Imma Eat My Hat

Meh. My predictions aren’t always perfectly right.

The announcement sounds off that it is not going to be an Expansion, unfortunately to my point, but after reading the items coming this December I think we are close enough. So Imma Eat My Hat, possibly, eventually, we’ll see. Avoiding the words expansion, and replacing them with buyable RvR packs is frightening, vague, … (insert any adjective around the basis of disconcerning).

 Being able to wear a Skaven Skin is about as appealing as paper cuts. 20 more renown ranks and gear sounds exciting though.

I still think the route of ninja secrets was dumb. Normally the smallest news makes headlines on the MMO fansites. This announcement … ehhhh … kind of proves my point of it being stupid to ninja announce things. I went to and expected to see something on WAR, instead I see that NCSoft is running a Loading Screen Message Contest for City of Heroes. City of Heroes… repeat that to yourself … Shity of Reroes. I think that is the biggest ‘Fuck You’ I have ever seen to WAR. Not only, no article, but top news includes a copy of your game’s contest with a 7 year old game that is basically a screenshot submission.

If you do actually dig into the article on WAR40K: DM, you’ll find some words on WAR’s presence in GamesDay. It was declared as lack luster and mainly a live Q&A, but actually gave a snippet of the event inside an article tailered for DM. To them it meant that Mythic listened to their community. To the GW community, it did little to draw new players in. That one is always a concern to me.

Not that is the greatest of all fansites for MMOs, but seriously … I think Mythic owes an email with in Comic Sans font 42 Bold: “Fuck You”.


2 thoughts on “Imma Eat My Hat

  1. I kinda have been feeling the same way about the MMO fan sites. The problem that I see is that they are usually ran by gamers themselves; and, these gamers may have tried WAR when it first launched. The problems back then left a “bad taste” in their mouth and their writing on WAR hasn’t been objective since.

    • I think did well. In the past week they went on about it. And since then, I have even seen startegy guides on playing certain ways in WAR.

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