Warhammer Online: The Real New Player Guide

So … you are completely brand new to WAR. First day in and you feel like it’s just a little lack luster. You aren’t finding the PvP you heard everyone so raving about. The PvE seems random at best. And nothing really seems to make sense. How have your friends been playing this that long, and you can’t understand why anyone would put up with this for more than 10 minutes. The simple answer is, we all know the little things. When we start a new toon, we take 5 minutes, organizing our mods, UI, chats, and hotbars. 5 minutes takes us from frustrating gold spam and clustered UI, to feeling right at home.   

Unfortunately, when we finally encourage you to download the trial and play around, we forget to tell you all these things. There is a lot of “Oh yeah, do this …” and “Oh fuck, you need to turn this off …”

I recommend going in, running about, taking small steps before and going out grabbing everything you need. Just play and learn one piece after another. Here’s what you need to do with WAR when you get in:

Chat Window – Basically, this is the number one thing you want to learn and fix right away.

Firstly, right-click the Chat Tab, on the drop-down menu, choose Filter.  Here are 3 things you should turn off, Advise, Loot Roll, Coin.

Advise channel was supposed to be a nice idea. The idea was for upper levels to communicate and assist new players that had basic questions that needed answering. Unfortunately, it actually just is a gold spam haven. If you don’t turn it off, you’ll watching Gold Spam all day.

Why Loot Roll and Coin? There is really no point. I like chat to be just that, chat. I don’t want to be in a convo or looking through WB orders, to have a giant list of grey jump out of no where, because a green piece of crap dropped that everyone is rolling on. Same goes with coin. These are things that just happen, whether or not you can see them, there is no change or adjustment you can make, they don’t matter. Better to see an order than to know you gained 37 more bronze.

Same goes for /ignoring vs. just filtering the advise channel. You could keep it up and spend the time /ignore on each gold spammer that comes up. However, it’s going to be at critical moment when the WB leaders says “Go around to Docks,” instead at that very moment Captaingoldshiter will macro spam 15 times “Hey, I shit gold all day. Come buy some at http://www.ishitgold.com.”

You most likely will have to learn to /ignore people, as some daring gold spammers and ass-hats alike are just easier to /ignore or you can right-click their name in chat and choose to ignore from there. If you keep ignoring enough people, you will earn unlocks.

Graphics – My setup might not equal your setup.

Despite WAR being a 2008 game developed in 2006, its graphics and effects along with a shitload of people in the same place at one time is probably going to make you lag. If you feel you are experiencing lag, I can tell you from experience, it’s not the game, it’s you. Either it’s your computer or your connection. It takes a lot for me to lag out. Sure, I’ll get a spike, but nothing that makes me rage.

If you are getting lag, go to the video settings, and pull it down to Fastest Fragmentation. After that, if you are still getting lag, your internet connection is your next concern. But most likely, you just need to turn down your effects, and amazingly, no more lag.

If you didn’t already, stop by your Music tab and turn off the music. Since you are there already.

Instant PvP – For some reason none of the new player guides actually make this apparent.

There is 3 types of PvP in WAR. Open RvR (which you have to run to in the North of Nordland, the South of Norsca), City Sieges (which can’t experience yet), and Scenarios (Which no new players seem to know about).

In the upper right corner of your screen is a map. To the top left of that Map is a Blue button with the WAR symbol in Orange inside of it. This is your Scenario Queuer. You can queue when ever you like and play in instant PvP fun anywhere.

That way you can have your PvE grinding and your PvP cake too. When you come out of the SC you will spawn where ever you left in. So make sure you don’t go in right inside a massive amount of NPCs. Also, you will spawn in the Warcamp, if you took the SC on a RvR objective. That is the only exception.

Massive PvP – Sure you could play in chapter 2 and 3 all day long, or you could run a bit and go own some newbs.

If you are Order, run north, if you are Destruction, run south. In the center of the 2 zone is the RvR open warfare. At times it’s just mass balls of morons duking it out. Enjoy.

Basically, if you keep running by yourself into a wall of enemies, over and over, stop doing that. Go around. Or better yet, open the Open Warband Window and find a group to assist you in dyeing a little less.

PvE the Right Way – The PvE is a bit different in this game. The aspect of grind is the same, but the best way may not be the one you would think of.

Essentially WAR’s PvE is broken into 4 Chapters per Tier/Zone which have Quests from NPCs, Public Quest Areas,  random spots of junk mobs for your grinding pleasure, and Dungeons. What you are used to is the Questing and Mobs; every MMO has them. What you aren’t used to is Public Quest and Influence.

Questing will give you the XP you want, while rewarded adequate cash levels. The items rewarded from some of these quests are … mediocre at best.  

PQ (Public Quest) will give you decent XP but grant better access to Gear. Each Chapter has 3 reward levels in Influence that you can claim from the local Rally Master. Just assisting, not competing (though it helps) in a PQ gives you influence. Saying you complete it and decent bag drop in the chest, you can get even nicer gear from the PQs.

Mob Grinding is probably the slowest way to XP unless you have the rested bonus. Gear drops are rare and not usually decent. NPC soldiers drop some coin, but beast don’t. The best way to make your mob grinding worth it, is for crafting. If you are just sitting beside a Wolf Mob just grinding the kills for XP, but you aren’t Butchering, you are doing it wrong. Even if you don’t want to learn crafting yet, you can sell the Mats. Make your time worth wild, make XP and Gold, by getting yourself a craft.

Dungeons are more end game. There is early game dungeons, but they can be frustrating just joining up to do it. I recommend you stay away from Hunter’s Vale unless you have steel patience. Players just leave at wimbs and getting through the whole thing is difficult short of you rolling a new toon with your guildmates, and you 6 are just decent dungeon runners. Saying you can be the sixth man in a 5 man guild run, that’s about the only time I would recommend it. The run is just too complicated for 6 new players to dedicate time to do. I don’t want to discourage HV, but you should not hold it against the game when after 4 hours of failure sends you into nerd rage as you accomplish nothing. That’s your warning if you are impatient.

The best and fastest way to make your way to level 10 with renown, is to run Quest that take you to PQ areas while queueing for Scenarios. Basically, go to the Chapter start, pick up your quest. Do a quick (M) Map veiw and just take a moment to map out that your quest are going over PQs. If you have ones taking you way out of your way, they might just be worth dropping. Run to each quest, if they so happen to be on a PQ (so many are), doing at least the 1st stage is worth decent XP and Influence. Whenever you aren’t just about to complete a PQ stage, you should be Queue’d for Scenarios. Do some quests, complete some PQ stages, take some Scenario Pops, turn in your quests’ rewards, move on to the next PQ area with quests, rinse repeat.

They key to chapter grinding is knowing when to move on. Taking on mobs 2 levels above you, may take too much time to recover from each fight, but will grant your best XP. 1 level above you to equal level mobs is a good way to stabilize your XP gain while maintaining your health to keep going in a steady pace. The level 8 might be worth more, but if it takes you to half health that means that you have to pause for too long to take on more. You kill to time ratio is too slow, go back down to level 7 or 6 mobs.

The Big key to making the most XP is to move on, once you out leveled your chapter. There is no reward big enough to complete a chapter to grind out PQ while killing mobs 3 level below you. Move on, make more XP, more money and see more, do more.

Or … you could just take the time to enjoy the game. One of the biggest problems is some people won’t move forward. They’ll spend hours trying to earn the one blue piece at level 8. The sad truth is blue at level 8 is relatively worth the equivalent of the white rank 11 piece. In the amount of time it took to get that one peice, you could have leveled 2 or 3 ranks and be wearing a green piece that is way better. XP/Level is Always greater than Gear … until T4. A Knight in full green gear at Rank 30 will tear to pieces a Maurader wearing full purple at Rank 22. Gear is cool, but don’t get too attached. Move on, enjoy the finer things in the game.

Crafting – It’s fricken easy as Hell. You should have no excuse.

Take the time in Chapter 2 to learn you some crafting. Best pay off early in the game is Scavenger/Talisman Maker. You can make talismans (decent too) relatively early. And most PQs and Quest are involved around things you can Scavenge. Magic Salvaging is a bit harder. In the long run, it’s definitely needed, but more difficult to get decent results.

Butchering is the same as Scavenging as it will provided quicker early results. Along with apothecary, this combination is a great money-maker. Though potions are not the best need in T1, Liniments are a costly must in T4. It’s good to have for the long run. Cultivating is the easiest of them all, yet the most difficult. Easy to do, yet hard to find nicer mats.

Talisman Makers needs a secondary skill for materials, either Scavenger or Magic Salvager. Weird tidbit to know. A Hedge Wizard is actually the Talisman Maker Career trainer.

Apothecary needs a secondary skill for materials as well, either Butchering or Cultivator.

External Resources – Once you have, you will always want them and nerd rage when they need an update.

Want to know more about your class before you spend time into it? Want to know more about certain gear before grinding for it? Want something just to better help you?

There are many aspects to improving game play. Essentially, Mythic designed the UI open for 3rd party mods. We end up all using these mods, so commonly, they should just be added to the game itself. But they haven’t. For this reason, you should go get some. Warning: Don’t pick up a ton right away, get some basics, then look for some more later, add then add some more, then delete some that you don’t really need. Where do we get our mods?


Download the client, it will allow you pick up mods and put them right in your game. Here are some basic mods we all like:

SOR (State of the Realm) – Not all that helpful for T1 trial accounts. But once you hit T2, it shows where you can find ORVR action, and whats about to lock. Once you have it in game, you need to change the settings and probably move it out of the center of your screen.

Queue Queuer – Mod to help you queue for scenarios. Not that it’s that hard, but it has nice features, like being able to blacklist certain SCs you might not like. If you like Reikland Factory, you need to stop playing this game right now and go back to WoW! Also, it has a nice feature to gives you an extra minute to join an SC. Let’s face it, some of us take bit longer to shake. You’ll miss a lot less pops this way.

Moth – A great mod that opens a tooltip as your mouse rolls over something. You can examine the features of Enemies and Friends without targeting them. Think of it as HUD in a Flight Fighter game.

Show Health Percentage – All health bar, except your own, are focused around just visual bars. Boss fights, and keep doors are better represented with this mod. It just puts the percentage in the bar.

nRarity – This will highlight the item on you and in your bag with their color of rarity. This way you don’t have to roll over the item to see what it is.

If you play a Chosen or a Knight: Twister – The whole point of your class is the fact that you can twist. This mod will help you bind your favorite three into one button for mashing favor.

If you play a range class: Range Checker – This mod will just give you the basic range of your target. Not so much a big deal if your traget is out of range, its more about knowing when your target is within 45 Feet for those special tactics that give you boost in close range.

If you play a healer, you will need some sort of Unit Frame: Squared – is the most known. I recommend HealGrid – This setups squares of your group and warband so that you can easily target them to heal. You can also find additional addons with these that will allow you bind certain key option to cast specific heals for faster healing results. Very helpful for Scenarios if nothing else.

I hear some people really like Enemy – Worth looking into to find which one you like better. But a Unit Frame of some sort is going to be helpful.

For tank over 10. Using a Unit Frame like above is a great way to shift around your Guard, for Black Guards and Iron Breakers, it also allows you to move around your protector ability, so that you can get a bank of 100 Hate/Grudges at all times.

Scrolling Combat Text – A mod that changes the way the damage you take and deal is displayed. I find it gives you a better glimps of whats going on.

Tome Titan – If you like the idea of Unlocks, this is the first a major in-game collection of explanations on how to find the basics and some of the harder ones.

AutoDismount – A must have once you have a mount. This allows you to dismount just as soon as you activate any ability. It’s Just as EA says, it’s in the game.

If you take up Magic Salvaging as a craft: Hammertime – This will keep your hammer open to keep breaking down multiple items without having to keep activating the ability.

If you take up Cultivating: Miracle Grow Remix – Will keep the craft window open in a smaller version at all times. That way you can craft anytime, without opening a whole new window that will block your view.

VP Breakdown – Do one seems to understand VPs. It’s not hard. But if it is for you, this mod will help.

If you aren’t a tank or melee DPS: Detaunt Helper – Detaunt is the most important ability of any squishy. This will allow you to see who is hitting you the hardest, and even will target them so that you can detaunt sooner.

There are so many others. While viewing the mods, check 2 things; the description/comments and the date of the last update. Sometimes something was awesome, but the code fell out of play after a patch. Just because something has a great rating doesn’t mean it still works.

Understanding Classes – This MMO is a bit different. Tanks can hit as hard as a Melee DPS. Healers can DPS just as well. And Crowd Control is the real killer of them all.

Playing one way because you think it appeases the mass of morons is not the way to have fun. A sword and board tank in sub-T4 is not as effective as just neccessarily going all out DPS with a great weapon. Unless of course you are fully relying on the knockdown from the shield to kill something (IB/BG early ability).

Healers also don’t get a group heal to Rank 20. Focusing just on heals is actually pretty difficult. Not telling you not to. But in T1 and T2, before you get the Divine Fury tactic, do both dps and heals. It’s fun. Some of the best times I have had, was with a DPS Arch Mage (healer for High Elves).Disciples and Warrior Priest have a hard time healing without a charm. And a blue or purple charm at that.

The point is, T1 through T3 is the time to experiment. Don’t assume that you have to be a certain way.

Don’t Spend Excessively – Don’t spend money on changing your armor color. By T2 you will get a bolster in the RvR lakes making your rank 21 while you are there. That means you can summon a mount in the RvR lakes in that teir. However a mount cost 15 gold. That’s a lot of gold to have by rank 12. Not impossible, but certainly not going to happen if you are buying gear or changing colors all the time.

It’s quite depressing being the only one in T2 without a mount. Save up.

Learn – Each teir is going to introduce you to something new. Learn from it. More and more, you will need to be tactical and be able to work with groups. Staying solo your whole career won’t get you the nice gear or the best results. Always be on the lookout for a good community to join.

XP – lets you get more abilities. As well, over rank 11 you start to be able to specialize in a specific path. That’s something you don’t get to view until you are that age. (for some reason)

Renown – Allows you to add better stats in what you want to do. The first thing you should buy at Renown Rank 2 is the Red Tactic called Combat Awareness. This should help balance your renown and XP levels if you do too much PvP.

That’s all I have for now, enjoy,


29 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: The Real New Player Guide

  1. AutoDismount hasn’t been needed for a long while – in fact the default UI handles auto-dismounting better as it only dismounts you if you use a viable skill – no more getting dismounted only to find you didn’t make an attack becuase you were out of range (or hit a keybind by mistake without a target selected).
    Other than that, a really good guide.

  2. Sub T4 tanks can still effectively use a shield. Many have shield-dependent skills (such as a knockdown for the IB) and Hold The Line is just as effective at Rank 10 as it is at Rank 40.

    • I guess to a degree. I personally rather enjoyed the extra DPS on my BG over the 2 sec Knockdown.

      But then again that goes to the point to not listening and just discovering it yourself. If you like your board, keep it. I can see your point on the IB. That kind of makes sense.

      Personally, I rather have the Deeps at levels where healers can’t keep up with DPS.

      I’m a bit torn on Hold the Line. I can see your point, I just don’t see that many places where you have stand offs in ORvR like you do in T4.

      • Oh, I agree that a T2 tank with a shield is not going to get out of it what a T4 tank would. Rather, my point was that if a player chooses to go that route, they still have useful options too, particularly if they stack some strength talismans!

      • Very good point!

        Stack strength on your boarded tanks, no one ever seems to expect that.

        Squishy: “Why is this tank hitting so hard, he has a board?”

        Tank: “Tehe”

      • There’s some lore considerations with the Black Guard and the Swordmaster. Both are tanks but in the RPG and Table-Top Wargame they are both 2-handers — glaive for one and two-handed sword for the other. So while Mythic gave options to allow you to sword and board with these two classes they still built them to favor the 2-hander style.

      • Yeah, but on that note, you could also argue the inconsistancy of the unit type (TT) to MMO.

        The Swordmaster Unit is a heavy offensive melee unit. It really should have been a melee DPS. Its the HE mirror to Greatswords, Executioners, et cetera. It really shouldn’t have been the tank for HE, it should have been the Pheonix Guard if anything.

        Atleast the BG was a Heavy Armor unit for the DEs. No shield, was heavy enchanted armor.

  3. I cannot stress the use of Enemy enough. UIs, lots of info, highly customizable. A must for any healer who can stand taking the hour to figure it out and get everything “just so”.

    Also, look around for crafting mods.

    I also prefer MGRemix for cultivating, and Motion works nicely for apothecary. I’m sure there are others out there.

    CraftingInfoTooltip is always useful, too.

    • Actually Enemy is indispensible for Tanks as well. The best part of it is that it puts a big arrow in your UI pointing to where your Guard target is. You can click on this to target them as your defensive target. Very handy for a Black Ork trying to support a melee dps.

      Also, it will show you the guards of anyone else in your warband who has Enemy so you can quickly see who is guarded.

      Finally it makes it easy to create and join custom chat channels for anyone using Enemy in the zone. Handy for City Sieges where all instances are the same “zone.”

  4. Turtling with my black guard and my DoK friend is hilarious in T1!

    There’s nothing like having a bunch of people with horse-blinders trying to stab you to death and wasting like an extra minute of their time!

      • Me too lol!

        I can’t even begin to count the number of times where he’s like, “Dude, that was not something we could win” or “You really shouldn’t go out that far” or “you’re an idiot” hahaha

  5. I’m a huge fan of information, so I have to speak out against the general removal of Advice chat. Yes, gold spam and trolls suck. However, here’s how I work around it:

    1. Make multiple chat tabs. Name one “All” and keep things like Region, Realm War and Advice in it. Title another “RvR” and keep things you need for pure RvR in it. Title another “PvE” and do as above. By segmenting chat for things you need, you can hop into Advice when you need info or want to help without having to deal with as much chat spam.

    2. Download the Cram the Spam addon which helps track gold spammers and works with your Ignore list. Use the right-click ignore option liberally the moment a gold spammer shows up and you’re in the clear.

    I’m a much bigger fan of manipulating the amount of chat tabs and what’s in them than just blocking out segments of possibly useful chat completely. :p

    • That’s actually a pretty good plan, but not for the same reason I’m thinking.

      Gaarawarr does have a good point in having multiple chat windows show at once. I am a big fan of that. Combat on side, chat on the other.

      I’m not quite sure how your server is, Gaarawarr. But from experience on Order Badlands and Destro Gorfang, if it’s not gold spam in the /advise channel, it’s basically crude bigotry and/or trash talk. The times that I have made the effort in boredom to turn the channel back on and ignore the gold spammers, I only found conversation of trash talk. Maybe you guys keep them more in line over there.

  6. OK, wow, this was like a million times more helpful than anything else I’ve found.

    Complete nooblet question: I’m dumped in the new player zone which, I gather, was done to increase zone population early one.

    But where is my bank? I misclicked on a scroll in my backpack and got taken to somewhere greenskin-y (I’m a black orc), then freaked and clicked back to my rally master in Norsca. How do I get back to wherever the heck my bank is?

    • All beginning locations where relocated to the Chaos/Empire pairings. If you aren’t a trial account, you would have a scroll in your backpack that would take you to your faction’s original starting area. Which it sounds like you did and then promptly used you recall book to scroll back.

      The answer to your question about bank is in Inevidible City. There are no banks in the zones (for some reason). Once you fly to IC, there is market square just south of your landing location. The square has 4 corners and a giant center cone with a sharp red beam arching ino the sky. You can’t miss it.

      Your banker is in the corner at the North East if you were looking at your map.

      The is another located more south just outside the market. Look for the statue, go right and there should be the other banker, that also has the guild vault located in it.

      • Thanks! I am in fact a paid subscriber. Is it worth exploring the content in the non-Order starting zones, or are they basically dead?

      • Well, no one is going to be in them in T1.

        No, I’m an original player that spent the first 6 months of this game knowing all that PvE. Back then you didn’t have Easy PQs. Even without them, I always enjoyed the solo aspect. But that’s my take. Having the Blighted Isle all to myself is of no problem to me. But I’m like that.

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