonuses are purchased with rare items, such as bestial tokens.

 The 2nd Piece Bonus are centered around boosting a main stat. Like +75 to Strength, WS, BS, Intel, or Willpower.
The 3rd Piece Bonus are centered about defense stats. Such as +550 to Armor, +75 to Wounds, Toughness, Initiative or +380 to a Magic Resistance.
The 4th Piece Bonus deal with crits. Such as 5% to Melee, Range, Heal or Magic Crit.
The 5th Piece Bonus deals with defensive boost, such as increasing 5% to Parry or lower chance to be crit.

These set bonuses require better currency to purchase:
The 6th Piece Bonus deals with Procs. Attacks or Taken attacks do something. Such as a 10% to auto Taunt (even if you arent a tank), Detaunt, or 10% to boost healing by 20% to Defensive target, or 10% change to cause more damage to a Target.
The 7th Piece Bonus deals with Pools. These bonuses can help boost AP, Moral or Mechanic Pools. Either by chance to gain AP (et cetera) or by actually making the pool itself larger.
The 8th Piece Bonus deals with gain a new passive ability. Stealing stats from enemies by attacking, boosting stats through heals, or boosting attacks or heals by 5%.
The 9th Piece Bonus allows you to boost 3 levels in a mastery tree.

These Bonuses require an even more unique currency to purchase;
The 10th Piece Bonus allows you to gain a new active ability. These abilities would be basic ones, like a charge or juggernaut. Maybe even a detaunt or challenge.
The 11th Bonus allows you to buy something so epic, I can’t even think of something epic enough to fill as an example. 

The bonus slot is on each piece. Granted if you slot a 3rd piece bonus, but are only wearing 2 pieces, you won’t receive the bonus for obvious reasons.

Potentially the Custom Set can and would be the most Overpowered set in the game. However, it should be. To even gain one piece is hard enough. It would take months to get 5 pieces to even get a set equal to the Warlord setup. Getting over 7 pieces would take nearly forever, and 11 pieces seems out of reach. But that’s kind of the point. This is the epic set, the end all, and the hard to achieve. It should feel like its not at all easy, but still somewhat possible.

Just another idea,


One thought on “Warhammer Online: Suggestion: Custom Armor Sets

  1. Wow that is a well thought out plan, sounds awesome, wish we could see something like that. But with the rarity of drops I don’t see it doing much for “new” players. Now if they could be used as a replacement for any existing set piece that would be awesome.

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